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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, Recently got the game and I'm loving it. I'm struggling though to find a 2h build that is effective from early to end game. It just seems that 2h never is the optimal choice. Rogue seems obvious with its non lash damage bonuses. Only problem is that 2h doesn't seem optimal for rogue with its full attack abilities and dual wielding just being stronger in general. It's just a shame dual wield speed bonus is way stronger than the damage difference between 1h and 2h weapons. Even the canonical greatsword wielding paladin is more efficient dual wielding because Flames of Devotion is also a full attack. So what's left seems to be a 0 recovery 2h build that doesn't use full attacks. Which is only possible with consumables. Maybe ranger with Swift Aim and Wounding Shot? I've tried to avoid min maxing but I feel this is not entirely the same thing. It's just not fun constantly having in the back of your head that you haven't made optimal use of limited resources when you're Flame-of-Devotion-ing with your greatsword. Thanks for reading so far I'm still new to the game so I'm probably missing something. Looking for any advice on an effective 2h build.
  2. I've played over 200 hours of PoE, but not much recently. I thought I would jump back in, but now the game crashes almost immediately on start/launch from Steam. I've had a lot of system updates while I was playing, regularly. Sometimes there were issues, but I don't remember not being able to solve them. I may have lost some saved games at one point, early on. But, that was a long time ago. Anyway, that's my main concern, now. I don't want to loose my saved games. I was able to get the game to start by forcing it to use Steam compatibility/proton. But, the native Linux version crashes. I would just play on proton, but I cannot get my saved games. Any advice would be appreciated. journal.txt
  3. Hello, I try find best race for solo melee wizard. Maybe you have some experience with solo play and You can share with me. Thank You.
  4. I have purchased the Switch version of Pillars of Eternity a month ago and can't progress in the game any more because new areas are loaded in as a grey screen. Also many other issues as listed in this reddit-thread have occured during my playthrough. Are these issues going to be fixed or should I just ask Nintendo for a refund?
  5. Quick question regarding the Blade of the Endless Paths and Whisper of the Endless Paths in both Deadfire and PoE1. I've heard conflicting reports that not finding the pieces of the Blade of the Endless Paths aboard your ship in Deadfire is a bug or not. I was under the impression that the pieces of the Blade, along with those of the Whispers of Yenwood, were in your cupboard if you recovered both weapons in Pillars of Eternity at some point. The Fextralife article here, however, seems to indicate that you have to deliberately fail the Blade of the Endless Paths task and not reforge the sword so you get the pieces in Deadfire, and if you DO reforge the sword in the first game, it's lost forever. So...which is it? Is this a bug or a feature? I want to know before completing the first game, so I know whether I have to fail the quest or not. I'm a bit of an obsessive completionist, so the idea that I can't get the Whispers of the Endless Paths if I'm too thorough with doing quests in the first game bugs me, to say the least!
  6. Hi, yesterday i have seen that PoE2 will be released for Nintendo Switch. I was so happy and cant wait. Unfortunately i havent played the Prequel PoE1 that much, but on Nintendo Switch i definitely would. I would like to play PoE on Nintendo Switch from the beginning, so i made this post. Hopefully you decide to release PoE1 on Switch too. Thanks in advance and cheers Sebastian
  7. Just pre-ordered the game a bit ago and while I was already going to do it regardless of my system (a laptop, yeah...I know) in order to support Obsidian and for more games like this to be made, I am a bit worried if I can even play it. For reference I was able to play POE1 the whole way through expansions included and the only slow down was during a cutscene right before the final boss fight. The loading times however were atrocious though. I'll post my system specs here if it helps: Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU N3540 2.16GHz RAM: 8,00GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 920M Disk Space is not a problem i have almost free 440GB in my HDD
  8. So I've been playing a paladin in the beta and I'm having a great time though there are some aspects I'm missing. I'm hoping there might be a return of paladin order exclusive talents similar to the ones that were in the previous installment, especially for the Shieldbearers. Right now I'm playing a Shieldbearer and they seem kind of bland compared to the other orders, while seeming much more worthwhile when they had access to Shielding Flames and Shielding Touch. Maybe we could acquire these talents in the 10-15 level range as to make the starting bonuses shine more in the beginning?
  9. Sometimes I would get this weird pathing issues with my companions. It seemed to start right when I got a sixth companion, or in my case Sagani. Basically when the party moves to their move location. One or more companions "stutter" rapidly in place trying to find a place to stand. It seems like the issue might be worse with a party formation that is compact, but it happens still in more spread out formations. You'll also get an annoying sound of rapid footsteps as the characters jitter. ​ ​I think sometimes even NPCs off screen can bug, because sometimes (once my own party starts bugging out) I'll hear rapid pacing from what sounds like an NPC off screen or in the fog that is. ​ ​This is a bug that exists in the current version of the game with both expansions. ​ ​--- ​ ​The purpose of this thread isn't exactly to beg for bug fixes in PoE1, though that'd be nice. But it's to collect a number of issues that could be fixed going forward. Since Deadfire is actively being developed and that's where Obsidians focus and resources currently lie.
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