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  1. Pardon but combat is much harder in 3rd person? I think it’s much easier to dodge incoming attacks from side and back in 3rd person like witch 3. For shooting I agree 1st person is better but for melee it’s terrible.
  2. I feel like lv13-14 is a checkpoint where the difficulty drops dramatically, maybe it's because the SC casters get its high lvl spells?
  3. @Elric Galad Also might consider tweak Fighter's Unbreakable and Paladin's Providence so they don't give injury when revived so we can have some fun build that trigger effects on unconscious?
  4. Btw is it just me that ajumaat's stalking cloak cannot stun splitted oozie from backstabbing? My accuracy to stun it is like around 100 ( no +25 assassinate bonus for some unknown reason ) which always miss. I'm using it from Smoke Veil btw.
  5. Well currently there are way to cracking him open, it’s called resonant touch or bleeding cut + blade cascade But yah, its not fair to other classes.
  6. I don't think you should reduce it's defense, its a mega boss. The problem is it's high resolve and how hostile duration reduction is calculated.
  7. I think the problem with Dorudugan is 1) it's attacks are easy to dodge because it's a melee boss, with some slow ranged special attacks. And it has no hard CC, interrupt can be countered by wearing that interrupt immune helm or many other methods. 2) hell tons of health pool. It has 16825 hp in total in upscaling PoTD. So combine the two reason, the best way to kill the boss without cheesing is kiting it but because of the reason 2, the whole process is very tedious. Also reason No.2 is very unfriendly to resource limited classes. I think a good way to tweak it might be make it more aggressive, and reduce health pool or put some resource refill adra there that can be activate by players.
  8. Yeah it's true for Bleeding cuts because 1) it's stackable, 2) DoT is triggerd on hit. So if you stack fast enough, every follow-up hit will be more and more devastating.
  9. @Elric Galad I know there are some duplicate between community patch and balance polishing mod, are there any install order to make both work?
  10. But I cannot find out why Arkemyrs_Brilliant_Departure is different from the other two invisibility ability from code level, they seems to be same... If anyone have more inspect on this please let me know
  11. @thelee After some code debugging, I think this parameter cause the weirdness of Shadowing Beyond, "ClearWhenAttacks": "true", found in statuseffects.gamedatabundle "Shadowing_Beyond_SEInvisible". For "Smoke_Veil_SE_Invisible" this is set to false.
  12. If you are annoyed that this pet is useless because it buffs your enemies instead of yourself. What you need to do is: go to game folder: Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata. open attacks.gamedatabundle, search for "Pet_Bat_Astral_Pulse", then change its "AffectedTargetType" to "Ally". if you also want this to not break invisibility, go to abilities.gamedatabundle, search for "Pet_Bat_Astral", change "CannotActivateWhileInvisible" to "true".
  13. Hmm actually I'm wrong, it is not using either mainhand or offhand, it is using the slower recovery of your weapon for full attack recovery now...
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