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  1. The new patch solved the issue!!! Most of my saves are now restored and I will be happily playing the game in a week's time Thank you devs for taking this patch serious, a great improvement!
  2. Yea im giving them the benefit of doubt! I have tons of history with this franchise so Im still curious to see what comes out of all this.
  3. I am hopeful but losing faith! I cant wait to play this game without any discrepencies in the (hopefully near) future. The devs still havent gotten back to me... understandable since there seem to be a lot of diverse issues with PoE.
  4. Hey, So i erased the rest of the saved files and imported this one. Initially when I ran the game my continue and load game were available again. I ran the saved file and all was working until i exited the game and came back in to run the same save game again, this time nothing! Thanks for trying to fix the issue with me... Im almost at the verge of giving up.
  5. Its missing characters... and its the old save atleast its working somewhere... just not here apparently
  6. Yea tried all of that! My saves and everything are posted in the previous page with the details that the devs requested (located on page 1 of this thread).
  7. Interesting that this issue mostly resides with the Windows OS. I have spoken to a few people that had the problem on linux, but their issues got resolved after the patch? Ive tried restoring Windows settings (clean-up) and in terms of permissions there might be something within the source code that is limiting the execute function within save files. My game is installd in D:/Steam and my C:/ folder is merely for windows and very few documents (including pillars' saved game folder). Maybe this is a freak case, but its a case that should at least be fixed by now. I love this game an
  8. i have ran the program as admin, re-allocated and renamed the files, and hell of a lot of other methods that worked for others. Unfortunately none of them have worked, though I am thankful for all your responses and solutions. A sense of community has always existed within Obsidian. Fortunately one of the developers is considering my case at the current moment so we will see what will come out of it. By the way did anybody get an update which was about 576 mb? If so did you find any specifications as to what it was for?
  9. dxdiag: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xtvazpottijxphb/siagee-dxdiag.txt?dl=0 saved games: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eawads1x7spddml/AADoKvWajpwi7LH9vDRLd3q2a?dl=0 output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dslusnorvnxl6jz/output_log.txt?dl=0 Hope you guys can find a solution! Thanks
  10. I tried it multiple times with different save games (both with the cloud on and off) and nothing. I highly believe this should not be our job to bugfix an issue like this! We paid to support the game and signed up to have fun! Not to find bugs and do the devs job for them. It is rather unfortunate because I lost a whole weekend trying to figure this out, instead I could have been playing something more reliable. Thanks for the suggestion, I am glad it worked for you
  11. Bump! Ever since the update came out none of my saved games are showing up! I have 30+ hours into one character... and another 5 hours into a new one which i started after the initial save game bug. I have found absolutely no solutions... my save games exist in %user%/MyDocuments/SavedGames/PillarsofEternity but the actual application doesnt seem to recognize them! Here are a bunch of save files that are not at all recognized by PoE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eawads1x7spddml/AADoKvWajpwi7LH9vDRLd3q2a?dl=0
  12. Yes. The saves from both my characters are in %user%/MyDocuments/SavedGames/PillarsofEternity i reinstalled the game and steam reloaded my saves from the cloud... still nothing! i even started a new character and made an early save game, exited the game, came back and still nothing! both continue and load game are greyed out!
  13. Hello all, I purchased this game on release (in addition to a bit of beta experience w/ a buddy) and started playing it happily! I was initially very happy to be supporting such fantastic writing, artwork, and etc. I am baffled by the fact that my 30+ hours into the game are now... ALL GONE!!! I even restarted my journey giving the new patch a chance, thinking it might have been solved... but no! Upon the developers' request, I will post a full description of my system's attributes along with a recent saved game that i found in the "saved game" folder (documents) IF I GET A PRO
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