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  1. Tier S before mega bosses implemented, Tier A after, now Tier A- imo because turn blade get tuned.
  2. FoD of bleakwalker has only one attack roll too, the sickened part is auto success if u don't miss the attack. I do think this is an oversight that it doesn't get +10 accuracy from the helm tho.
  3. I think 3 attacks with 0 recovery time at a 5% rate is fine, comparing it's counter enchantment, 10% chance for 0 recovery on next hit. If you make it 10 attacks, still nobody would pick the other choice.
  4. @Aotrs Commander If you feel that abusing Brilliant out of combat is cheesy, you can also solo the hellfire mega boss with a SC Helwalker, here's my video to solo it with a bit more than 5 mins, the rest 3 mega bosses is easier and takes like 2 min Also no pausing at all.
  5. Wrath of the Five Suns has no recovery in PoE 1 too, this is a trash ability even with 1 zeal now due to it's bad scale and recovery.
  6. Auranic is pretty tricky as the arcane damper and obelisk of cleanse. Fortunately the Arcane Cleanse from the obelisk can be countered by Shadowing beyond! Overall, we killed the all 4 mega bosses in less than 5 min
  7. @Boeroer I see your points, yeah I agree Whisper of the wind is cool in it's current stats, so I don't mind if we don't touch it. I like the suggestion to add a threshold to Resonant Touch tho, maybe @Phenomenum can take this into consideration?
  8. Maybe not bounce back to original target? So if you have two target, it won't repeat between A and B? PS: sorry but english is not my native neither
  9. I mean you are not supposed to get -85% recovery from invisibility, that's what i try to say. I thought u think this was a bug earlier, if not then nvm.
  10. This only affect mega boss combats imo, which doesn't means this ability is not OP with mutliple projection weapons. This is my opinion, fix or not is depends on your guys' side for sure
  11. Buffing weapon spec and weapon mastery? Or maybe nerf a bit WotW and Resonant Touch? Specially Frostseeker + Resonant Touch, I dunno why the AoE triggered by crit attack is counted as two layer of Resonant Touch, but I think it is a bug. Also it's kinda OP u can get a maxinum of +9 Resonant Touch to single target from one shot, plus +6 RT in AOE, which can be converted into around 300 raw damage to single target, 200 to enemies in small area.... @Phenomenum Maybe fix the aoe to only add one RT instead of two? Also you might want to pay attention to No Quarter from the Rakhan Field boots, because this can be used on self, and can be used out of combat, which combines with dual blunderbusses to make triggering Brilliant very very ez. Plus I don't think in mechanism side attack from invisible should get recovery reduction, it's how it works.
  12. Of course it matters, u don't get recover reduction when attack from invisible.
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