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  1. Ok, I got to level 20 and tested it out, with all that gear on. The Healing Wall doesn't completely out-heal the damage, but keeps up with it pretty well, so it isn't too great a danger. One self-heal (greater lay on hands or Second Wind) does the trick easily. Not sure that is worth it, but I'm using it anyway. One other piece of gear I haven't put on yet is the soulbound helmet from Seeker,Slayer,Surivovor, which can bind with Chanter. The self-heal on that, combined with the other stuff, easily heals through one use of SI per encounter.
  2. Ok, I'll use my current level 19 Healing Wall's might: he gets a +45% boost to damage from Might. Assuming the Might bonus and the Voidward ring's reduction are additive, what we get instead is: Self-damage from Sacred Immolation: 32 base, bonuses (+45% - 25% = 20%), is 32 x 1.2 = 38.4 Self-heal adds the 45% might bonus to the other bonuses - (variation with Mercy and Kindness): 8.95 x 3.05 = 27.2975 - (variation with Come Come): 11.75 x 2.55 = 29.96 Now there is a gap of 8-10 damage per 3 second tick. That isn't terrible, and
  3. Lol, of course you are right, I had a brain fart. Might is an additive bonus in PoE 2, right? Not mulitplicative like it was in PoE 1?
  4. Ok, I'm doing some theory calculations, since I can't test it right now. I'm interested in whether the Healing Wall build can just heal through it. That build stacks might, but it also stacks lots of healing multipliers, and I'm doing a no-rest run, so that includes Dawnstar's Blessing. (Anybody know if the +20% damage for spells from the Captain's Banquet food applies to the self-damage?) Ok, so the self-damage is 32 base (per 3 seconds), plus the Might multiplier, subtracting the 25% from Voidward. I'll leave the Might multiplier out, since it cancels out with the might mult
  5. The Healing Wall is the best tank/support character I know of; once the self-healing gets rolling (which happens early), the party can usually outlast anything. (Scroll down about halfway on page 2 on that thread for a detailed build, with items.) Others can give you better advice on damage-dealers to pair with it. The most success I've had is with (on Boeroer's advice) dual-blunderbuss monks or monk-streetfighters (I use Xoti and Mirke for this). Mortars (and the Avenging Storm helmet or scrolls) on Xoti (the monk), Kitchen Stove/Xefa's/mortars if they are free or just one of those (with
  6. I haven't tried out Sacred Immolation, and I remember patches changing it a lot. How bad is the self-damage? Is the self-damage raised by Might and Intelligence? How much self-healing do you need to equalize it out?
  7. I'm debating between two melee builds for Aloth focused around Citzal's Spirit Lance: the fighter/mage (battlemage) one or the rogue/mage (spellblade) one. The Spellblade uses the Lance to spread afflications and DoTs. The Battlemage uses the Lance in combination with Mule Kick/Clear Out. Which do you think is better for damage? I need a damage-dealer in that spot.
  8. That link is very helpful, thank you. I didn't realize that the dice were rolled earlier than when the adventure is rolled.
  9. On the wiki, it says that the game rolls 2 1d50s and adds those to prestige, and then you get no adventure for 1-25, minor 26-50, etc. That matches my prior playthrough experience. But this playthrough seems to be different. I have prestige 36, and have been reloading and rerolling adventures. It is the second one I've gotten. I'm getting average adventures every single time. I've done it at least 30 times. But if the wiki is right, sometimes I should get a minor one, and sometimes I should get a major one, since I should sometimes roll outside the 51-75 range. Anybody know if they changed the
  10. Another question: In posts about a year ago, it seems that Fulvano's blunderbuss was bugged and never procc'd charm. Is that still true or does it work now?
  11. MaxQuest, another question for you: you suggest using some Spell Holding items (Shod-in-Faith, Swaddling Sheet, Celebrant's Gloves), which seem like a waste to use on him if he isn't getting critically hit most every fight. Do you stick him up front, or does he get crit most of the time even in the back? Where in the back?
  12. Like confusing your own guys, and some other stuff. I found some reports of different things and didn't know what to believe.
  13. So, the last time I played was before the deadfire items came in, so I'm looking forward to using them. I read some posts that the Company Captain's Cap was bugged, but then that there was a bugfix in the very last patch update. But I've read some confusing stuff about whether it is really fixed, or fixed all the way. Those who've played since the last update, can you tell me whether the Cap is working completely or is still bugged in some way? Just so I'm not surprised.
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