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  1. My Herald is usually something like ShieldBearer/Troubadour with 18 might/intelligence and 12 resolve. 18 might is necessary for Ancient memory to heal over 1hp per tick when you first get it, and 18 intelligence allows you to overlap your chants for when you get mercy and kindness, plus high intelligence helps it hit more party members. After that I'll either wear items that further boost might and healing, or that reduce recovery. A low recovery is nice so that your lay on hands is responsive while letting your character cast and/or attack normally. The one Herald is the only custom I'll take. I'd actually been considering how to use Palegina instead because I don't like taking customs, but her stats/sublasses aren't near as good for it, so I hadn't thought it through all the way yet.
  2. "Slowly kill them" You answered the first question with the 2nd.... Just like the guy the other day bragging he could kill the steal preacher in 40 minutes with 2 Heralds... Wtf I'd rather kill him in a couple minutes thank you very much.
  3. Does this combo only work with the 2nd phantasm spell? I've seen you mention it a few times but when I tried it the phantasm just gets my normal weapons and not the draining touch....?
  4. I like to use the Shield Bearer Herald, their sustained AoE healing is great and their single target healing is fast and powerful. They can't heal themselves though so I usually have a secondary healer like Xoti or a Druid.
  5. The blood sage synergy is pretty good (Monk-Bloodmage), though not for soloing. Blood sacrifice provides spells and wounds so you really never run out of either. High micromanagement though, you want to blood sacrifice after pretty much every spell use. Use corrosive siphon to keep your health up.
  6. Single class monk has some really strong late game abilities too. I personally just don't do it because single class characters are less interesting.
  7. They have good tools for multi classing though. For example a caster will get +5 might, +2 penetration, +10 intelligence, enduring dance, increased action speed, infinite summon support via the dichotomous soul, good get off me ability in efficient anguish, great ability to resist status via enlightened agony, and iron wheel for emergency toughness. They can get and/or offer a lot for martial multi classing too.
  8. Xoti as a contemplative can be quite useful. That's because with Enlightened agony permanently active she's your most status resistant character on the team, which allows her to resist most status and use suppress affliction to remove them from your team. With Tuotilo's palm upgraded she'll be tanky and be able to dish out her share of damage too, though obviously not as much as a dps character. After that the healing is useful though not as good as a Herald or Druid. Withdraw is a nice spell, though it lasts a little to long imo. After about tier 3 onwards you'll have better support spells, especially Devotions for the faithful. Tier 1 and 2 spells are definitely the boring part of being a priest. They ought to have added some lower level fire spells so you could do a fire priest build right from the start. Oh well, I'll never main a priest because I think they're boring, but it's nice to have one along for their unique support.
  9. Minor MIssiles are minor to say the least, I personally think waving a scepter at your enemy is better. That aside, you'll probably need access to a few defensive spells like spirit shield. Pretty much all the early fire spells are useful if you can line them up. Set the game to pause when finishing a long spell cast so you can retarget the spell for best effect. For an early spell that really synergizes with blood mage take Concelhaut's corrosive siphon, it'll regenerate your health significantly so you can keep casting without a lot of team support, it works pretty well in combination with combusting wounds too. When i don't mind a bit of heavy micro I'll start a round off with Eldritch aim then immediately use blood sacrifice so my first serious spell gets a powerlevel boost and a perception boost, plus as a blood sage I'll get enough wounds that way to use thunderous blows which helps my spells penetrate and do more damage too. The first fire spell that isn't to useful imo is wall of fire, since it has abysmal penetration, I only find it good for proccing combusting wounds, but I'm sure there are plenty of better ways to proc combusting wounds, like chill fog. To be honest it's nice to just carry around a heap of grimoires for various situations. Some of the aforementioned spells target fortitude for example which makes them hard to use on a lot of enemies. Enemies with really high fortitude saves often have low reflex saves though so stuff like fireballs and lightning bolts work better instead. You'll also find the lightning spells to be the only efficient way to apply damage to iron and steel constructs.
  10. Been playing a Blood sage on my current playthrough (Monk-Bloodmage). It's a good combination but requires very high micro to reach it's full potential. If you have a Herald in your party and you're sitting in the backlines then the best way to play it is to just use blood sacrifice after every single spell cast for infinite wounds and spells. Might affects your self damage and your self regen, so it's not bad if you want your abilities to do plenty of damage. Personally I just max perception, use 10 resolve/constitution, then split the rest. I think I had maybe 1 extra point in might than the others.
  11. I keep looking on the Wiki's after DLC to see if any new scepters were added. But when I notice obvious stuff missing, like Frostseeker, I wonder what else is missing. EDIT: Frostseeker is on there, looks like i was looking in the wrong category, sorry.
  12. I was actually looking at the guns in my inventory recently because I was hoping to make Ydwin a dual pistol wielder instead of frostseeker. But it just seems like using The red hand will always be better than Pistols because of Maia's armor. Am I wrong? What are some good early pistol builds? I was thinking of making a separate thread to discuss this and I might still, but for now the question seems on topic here.
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