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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but what about providing resources only on the initital application of Brilliant and not per tick through its duration? Like 2-3 pool points and/or 2-3 random spells? That way you can't get more resources by extending the effect (still get INT and power level). You have to re-apply Brilliant every time you want to get new resources (this might mean that any existing Brilliant buff would need to expire?).
  2. I take pretty high insight all the time and there's definintely fluff but I feel it helps decently often. Off the top of my head, like that lady who turned herself into a construct, and reaching into that weird machine in FS and uh...the fella with the boars...? Why do I take insight? I think it started because I used to pick the philosopher background for flavour and that gives two insight (even though the actual instances of 'insight' in the game have absolutely nothing to do with philosophical insight- it's more like emotional intelligence, which philosophers are actually extremel
  3. I didn't even know you could do the fungus part peacefully. I take that miserable fight every time. It checks my patience.
  4. I take your point, but this only applies if you use shifting for melee combat (or don't use it at all except to heal). The benefit of it for some Druids is the free AR or other benefits while casting. I use it that way often for Tekehu when he's getting focused. Or consider a tank build (maybe Liberator or Warden) that starts combat with Bear/Stag/Cat form (for AR/Defenses/Speed buff) while casting. Shifter couldn't do that and Animist would actually be the best choice (Ancient is squishy, Lifegiver gets penalty after shift, Fury can't heal).
  5. Right, I forgot to mention this. Thanks for making Wolf and Stag worth picking (especially Stag - the coolest looking) I'll take it. Most of the things I tend to be drawn to in games like this are bad . I think it's fine since Spiritshift isn't actually that intrinsically strong, especially since you lose access to weapon and armour perks when transformed. Having more serious downsides to the subclass would hurt a lot. Glad to hear Frenzy works. Looking forward to combo-ing it with Entropy as you suggest. Thanks for the mod!
  6. Thought it would be appropriate to say here that, after looking through Elric Galad's Balance Polishing Mod, I think his Druid changes are excellent and could make a single class Shifter a real option. The simple (and, I think, obviously and desperately needed) change to Wildstrike Frenzy to make it on-Crit turns those from really bad (on-Kill is win-more; spell kills don't even work) to some of the strongest martial passives in the game - what you would expect for having to surrender the potential of an entire martial subclass! Even though Shifters can't cast in animal form, the introduced +P
  7. From your post and replies it sounds like you will like the Contemplative more. Yeah the symbol spells are nuts but the gameplay really is cast symbol -> diddle around with other spells as appropriate as stuff dies. If you want to experience that you have Xoti and Vatnir to hang out with (multiple priests in a party can be cool because they can specialise in healing/buffs/damage). The Contemplative will be a more unique and interesting gameplay experience.
  8. I noticed that you gave Wicked Briars a 1/5 saying it's just a Tanglefoot with "a little" pierce damage. That's a bit strange to me since it does more damage than Plague of Insects. Easy access to Tenacious helps with penetration issues. Briars and Venombloom are great spells for boss killing and otherwise stacking damage against enemies that you can't just blow up immediately, especially for a character with massive INT, because that increases the total damage of these spells. Maybe you don't want it all the time but I think it deserves more than a 1, especially since you complain that PL4 do
  9. Wow, you've put a lot of effort into this - definintely will be a good resource for anyone interested in Fury! This may be somewhat common knowledge but I just wanted to emphasize that Ascetic is an incredible class generally. Put a Helwalker with any Druid subclass and you'll get something greater than the sum of the parts. Personally, I'm somewhat obsessed with Shifters and that makes for an awesome, dynamic experience: cast your aoe spells, shift, Flagellant's Path into a squishy and it will explode; if there are other threats around you can switch to Iron Wheel to heavily mitigate your sq
  10. Since you love priests and chanters so much do you usually run Vatnir as a celebrant? I was thinking of doing so this playthrough and wondering whether you have any secret tech to share. About Vatnir or just celebrants in general. Think I'll give Vatty Blightheart (thematic!) and go for debuffing+murder. Sorry if this is a bit tangential to the topic but thought it might be useful.
  11. This is why it's great that you reach max level fairly early in this game though. When I'm playing a character that wants a SSS item I certainly don't wait until I'm done with 99% of the game. It's more around 70-80% so there's still lots to do with the item. That's why I disagree with the opinion that leveling is too fast in the game. Peaking early means that you get to target endgame gear to use in the rest of the endgame. That said, if your build really relies on one of these items to be good then that's a bummer. Best case scenario is if you have endgame gear that substantially improv
  12. Sir, this is a Shifter thread, please carry that mess elsewhere But seriously, according to thelee's guide, Furies don't get Garden of Life either. A Shifter can slap on The Moon's Light to offset the self-damage before running around, but that's another finicky action economy penalty for just being a Berserker. Yeah, I was using Blooded like this but it's not like it's a very noticeable indicator, especially when you have a bunch of effects going. You have to be actively looking for it periodically if you think you might be taking damage (which may not occur to you sometimes).
  13. Been thinking about and testing my previous thought that the Tempest is better than the Beastmaster and have re-evaluated. I think that the Tempest is convincingly better than the Beastmaster in easy or average/run-of-the-mill fights. But the Beastmaster comes out ahead when it comes to taking out especially tough enemies: because of its accuracy and (this shouldn't be understated) Concussive Tranquilizer. CT utterly trivialises fights with enemies who use buffs for survivability, including many bosses but also enemies such as fighters spamming Unbending/Vigorous Defense who the Tempest could
  14. Yes! I've been using it with Konstanten as SC Skald. Empower with Sasha's Singing Scimitar, then swap to Blightheart. See the phrases accumulate as Eld Nary does what it does. Konstanten doesn't have...ideal Chanter stats but he does have a good chunk of Might, so he doesn't struggle to kill with Eld Nary and Seven Nights when he can hit with them. As a Skald, he can spam offensive invocations like crazy. I supposed an optimised Skald would do better focused on melee crits but this is a good substitute if you want them on the backline.
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