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  1. Boeroer has some great build ideas for Konstanten as a Howler (Barbarian/Chanter): see here. Using the Willbreaker morningstar with Weakening Chant and modal = great debuffs; find ways to take advantage of that with him and other party members.
  2. His Counselor Ploi build from POE 1 finally gave me what I needed to realize a character mechanically that matched the character I wanted to role-play, which turned the game from something I didn't like as much as I thought I should to one of my favorite games of all time.
  3. No, I wasn't misremembering. I loaded my game up, and sure enough, Magran's Blessing does not have the "shield engagement" item mod on it. And in testing, a character with that shield still has no engagement in battle. Now, I am using a bunch of mods, which could be affecting that. In particular, I'm using a file where I just copied a list of all the items and put it in the override folder, and then I go into that file to alter properties of items as I like (to increase/decrease charges, change from per-rest to per-encounter, etc.) I wonder if I copied that file before the shield got patc
  4. Even Magran's Blessing? That's good news, if so. I remember noticing that I didn't have engagement when I had it on, and reading that there was a bug for that shield specifically (here is someone else noticing it.) Maybe it has been fixed and just didn't get fixed for my playthrough with it? That's weird, though, since I played it pretty recently. I also could be deluded and failing to notice obvious things. Wouldn't be the first time.
  5. In game, I noticed that the medium shield block modal's penalty to recovery time doesn't stack with the battle axe modal's recovery time penalty. So you can get the defensive bonuses for "free," as it were, if you are using the battle axe modal. Using the modals together is great.
  6. Yeah, that would totally work. I will say, I played this character pretty far, and one of its limitations is that it doesn't have any engagement slots (unlike the Healing Wall version, which has at least two, one from shield and one from shieldbearer class), since the bashing shield doesn't give you engagement. That means that, while it is really sturdy, it doesn't get attacked quite as much. So the history cloak strikes me as overkill. Unless, of course, you play it like a crazy tank, by (say) unstealthing it first, having enemies attack it, then unstealthing everyone else. I found
  7. My favorite is indeed the Herald, either a Kind Wayfarer or Shieldbearer Paladin and a Troubadour chanter. The action economy is great -- he heals a ton passively, functions as a tank himself, and can use his actions either for more healing, summoning, or offensive action. Here's a Shieldbearer/Troubadour build (look on page 2 for my elaboration on Climhazzard's original idea); here's a Kind Wayfarer/Troubadour build. Both a lot of fun.
  8. Very cool! I have to say, I think this is the coolest looking character I've ever seen in this game. Even cooler than my amaua pirate with a huge bushy beard (mod), tricorn hat, and saber.
  9. How can a priest trivialize those two fights? (I haven't done any research on megaboss fights; haven't gotten to them yet, somehow.) Is it using Salvation of Time/Ancestor's Memory to keep Barring Death's Door up forever?
  10. I'm playing through this time with MaxQuest and AndreaColumbo's excellent mods that add in Pillars 1 items to Deadfire. I just ran across the Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer, and I'm trying to think of uses for its Firebrand weapon -- which isn't just accessible to Druids! Any ideas about how to build around it, or uses for it? Bonus for ways to use it with the existing companions/sidekicks. Obviously, you can use the Ring of Focused Flame with it; and I saw from some older posts Boeroer's idea that using the Ring with it would offset the accuracy loss of the greatsword modal, giving extr
  11. Yeah, those are nice alternatives. I didn't consider dual-wielding Magran's and Sun&Moon. That will help with the Flames healing, but it will drop your defenses significantly. How much that matters probably depends on party composition, but I think this build works best when it is the hardest character to drop. (It is worth remembering that the White Flames mechanic is just one part of a larger healing strategy, all of which goes away if you get knocked out.) I really love Magran's Blessing, but couldn't find a build that really needed it; it is perfect for this one. Stone of power is
  12. Has anybody tested, or does anybody know, whether White Flames triggers on each of the Sun and Moon flail's two hits? If it does, that makes that the best weapon for this build. Edit: I googled some discussion, and it looks like people tested whether it triggered multiple times with blunderbusses, which it didn't. I assume the same will be true for the multiple hits of Sun and Moon. By the way, that same googling revealed that Boeroer (of course) proposed the idea of Magran's axe/Magran's blessing on a Kind Wayfarer, stacking might and healing in the discussion within a thread. Oh
  13. The Healing Flame Build concept: The idea for this build started when I was looking for variations on my favorite Deadfire main character build, the Healing Wall. (Look on page 2 of that thread for my full description of the build and gear recommendations, extrapolated from Climhazzard’s original idea.) I originally wanted to do something simple: change the paladin subclass to Kind Wayfarer (from Shieldbearer). I wanted to make this change for two reasons. First, and most importantly, I wanted to change things up from a role-playing perspective; I like playing the diplomat for the most pa
  14. Hey everyone -- my favorite way to play is with a super-tank in the middle of the fight, controlling everything, which is why I like the Healing Wall build so much. I also love paladins, for RP reasons. I'm trying to brainstorm an Arcane Knight (Paladin/Wizard) tank (using Cadhu Scalth) that tries to control the battlefield. I've not used wizards much, so I'd appreciate advice on what wizard spells to use (or paladin abilities that are useful for control). So far, the ideas I have are: (1) use Vaporous Grimoire and Rekvu's helmet for an extra cast per level and immunit
  15. I keep discovering new things in this game. Here is an alternative armor for this build, which isn't quite as good as Blackened Plate Armor, but which you might get earlier (or like the look of better): Furrante's Breastplate. (You'll need to side with Aldys and kill Furrante to get it -- I don't think you get it if you go the peaceful route and get the Principi to turn on Furrante. That's why I've never gotten it in game.) Take the "Love of life" (+10% healing received to allies in a 2.5 meter radius) and "Intervention" (redirect 50% of damage allies suffer to self as Raw damage in a 2.5
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