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  1. To the same extent that PoE3, C2078, C2079 have all be "confirmed." But yeah, I'm looking forward to this franchise having some legs.
  2. Yeah, I don't particularly think he's doing any philosophical heavy lifting there. He's ultimately more speaking about himself on the cowardice. Still it's a fascinating personal testimony from a very unique walk through life.
  3. RIP What an incredible human being.
  4. Something a bit different for this thread.
  5. Yup. It's dead jim. I held on hope for so long, but that died with the mmo. Likewise HL3 died for me when Laidlaw gave his intended ending and synopsis. Feels weird to move on after so many years, but then you do and it all feels like a fond memory in the past.
  6. Great film, I've been meaning to check out the show. It seemed the season starts off just like the movie no? I was holding off until I heard it succeeded developing fresh content or not.
  7. I agree about Breaking Bad, The Office, and Parks & Rec. Though The Office obviously suffered towards the end. Haven't seen those others. Band of Brothers was also really good. Arrested development's ending is flawlessly immaculate in every sense had it truly ended at Season 3 instead of being brought back. While divisive, I really liked the ending of Battlestar Galactica. Also Peep Show. Probably my favorite comedy show of all time, a very fitting way to end. edit: I almost forgot. Mad Men. Whew what a ****ing ending! Probably my favorite ending actually! edit2: I'll add Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood for animes.
  8. With millennial, you'd think that the parents and grandparents would be more of an asset, but often times it seems like they aren't. So much of the previous generations wealth is locked away in the home, in hsas and retirement. I think most assumed the cost of school and housing wasn't going to change for their kids, so they were left to societies faculties, while the parents basically deferred their liquid wealth for retirement. Instead of using it raise the next generation. It's especially telling how with a lot of old people, the only way to access their fortunes is to go into the medical industry and get payed out of the boomers insurance plans. As far as boomer's possessions. I can't help but feel an entire generation largely bought material goods which aren't heirloom worthy. And for antiques so much of it was luxury stuff related to "domestic ceremony" that just has no place in our modern world. When I watch artisan videos on youtube, it makes me want to have fewer but more prized and personal possessions. By valuing the minimal more, your life is in someways less bound to the material, because each thing has a personal important in your routine or life. Just having things to have them is what becomes taxing, even if they are so replaceable that you'd say that "you have no attatchment to them." Maybe true, but your more of a slave to them, as opposed to them being the tools to you.
  9. I'm sure there are plenty of kids not being "ruined" by this new age of media, but I can't help but feel those who are left to fall into this stuff (either being lonely latchkeys or otherwise) are probably suffering for it more-so than previous generations. In the entertainment world, it often seems like the route to a persons wallet is through their kid. And anything that can be done to encourage a youth culture that entices spending will be marketed to the fullest. That's not necessarily new, but it's very aggressive these days, and all within an economy that is far less mobile than in the past.
  10. All countries hold debt as leverage. You default at your own risk. You also issue debt at your own risk. I don't know the specifics, but if Argentina is defaulting because they were given bad loans, then you have to go back to the issuer. Of course the issuer never wants to clear the debt, they just want to restructure enough so they renew their cash flow. Something is better than nothing. I've seen enough of Greece's situation to know better than blame it all on them. In fact I'd blame most of it on Germany and Brussels. Again, I have no idea if this is apropos of Argentina or not.
  11. Stolen through shady contractors to private companies and the like?
  12. Gotcha. What does it mean to steal a nations GDP for an entire year? Like what...
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