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  1. Limiting what an individual character can do has important design implications beyond encouraging cooperation. You can have more interesting and fantasy-fulfilling skills and powers when the designers know easily what other skills can or can't be mixed. That principle is why the craziest skills in POE2 are limited to single-class characters. As soon as you allow players to mix and match you dramatically increase their ability to break the game, which forces the developers to be more conservative when designing skills. POE2's multiclassing, to me, is just the right sweet spot between player cr
  2. Very exciting! I really hope there will be a class system. Skyrim won't let me be a druid so do the right thing with this! DnD-like classes are well established in Eora with plenty of associated lore.
  3. @Kaylon @Boeroer Turns out Harley's damage bonus applies to every single damaging spell I have on this Druid: Insect Swarm, Maggots, Plague, Relentless, Nature's Terror, and Venombloom. The bonus shows up right in the tooltip. They also get +5 accuracy from Acina's Tricorn. Funny enough, I don't see the damage bonus listed on Scordeo's Trophy. Can you confirm that it actually effects ranged weapons like it says? I also don't see the +3 to accuracy anywhere (neither spells nor weapons).
  4. Not sure I understand. Does the 10% dmg get added once your character is a certain range away from the enemy experiencing the DoT, or does the bonus apply to all DoTs unconditionally for some reason?
  5. I'm currently using Battlemage Aloth, casting Ryngrim's Enervating Terror every fight. It makes for very effective tanking and he gets many disengagement attacks on terrified enemies trying to run away. Defender Stance is always on cuz his engagement sucks otherwise. Question: does the upgrade for Guardian Stance only add a prone to the attack and nothing else? I was thinking of taking it but there's not much point in just proning a terrified enemy.
  6. I vaguely remember testing Spidersilk and finding that they had no effect. I think it was just that it didn't change the tooltip numbers (Spine does).
  7. Sorry, for some reason I missed that this thread got responses. It turned out all I had to do was load my other saved games (where I had the game finished already) and I automatically re-unlocked the achievements. Odd but it worked out in the end.
  8. This might be the crux of the matter. I've never used a Ranger as a backline sniper, sending the AC off alone as early as possible. But doing that with any character isn't easier. A rogue, for example, needs to lean on Escape to do that - your AC can lean on Master's Call. Of course no one ever told you that this is how ACs are "supposed to be used". And leaving it in the backline for "half of the combat" is definitely not the only other option. You can use your AC to flank or engage enemies who aren't out in Timbuktu. There are plenty of important squishies to kill that don't require yo
  9. I almost always take both Storm and Plague and often cast both in an encounter. I highly recommend taking both! The relation between changing stats and ongoing effects and spells is a bit weird. I asked about it in a thread here and you can read through the replies. Nutshell: damage always actively scales with might/power level (even on previously applied DoT effects like Plague), but AoE and duration are set at cast time.
  10. As a serial Druid player: Plague doesn't have a poison keyword but it doesn't work against poison-immune enemies (as Boeroer noted, the description mentions venomous insects). Insect Swarm works on everything (I guess these bugs only bite). I think it should be safe to include spells that go through multiple attack resolutions for a DoT build on a case-by-case basis if only to make sure you include Venombloom, which is awesome (despite being unfortunately poison). You also have stuff like Wicked Briars (non-poison) that aren't effects like the insect spells but fit the fantasy of casting
  11. Not quite the talking points I was expecting. First mea culpa: I think I had the idea of people recommending Ghost Heart to escape companions through a combination of fextralife sorta mentioning it, the hate ACs get in threads like this that I've read, and the fact that so many Ranger builds choose GH. But ultimately what I wrote wasn't justified. What I will absolutely stand by is the claim that it is not hard to keep ACs alive. My first character was a Ranger and my antelope did not go down more than other party members even though I was trash at the game. I've played two Rangers since
  12. I’m sick and tired, Obsidian Board. Sick and tired of the disrespect Rangers face in this video game. It’s time to publicly record my grievances. I’m going to defend two theses in this post: Rangers are underrated by the community. Obsidian kinda hates Rangers. If I’m persuasive, you should come away from this thinking, “Rangers are really neat” and “Rangers deserved better”. Rangers are underrated When it comes to martial DPS classes, Rangers don’t get much clout. They aren’t recommended much compared to Rogues, Monks, Barbarians, and Fighters, and where they are di
  13. Ancient Druid is your thing 100%, and I would recommend Ancient/Helwalker. I've played a Shifter/Helwalker and most of the time late game I just ended up melting everything with DoTs before I even started shifting. Venombloom, Plague, Infestation, Insect Swarm, Relentless Storm holds them in place as they melt. You can also add Autumn's Decay and Touch of Rot. Helwalker because of the massive might and intellect bonuses you get. It makes a big difference when your Plague is covering the whole screen and each tick is nastier. Even if you graze it lasts a long time, too. Plus your healing i
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