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  1. My best advice is to "forget" this game for a couple of months. Having in mind the length of the list of known issues, the game will probably not be stable until around 1.0.9. It is really not worth wasting time or energy complaining about it until then..."forget" the game during a while, play another game while you are waiting and it will be a more enjoyable experience later on.
  2. I was initially extremely frustrated as well in the beginning as I had been waiting for this game during months. I realized after so many bugs, crashes and problems with the game, that it will probably require a couple more months and several more patches before this game is stable enough to play with joy and not frustration, as it currently works out. I am currently playing other more stable games, until PoE gets stable. =)
  3. I have had that version for a couple of days, so I don't think it is new. The version most of us are waiting for is 1.0.3.x.
  4. Personally I imagine that the very poor communication they are displaying is due to the fact they probably have had quite a lot of sleepless nights at Obsidian since the release. I get the feeling they have been taken a bit by surprise of how very, very buggy this release ended up being. I suspect the game needs more than just one quick patch release to become as stable as most of us would want the game to be. We'll just have to be patient.
  5. OK, thanks for the reply. Good news a patch release is on its way already for this week!
  6. Most games are shaky when the first release comes out, but often this becomes more evident in kickstarter games. I have the feeling quite more resources should have been invested on testing. =( Does anybody know when the first patch release is expected? Best regards!
  7. I hope there will be a patch quite soon, because even if the game promisses to be a classic, at the moment it is not possible to play it for me. =(
  8. The workaround listed by an Obsidian developer is to restart the game, which to me does not feel like a workaround at all, as you have the same problem again in the game just a few minutes later. Extremely disturbing. It is listed as a problem that will be resolved in the first patch, so I am not even gonna play the game until then.
  9. Hi! Am I the only one experiencing these forum pages as being extremely slow? About 50% of the times when I try to navigate to a new topic or post I simply get an error page after a quite long response time. I am located in Sweden on a very reliable Internet connection. Might it all be due to some initial load during the first hours of the release? Regards!
  10. Hello! I just started out playing Pillars of Eternity, but within five minutes of starting to play, I have stumbled upon a quite disturbing bug. When I am still at the starting camp and one of the informative tooltips is hidden, the "paper" sound effect that plays when the tooltip goes away keeps playing like a broken record. It really destroys then whole game experience. I am running on a Windows machine running Windows 8.1 64 bit. Processor: Intel i7-4790K, 32GB Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio GPU: 2xGeForce GTX 780Ti Latest drivers installed. Has anybody else experienced a similar problem? Regards.
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