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  1. Wow, what an incredible answer to my question! Path A seems really intriguing and I'l definitly try it out. Thank you very much for taking the time to write this extensive build/guide. It helps a lot! I feel like I really needed the Paladin "guidance", only now I realise how I've never properly used Pallegina...
  2. Hello everyone! Once more I am looking to get into new and cool builds. For all the hundreds of hours i played PoE1 I never got into Paladins and I wanted to change that! My experiments with hired companions weren't too impressive and so I have come to the experts on this forum to ask once more for help... I read somewhere that DPS Paladin builds are meh until you reach higher levels and it's recommended to off-tank before arriving there, confirmation? I'd love to build a Paladin that... ...is able to deal damage, should be closer to dps than off-tank, doesn't need to be a rogue or
  3. Thank you very much to all the people who replied to my question! I really appreciate the time you've taken! Now I can't wait to dive in!
  4. Hello community! I am a huge PoE fan and played the original game multiple times on PotD. Now I wanted to replay it one last time and import the character into my first PoE2:DF run. But I can't decide for a class... I'd love my main PC to be a melee class with good enough dps for PotD that is viable as a single class. I was interested in a dual wielding Barbarian or Paladin but read that I'd lack behind in damage if I single-classed these in PotD... is there a solution for my very specific wishes or will I be even weaker than the companions? (Immersion horror!) Thank you very much!
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