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  1. Yeah... Kana is just weird.. Even though their portraits doesn't quite fit, I still think is somewhat OK. I think Aloth is pretty nice, but kana is just terrible.. Mby I just dont like the character :D haha
  2. (haha der var lige en bundsjat rom tilbage) Haha.. Well, I don't have anything to do tomorrow and this game just makes me keep playing... Besides I have to make a lot of gold to upgrade my Stronghold :D:D So better get going, mining and looting
  3. So.. I'm sitting here by my computer chilling, drinking some rom + coke and playing PoE (20 hours in). It's 4.00 am in the morning in Denmark.. This game is outstanding! I just want to thank Obsidian for creating such an exiting RPG. And to IGN and other critics whom's thoughts on this games graphic design sounds something like "outdated, old, 'not-3d'... - just stop.. - The Art work (scroll-cut-scenes-stuff) is simple and well done - Interface UI is superb - The 2D level design merged with 3D elements is beautiful. Actually the graphic and atmosphere is a lot better than in many top-down-3D RPGs. With so many games these days, everything seems the same..... PoE is the first games in years that I feel I actually WANT to keep playing. It's an indescribable feeling to suddenly feel so interested in a single-player-game again, like I did when I was a kid. I thought that was impossible, guess I was wrong Thx Obsidian, amazing work!
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