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  1. All the city districts in Neketaka. I really loved exploring that place. And it made a really nice counterpoint to when you travelled out to the smaller towns, like Sayuka. I find they sorta help each other in terms of atmosphere. Don't know about least favorite but I think the Old City is up there. I really disliked the "corpse disease" effect since it would cause my game to go into slowdown (always played combat on slowest speed) and cause my characters to stop sneaking. Annoying.
  2. Playing Heaven's Vault, by the makers of the Sorcery! series and 80 days. It's similar to both of those games, and different in others. The biggest difference is that it features 3d areas, so you walk around like in any adventure games and investigate "hot spots". Like 80 days, there's no real challenge per say, it's about uncovering a mystery and I'm guessing a lot of the point of the game will be how much you can uncover. The other gameplay element other than walking around and investigating/talking is translating an ancient language. It's a fun minigame where you try to match up words with old symbols. I'm really liking it. Just like 80 days, I find it really relaxing to play and it's nice to play a game that just takes it's time. It feels like it does it's own thing which is great. You get a real nice sense of unraveling a mystery and the world and lore slowly unfolds into something which is quite interesting. The Inkle people know how to write for sure.
  3. I have an extremely hard time with the Metro series. I got through the first one, mainly because of the nice atmosphere to tell the truth. But Last Light is just trash I think. It's just not good, lol. I only tried the first GoT episode but I found it pretty boring and poor. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to play at the moment. Haven't really been in the mood for anything particular.
  4. Likely (hopefully) something that will be tweaked before the release. But yeah, I'm superglad they were not afraid to show off the "alpha weirdness", that just made it fun to watch.
  5. I loved it. Felt way more like they were just having fun with it rather than a carefully guided demo where every camera move had been rehearsed before.
  6. Gameplay looked a bit rough in the video but I must say that I actually liked the humor showcased. Have been a bit skeptical about that since the reveal but what was shown in this video was pretty good I must say. Though a lot will also depend on how well the VA will convey it.
  7. Tim and Leonard are not involved in Bloodlines 2. I think Leonard did art on Bloodlines and I think Tim was a programmer. Brian Mitsoda wrote most (all?) of Bloodlines and he is back in a similar role for Bloodlines 2. MCA wasn't involved in Bloodlines at all. No idea about the WoD stuff.
  8. I do turn off the markers and it helps somewhat but I think you can still "feel" the way it was designed if that makes any sense. It doesn't feel like an organic world in the least when it comes to that I think. Again, crappy loot, crappy leveling and crappy fights doesn't help the exploration. I like the Witcher 3 exploration a *lot* in terms of just seeing the world, experiencing the bustle and atmosphere in Novigrad, the more calm and harsh beauty of Skellige. But there's just nothing in terms of the open world *gameplay* that I like. About following tracks, I don't mind that in itself nor do I mind the fisheye effect. I just mind that so often they end up leading you through yet another little monster infested area because obviously we can't let the player go five seconds without anything happening. I mean, kinda exaggerating here but in some places it's kinda annoying. It's just trash fights with nothing interesting going on. I don't like the combat much but it can be fun once you actually get into those witcher contracts that are a bit special somehow. But most of the fights you encounter naturally on the map are just pure trash. And there's so much of it. I mean, I guess that's why I felt Kingdom Come was such a breath of fresh air, it was nice to have a game world where combat music doesn't start pounding every couple of minutes because a wolf happened to see you riding by. I'm whining a bit here but yeah, I really think a lot of the Witcher 3 gameplay feels watered down and boring. And it's such a shame because so much effort and love obviously went into the writing, the atmosphere, the audio and visuals.
  9. Wow, 12 years... that went fast.
  10. Brian Mitsoda confirmed on twitter that the protagonist is not voiced. Good news.
  11. I'm replaying the Witcher 3 at the moment. It's a seriously impressive game but it does suffer a lot in certain areas I think. The whole Bloody Baron questline is a fantastic example. Here you have interesting characters, *great* atmosphere with the Crones in the swamp and all that. But the gameplay is so boring. There's just too much of "follow trail/follow NPC through the next set of drowners/wolves/whatever before you reach your goal". And stuff like the loot system, and "points of interest" system kinda sucks a lot of fun out of what is an really beautiful and wellcrafted world. I mean, it's kind of a shame... it's very easy to just lose yourself in the beautiful open worldness of the game but a lot of the gameplay is just really uninteresting.
  12. I think Bloodlines has not only grown into a cult classic, but it also kinda "crosses over" a bit. 1. Hardcore RPG fans will like it because Troika and that design mentality. 2. Vampire fans (both Masquerade fans as well as "general" vampire fans) will like it. And even among games with vampires, it still feels pretty unique with its heavy emphasis on modern urban living. It's also very "adult" which will make people interested. 3. While the FPS mechanics aren't exactly great, the first person perspective and action-y gameplay bring in some people that don't necessarily like isometric or third person type of RPGs. 4. It's been kept alive through modding as well as the fact that it keeps being brought up by people as well as gaming sites. And it's readily available now through Gog and STEAM. But yeah, it is pretty crazy to think about still...
  13. I'm having some Motörhead rum. The bottle is gorgeous and the rum is actually quite good. I normally like my rum a bit more sweeter and "deeper" in its taste, this is more on the kinda fruity or citrusy side of things, a bit more bright, but it's pretty nice.
  14. Been having that game on my radar for a while, always glad to see something that is a bit different.
  15. Just saw confirmation on the codex (via twitter) that Rik Schaffer is composing for the game, now that is quite awesome.
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