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  1. I understand what you mean, I just agree more with Phenomenum about the poll that has multiple vote that close to each other, like what if u have a poll that has sth like 34%, 33%, 32%? Picking any of these 3 is reliable to me, same case as backstab, 1st vote and 2nd vote is very close to each other. But I aspect maxquest's decision on these.
  2. I think the safest way is do two playthrough in parallel. So you can always try and test first before u do anything stupid.
  3. Sorry if I don’t read the original thread, but are there any reason to not have a vote to buff fighter’s weapon specialization and mastery talent? They looks so bad to me there’s no reason we don’t buff them.
  4. You can’t heal from sacred immolation as steel garrote, that life draining only works on melee weapon attacks. There is an amulet that let fire godlike heal from fire-keyword attacks, but it’s ****ing bugged and not work at all.
  5. @Phenomenum Yes you are right, the flat damage of backstab is working, The combat log is just a bit confusing so I thought it was not working. Take a look at the screenshot, it would be nice if the damage log is same as Soul Annihilation. As u see, there was a Dot after all damage, which makes me think it's broken.
  6. My understand is only votes with more than 66% should be included in basic, if it is mixed then should be in extra becaues people has bias opinions on the feature, maybe I'm wrong. @Phenomenum weird, I will try with newest save and see if it works.
  7. Yeah but based on MaxQuest's statement, the basic patch should only include changes that get >66% polls, also that 84.3% u mentioned is divided into two group, 1. raw flat damage; 2. extra coefficient . The 1st one got 37% vote while 2nd get 32%, very close to each other. Also 2nd vote and 3rd seems to be very similar to each other imo.
  8. @MaxQuest @Phenomenum Why the backstab to flat damage is included in the CommunityPatchBasic, shouldn't it only include changes which has poll > 66%? I only installed the basic one but my backstab is broken, also it is not working, no extra raw damage. Also does it make more sense if we change Paladin's Virtuous Triumph to 50% on kill gain zeal, we shall also change barb's to same quality? Extra feedback on Community patch: Also, should this ability be a level 0 ability since u get it automatically on level 0? Faith and Conviction -> Deep Faith can follow the upgrade tree but the Penetrating imbue should be at lvl 0 imo.
  9. Personally I don't like to play such a gamebreaking charactor, so not sure if I will post build or not. Just feel funny because Obsidian brings so many nerf patches u can still find sth OP like this XD
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