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  1. As the subject title states, I have the "Disable Auto Attack" unchecked. Always have been. Only after 1.06 went live did I come across my party not auto attacking after killing an enemy. This is seriously annoying.
  2. Not any more. My most recent post has the same issue with a merchant's item.
  3. As you can read from Hirbel's Protective Skin below that it is Pierce-proofed but the pierce reduction isn't applied in the defence section on the bottom left. Here is another item with wrong text description and subtext out of alignment.
  4. Descriptions do not appear for ingredients in the crafting section. Rather, text from the previous read book or other text outside of crafting is shown instead.
  5. Hi, The Ring of Searing Flames doesn't seem to produce the Combusting Wounds spell when equipped after one of my characters did. To be specific, I had Kana equip the ring and it showed in one of the abilities but after I got Pallegina and equipped it on her, it doesn't show. I've tried on all the other characters and they have the same issues. Please help, thanks! PS: Refer to screenshots below. The second one clearly shows there is no Combusting Wounds.
  6. Not sure if this is a bug but after I completed Lord of a Barren Land quest, the NPCs on the top floor of Raedric's hold are still hostile to me while the ones on the same floor as Raedric are not.
  7. So the game reads my Intellect as 9 when it's clearly at 10. What gives?
  8. Created a dual-weidling Coastal Aumaua Barbarian companion with these stats: Might 21 Constitution 18 Dexterity 12 Perception 5 Intellect 12 Resolve 10 Basically, I'm building him based on roleplay i.e. Great strength and endurance, but heavy and not as fast, and also going in like a berserker without paying much attention to the situation, hence not caring if he gets hit. Getting hit often with my Perception so low but I already assumed early game he's going to have a tough time. Gonna stick to this till mid game to provide more feedback if this build actually works long run. Any thoughts of whether I should focus on upgrading my Frenzy or Carnage, or both? I also reckon that I'll have to resort to Talents and gear that gives me more deflection to balance things out? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am overjoyed to finally get a glimpse of how the environment will look like. However, being less knowledgeable about the whole design of things, I am very keen to know how dynamism was achieved if there was no 3D geometry involved. And if my eyes were failing me, I thought I saw some shadowing when the light hovered over the statues, which if were 2D, wouldn't be able to cast shadows right? I don't know a lot about graphics rendering and 3D stuff so do pardon me if I missed something obvious. Great work! I've been a fan of Interplay and Black Isle since I was a kid. Brain imploded and exploded after watching this vid XD
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