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  1. Was playing around, and found out another method of making it easier to defeat all the people in the encampment If you go down to the Stables and kill one of the Horses there, it will also initiate the "Slaughter the caravan" objective, but only like 2-3 people (including Calisca) will show up to fight you. After you are done with them, you can go up back to the Campsite and deal with the rest Hope this helps!
  2. so as promised, I finished writing entries for all items in Trygil's Curriery Heading to Hendyna's Apothecary now and will take inventory there too, Nice job
  3. its the internet, all forums have their share of trolls I think most users here are cool
  4. Just use the wikis they still don't have all the info since game didnt come out that long ago, but they get updated as people play more Official Wiki Unofficial Wiki
  5. I plan on taking my whole hard drive out and storing it in the freezer
  6. Yeah I agree some info on items is lacking, I think it's mostly on effects that grant other effects, there is description for the parent effect (which basically just says that it's granting the effect) but not for the child effect You could try the official wiki and unofficial wiki people will update it with items' effects as they figure out what they do
  7. I agree, would be cool if they made it a bit brighter
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