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  1. What are people's feelings about the buff to Paladin Beacons? Glorious beacon & Upgrades : 3s/4s Cast -> 0,5s/4,5s Cast 1,5m AoE -> 2,5m AoE 8s Duration -> 12s Duration (for all effects, including upgrades) Having played with it a while I'm beginning to think it's too much. Inspired Beacon's debuff is so strong and this makes it trivial to apply it to big groups of enemies for a long time (even with just Pallegina). I understand from reading earlier in the thread that the idea was to make the base ability comparable to Eyestrike, which is a good intuition, b
  2. Haha you know, this build would also work very well on a Berserker. Charming your team and zooming around with absurd hit-crit conversion while everyone auto-attacks would be pretty amusing.
  3. Sometimes Chanter subclasses which have +1 phrase costs start with their true max phrases and sometimes they start with their max phrases ignoring the +1 from subclass. Eg. from level 19 on my Skald multiclass had Called to His Bidding which costs 7 phrases for a Skald (6+1). Usually he would start combat with 7 phrases but there were some stretches when he would only start with 6. It seemed to correct itself so I didn't pay attention. I thought I'd try out a SC Beckoner and it's very annoying to start combat unable to cast my best summon. Respecing and resting don't seem to do it. A
  4. I don't think that's the right takeaway. SC Monks, just for example, are nuts. But more importantly, this conversation has been about solo characters and the classes that can beat the game comfortably solo are not necessarily the ones that are strongest in a party. One reason I prefer not to play games like this solo is because having a party allows you to build characters that excel at a certain role - and usually they will be much better at that role than they could be if they had to be built to take on the whole game by themselves. Single class characters usually shine in a party because th
  5. There's a really good guide for the game here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599 Written by the user who posts here often as thelee.
  6. each day, something new to learn. And I just posted my Cantor build without trying this out.
  7. Wind Path Cantor Helwalker/Skald Cantor build Great crowd control and nuking power with good weapon damage on top. Sprint around the battlefield at high speed, incapacitating and dismantling enemies in groups or one by one. Room for exciting variants to suit personal taste/playstyle. Not intended for solo. Introduction: I LOVE the Cantor multiclass. Firstly because it has such an incredible flavour: real monks do chant as part of religious rituals, so the Monk fantasy and Chanter fantasy blend together seamlessly. When it comes to gameplay mechanics,
  8. Zihaa is the naga in the Watershaper temple, not the Strand of Favor one (that's Sugaan).
  9. Yes, Druid is a fantastic choice! The bonus intellect from Duality of Mortal presence and bonus might from Helwalker both make Druid spells deliciously more effective. For example, Relentless Storm really locks down a fight and damage over time spells become much more deadly. The natural thing to do is spiritshift for melee but you can use fists too. If you want to melee I would pick Shifter even if you never shift because its bonus spells are designed to help melee Druids (and there is no downside if you don't shift). Monk fists scale up every even power level, so as a multiclass it's importa
  10. You won't do a huge amount of weapon damage with this. Weapon+Shield style is slow and clubs have low base damage. Your weapon damage will definitely be eclipsed by Her Revenge alone. Her Revenge is good and since you're a Fighter who will move in to get surrounded, Seven Nights can deal out big damage. The key to making a guy/gal like this shine would be to leverage their tankiness to invite aggro, get up in enemies' faces, and smash them up with those close range invocations. That, at least, is the synergy that strikes me. I'd get rid of Ancient Memory for Seven Nights and Unbreakable f
  11. A good Chanter doesn't have to summon. I've been playing a multiclass Skald focused on damage and crowd control and it's excellent. If you specifically want the class focusing on buffs/debuffs with some healing and dps on the side, I think Priest is probably what you're looking for.
  12. The invocations "Thrice was She Wronged", "Seven Nights She Waited", and "So Singt thy Biting Winds o' Eld Mary" (plus their upgrades) all do very good damage. Going single class, upgraded Eld Nary alone will carry many fights. Make sure you invest in Might (most important for getting damage out of all three spells). The best subclass for spell DPS is the Skald. It can cast these damage spells much more often than other subclasses. The best balanced subclass for exploring everything the Chanter is capable of is Troubadour. Make sure you grab Sasha's Singing Scimitar and get the upgrade wh
  13. @rebelio I thought I'd make sure you knew about how to get Scordeo's Trophy early. Make sure you pump a character's mechanics as high as possible from early and buy the Burglar's Gloves from the clothing store in Periki's Overlook in Neketaka. Before long you should be able to pick the lock on the chest behind the desk in the gun shop in the Brass Citadel. You don't have to be stealthed to pick a lock - NPCs will only attack if you take an item. Scordeo's Trophy is in that chest. Use one party member to draw the shopkeeper away with Sparkcrackers or the spell Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights and hav
  14. Across multiple playthroughs (and even multiple computers) for me Mohora Wraps haven't stacked. It's like we're playing slightly but significantly different games... Don't know for sure that it's consistent for all my playthroughs though.
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