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  1. The Deadly Deadfire mod might be what you are looking for. I recommend it.
  2. That link is very helpful, thank you. I didn't realize that the dice were rolled earlier than when the adventure is rolled.
  3. On the wiki, it says that the game rolls 2 1d50s and adds those to prestige, and then you get no adventure for 1-25, minor 26-50, etc. That matches my prior playthrough experience. But this playthrough seems to be different. I have prestige 36, and have been reloading and rerolling adventures. It is the second one I've gotten. I'm getting average adventures every single time. I've done it at least 30 times. But if the wiki is right, sometimes I should get a minor one, and sometimes I should get a major one, since I should sometimes roll outside the 51-75 range. Anybody know if they changed the way stronghold adventures are generated?
  4. Another question: In posts about a year ago, it seems that Fulvano's blunderbuss was bugged and never procc'd charm. Is that still true or does it work now?
  5. MaxQuest, another question for you: you suggest using some Spell Holding items (Shod-in-Faith, Swaddling Sheet, Celebrant's Gloves), which seem like a waste to use on him if he isn't getting critically hit most every fight. Do you stick him up front, or does he get crit most of the time even in the back? Where in the back?
  6. Like confusing your own guys, and some other stuff. I found some reports of different things and didn't know what to believe.
  7. So, the last time I played was before the deadfire items came in, so I'm looking forward to using them. I read some posts that the Company Captain's Cap was bugged, but then that there was a bugfix in the very last patch update. But I've read some confusing stuff about whether it is really fixed, or fixed all the way. Those who've played since the last update, can you tell me whether the Cap is working completely or is still bugged in some way? Just so I'm not surprised.
  8. All soulbounds still benefit from the priest weapon-specific accuracy talents (Incomprehensible Revelation for Wael, etc.), right? So wouldn't you take that even for the Eothas priest, if you are using the soulbound scepter and Abydon's Hammer? Also, does Aggrandizing Radiance stack with Minor Avatar?
  9. I saw in comments around the forums that are now years old that Combusting Wounds wasn't working at all. I figured a patch would have fixed that, but I loaded up a save and tried using Combusting Wounds, and it seemed to do nothing -- no damage appears in the combat log for characters who are affected by Combusting Wounds. Is it true that Combusting Wounds is still totally broken, or could it be doing damage that doesn't appear in the combat log?
  10. I just love being bigger than everyone, so Amaua for me. Of the two, coastal has the best racial ability (resistance to Might afflictions), so that's what I go with. But I have to have the mod that unlocks facial hair for everyone, so I can have a huge beard too.
  11. Yeah, it should work just fine. The Blazing Fury upgrade to the arquebus might be less valuable, just because action speed is less valuable in turn-based. You could throw on a heaver armor if you like for the same reason. But neither of those changes affect the central ideas of the build.
  12. Hey, has anyone reported the fact that Pallegina can't select Sworn Rival/Brand Enemy upon level up -- despite the fact that such abilities (with one of those and Wrath of the Five Suns) exist in the code, and that Goldpact Knights can upgrade their Gilded Enmity ability -- as a bug? I think I will if no one else has.
  13. Yes, thanks, fixed. That was left over from copy-pasting another build for the format. Pretty sure it was one of yours.
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