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  1. I'm currently playing Beautiful Desolation, which I also backed on kickstarter. Very cool game that feels quite unique, which is always a plus in my mind. Interesting setting too. The gameplay is basically top down point and click with just a hint of RPG spice to it. It's also interspersed with some fun CG cutscenes which are super well made given the very small development team. Not perfect but definitely enjoying it.
  2. The arena style DLC isn't my problem with it (even though it definitely wouldn't have been my personal choice). It is that they decided to drop it where they did in the timeline of the main campaign. FS at least "fits" as a sort of endgame thing, even though that too screws up the pacing. But SSS just feels completely out of place for the time where you get access to it. Like you said, would've been way cooler to have it accessible from the start of the game and have it running with increasing difficulty throughout. Sort of a thing to return to as you play.
  3. There are also other problems with how the DLC's were integrated. I think SSS is the worst offender of them all. Dropping a huge combat chunk DLC that late in the main campaign (especially when FS is also endgame stuff) was not a good move. There's something about the smaller DLC model that always rubs me wrong. Even though part of them are always of a higher quality in a sense than the main campaign, I also think there tends to be other stuff that just drags them down. Little gameplay gimmicks like the awful teleportation "puzzles" in BoW, or the "knock books over" thing in FS. Or combat
  4. Those characters are from people who supported the game in the crowdfunding campaign when the game was being developed. It wasn't a very good implementation of those characters but you can safely ignore all those NPCs (I think they have a different color than the rest if I remember correctly?). You won't miss out on anything at all in terms of experience points or anything relevant to the story. They are just there for extra flavour. I would definitely just skip them if I were you.
  5. I don't think there's much to be gained by directly comparing DE and TOW, they are very different from one another. BUT, as someone who also played DE just before TOW, it was pretty hard for me to shake the feeling of having just played something that felt bold, fresh, wild and extremely ambitious, flaws and all (and I could list many), and then going into TOW which is pretty much anything but as far as I'm concerned. I've been been a big fan of Obsidian in the past, even through projects that some considered to be downright bad, and I've always managed to squeeze enjoyment out of them (
  6. I'm not as crazy about Stalwart as most people seem to be but yeah, The White March is absolutely superb all in all. I just finished replaying PoE and all in all it's an *amazing* expansion. I didn't feel the DLCs of Deadfire were nearly as good unfortunately.
  7. I also think Twin Elms suffers for its place in the game. Like... I don't think the content there is amazing (well, except the conversations with the gods) but the biggest problem is where it shows up in the game. Like you say, you're kinda gathering momentum for the final parts of the story at that point, so it feels a bit weird running around even more doing people's sidequests and stuff. It's even more noticeable with the White March expansion, all the Twin Elms content just seems to fade into the background even more.
  8. Defiance Bay kinda failed the "feels like a city" test for me. There's no bustle to it, it doesn't feel like there's much secrets to uncover. Kinda like Neverwinter in NWN2 for me, it just feels like a collection of buildings more than anything. Though I really did like Ondra's Gift, that was the one area in the city that won me over. Twin Elms definitely feels a bit rushed. But I gotta say that those areas are beautiful, and the Twin Elms music (the track that starts with the harp and then piano) is one of my favorites in the game. It was such a cool feeling to reach Baldur's Gate f
  9. Athkatla and Sigil are probably my favorites. What I like about them is that they feel "down to earth". They get the feel right, the density, the ambience. And there's a feeling of danger to them. You get the feeling of "city life". As a sidenote, and nostalgia talking here, but one of my strongest memories of the Baldur's Gate games is the feeling of... relative safety when nearing an inn in the middle of the night, seeing the light spill out and hearing the tavern music play from within. You'd survived the wilderness, finally the safety of an inn... but, you still never knew what could
  10. For me, stuff like prebuffing, required resting, and that using camping supplies... does it all add immensely to the gameplay? Hmm, not really. But I like that it adds a sort of link between the "here's the exploration part of the game" and "here's the combat side of the game". I like the feeling of overlap, the feeling of atrition for your party (however easy it may be to handle) and I like that it creates a... not a simulation type of gameplay, but *something* like that. I was never fond of prebuffing but... I like how it feels. I like the feeling of actually being able to prepare my party b
  11. IN FACT, it is not. In all seriousness, it's one of my least favorite Obsidian RPG releases. I was very disappointed with it overall. Though I must say, while I didn't like the look of the visuals prior to the release, I really ended up liking how the game looked. I did not expect it to come together as well as it did. I just finished up a replay of Dragon Age Origins. Always kind of liked the game, and had been a while since I played it. It was kinda like I remembered it I guess. What I like about it is that it feels pretty substantial, especially given how it was a brand new IP. Th
  12. I think it's pretty hard to pinpoint why a game does badly in terms of sales, and I'm not entirely sure it's particularly helpful to speculate in it unless you're in the business of... selling games to as many people as you can. I think a large part of why games, or any other media, do good or bad sales-wise is just the way the strange winds of consumerism is blowing. It's not always possible to pinpoint. Sometimes a game is just a dud. It may be a great game, it may be a well known game but... for some reason it's just a dud. Now, my personal views on Deadfire is that it's a great game o
  13. I have many, many problems with this game but I never felt like it was particularly short or anything. Of course, I didn't expect anything like NV or any other open world game because... well, they said that's not what it was going to be beforehand. Good length for a game as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Let me throw in a vote for buying this game as well. It's one of *those* games that just stand out and you know you will remember for a long time. A strong and unique experience. It's not flawless at all, as was pointed out above, the game falters a bit as it goes on and I think there are some parts of the writing that doesn't work as well as they could. But I was glued to my seat until the very end. It doesn't happen that much for me any more that I play a game that I just can't quite let go of, but this was one of them. I just couldn't wait to dive back into it when I got home from wor
  15. Good write-up, pretty much agree with everything in there I think. It's a game that never feels like it wants to "push back" in any way. It's like everything was designed to be as non-offensive as possible (and I don't mean politics so let's not bring that up). It never challenges the player in a meaningful way, not in combat and not in terms of solving quests, finding your own way. It feels tepid as an overall game I think. Not horrible but just... forgettable. There's a lot to like in terms of some of the quest design, nice ways to "weave" through quests and some areas. But it never fee
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