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  1. When this game was released, I was pleasantly surprised. It looked like a combination of Fallout and Mass Effect. But after a few hours of playing, I started to see the mediocrity that Obsidian is known for. My biggest complaint is that the main character is an emotionless husk. Why spend all my time at the character creation, making a human being, while I can only act as an eunuch? No flirting, no camaraderie (besides fetch quests for your team), no romance and barely any friendship. Why surround me with characters, if I can barely interact with them anyway? Whatever I can do in
  2. I have been playing this game for hours, trying to get really into it, but I just got bored in the end. Instead of lurking around on forums, hoping that the next patch/update will improve things, I can put all my concerns here. Maybe this will help improve the game. So I'll be talking about many things I didn't like, and a few things I did like or feeling neutral about. The Bad. -Classes. They are very limited and restrictive in the way they play. The fighter has powers that will help him in a melee fight, but when you want a ranged party member, you either have to work around the des
  3. Apologies for this late reply. I had some real life stuff going on, and I drifted away from PoE. I'm not sure if I can save during combat, just before my paladin uses liberating exhortation on a charmed enemy. But I can give you some instructions how to reproduce the bug. I'm using the 2.03 patch, I don't have Winter March. Have a cipher cast 'whisper of treason' on an enemy, so he will become charmed. Have the paladin with liberating exhortation and support AI stand next to that enemy. This is how I can reproduce the bug. Keep in mind, I'm talking about charmed enemies, not cha
  4. If you have a paladin on support ai with liberating exhortation, the paladin automatically tries to help allies with hostile status effects. This is good. What isn't good is that if you have a wizard/cipher or anyone that can confuse/charm enemies, the paladin considers confused/charmed enemies as allies, and tries to use liberating exhortation on them. I've looked on this forum and in the patch notes, and couldn't find anything about this. I haven't tested this in the latest patch, but I do know this happens everytime in the previous patch.
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