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  1. What save/files should I be backing up for any future expansions or sequels? Character file exports? I found a pre-endgame save but it was before the final stage/bossfight/ending, the last legit save was a quicksave.
  2. Will there be a post-mortem backer update with first week sales, the future of obsidian, and the stuff you guys take care of post launch, the future of your relationship with Paradox? WIll it be covered in the documentary?
  3. When an Ogre Druid casts Plague of Insects on you, it lasts forever. Every time. You have to stun and kill ogre druids before they cast a spell, which is incredibly difficult without rogue/cipher combo, or else your save is borked. Please fix!
  4. Its almost beating ARMA III and all of its multiplayer modes.... I hope they pump out expansions every few months for the next couple of years...
  5. Total redemption of your previous buggy releases, and an epic game in its own right. You guys could push out expansions for this game for the next 20 years and I would be happy. I hope your next kickstarter makes star citizen money
  6. Guarantee they will be sharing Fargo's unity build. Isometric 3d with somewhat painted backgrounds for free.
  7. Aurora engine is super easy to code and use. That said, give me infinity engine. It was a great one.
  8. The more I think of it, the more a Wire rpg would rock. I cant image getting the rights to it would be tremendously hard. Or just doing something similar in a hyperviolent realistic world in a real world setting.
  9. About me: I made an account here just for this post. Ive played black isle games since I was 12, and a decade and a half later obsidian is still doing great games. Iwould gladly pay a full 60 in advance for your best work. First and foremost, I want QA out of you guys. QUALITY ASSURANCE. Id rather you spend all the voice over and some graphics money on that. I still remember going to the library after school with a 3.5 floppy to try and download the fallout 2 patch, because the game was unplayable vanilla. and all these years later I found myself shaking my head at new vegas for the e
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