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  1. First of all, I've never liked any of the Fallout games. To me, they're all bad, period. And it makes me seriously mad that people think that every CRPG fan has to like Fallout. Hey, I owe you nothing! I am a huge CRPG fan and yet I hate Fallout and I have every right to hate whatever I hate. This being said, I'm also a firm believer in the "live and let live" motto. So I would never come here with this rant if the Fallout fanboys weren't so damn obnoxious and irritating. It's always the same story: on any forum where CRPGs are discussed in every thread there's always a Fallout fanboy exp
  2. I'd like you to meet my friend Scroll of Paralysis. Truth to be told, I very rarely resorted to SoP in PoE - once or twice per playthrough maybe. It's just an example. My point is: you were given adequate tools in PoE. In Deadfire most of your tools are heavily nerfed. It doesn't matter that much in endgame because you have more HP which gives your more time to apply buffs and debuffs and heal if necessary. In mid-game a character can easily go down after eating two 70+ crits in a row and there are enemies capable of inflicting such crits with relatively fast ranged weapons (and they h
  3. Your post is choke full of the "gitgood" elitism that is ruining modern gaming. It was also called Path of the Damned in PoE1 where it was much better balanced. Is single-player gaming supposed to be some kind of elimination contest these days with each new installment being progressively harder until video games are unplayable for everyone but the select few? --- Now for reasonable people: the main issue with PotD in Deadfire is that too many mid-game enemies have 10 or 11 armor when in fact they all should have around 9. Again, I'm talking about regular trash fights, not about bosses
  4. You can avoid a lot of fights if you want to. Anyway, the Principi ambush is pretty ridiculous. You start surrounded by eight enemies. You can eliminate one of the mages by blowing a powder keg but the rest will focus your backline to oblivion. Immediately running to the edge of the map and turtling there is your best bet but pistol shots will still hurt not to mention Finishing Blow spam from the rogues.
  5. I completely agree with the OP. Maybe on story mode it's not a big deal but on PotD you really shoot yourself in the foot if you rotate companions. Which is strange since many quests suggest taking a particular companion with you. Well, at least they don't force you to do that (most of the time). In PoE1 inactive companions never fell more than one level behind you, not to mention additional XP from stronghold adventures. A mod to make everyone get the same amount of XP would be very welcome.
  6. The starting island is far from the worst, actually. Later on skeleton type enemies become really insane with their immunity to pierce damage and huge damage output. My party is L8 now and I feel like I hit a brick wall everywhere I go. I have one custom henchman so I thought things would be comfortably challenging at worst but compared with v1.0 the game is frustratingly hard. It's nothing like PoE1 where I also played on upscaled PotD and everything was manageable. Yes, there are people who will ALWAYS say "too easy" no matter what. Yes, there are people who somehow do TCS in Deadfire (I d
  7. If I knew about this issue, I'd stay on 4.1.0. Grimoires not showing spells were annoying but this is far worse. Dear Obsidian, could you release an actual bugfix-focused patch? You know, something we could actually stick with while you're experimenting with your systems.
  8. Reactions work fine, but not everywhere. I'd guess most random "civilian" NPC's don't have that AI script.
  9. Slicken has duration again? Well, that's something. Thanks for the tip. I admit to not reading the description carefully.
  10. I replayed BG1 and BG2 recently and overall I had as much fun as I did when I first played them nearly 20 years ago. Community patches have made the games better which compensates for the now lost novelty factor. So no, despite what the haters have claimed all these years, it's NOT nostalgia. It's not even 50% nostalgia. BG games were and are genuinely awesome. PoE2 is too different to compare. I'd rather compare PoE2 with PoE1 and PoE1 clearly wins. It's quite unfortunate, but mechanically, PoE2 is simply much worse. I love multi-class characters but still I'd give up on multi-classin
  11. I see. I thought rest-spamming to abuse per-rest options was frowned upon. Of course, empower will make a lot of difference if used frequently. Oh. Is this why they nerfed WoT range and the duration of WoT, Puppet Master and Ringleader?
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed with where the game is heading and feel no reason to conceal my disappointment. Personally, I'm still on 1.0.2 - disabled updates after a quick glance at 1.1 notes. I believe I'm entitled to some fun in a video game, and trying to break through brick walls using wet noodles doesn't sound like fun to me. I'm not against nerfs in principle. There can be a rational explanation why something is indeed too powerful. But when a weapon provides 15% speed bonus and you nerf it to 5%, you make people like me a little annoyed. 5% - wow, that's noticeable. Turning every uniqu
  13. I wonder why people consider Wizards powerful. Wizards were the best total DPS in PoE1 (though they lacked burst) but now, with CF nerfed, even that steady DPS is gone. Most afflictions are waste of time (again, unlike PoE1 where crowd control was king) except Blinded but there are other sources of it. So, what's left? Mostly defensive self-buffs in a game that is 90% DPS race? Pass.
  14. This is just a common euphemism for "a class that totally sucks and requires twice the effort to be on par with more powerful classes." I don't understand one thing: why does Obsidian hate Ciphers so much? The class is their own creation after all. Yet they nerfed them into oblivion in PoE1, and now it's the same story in PoE2.
  15. After a few more patches every unique will be just a special skin for a regular blue and every active ability will be just a flashy animation for a primary attack. The game will be perfectly balanced and the nerf moar crowd will finally be happy. EDIT: Actually, trolls who cry for more nerfs will never be happy but we still need to kneejerk to their every whim, don't we?
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