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  1. 99 Luft is one of my favorite songs.
  2. Loot boxes are fascist evil #ThisPostMayBePaidForInPartOrWholeByVolo
  3. End Game is hardly garbage. Though Infinity War was much better. It's not a deep masterpieces, Just solid fun imo. The narrative capital of a decade makes it better than most films. I think that is a large reason they sell so well too. Avatar was mostly just James Cameron's name and fancy new production techniques (CGI + 3D) that earned all the money. I feel the sequels won't be as commanding. I remember the escapism aspect was cited as a reason for people going back to the theatre. Wanting to be blue luminescent semi-nude cat elves that commune with nature while sharing an organic VR dreamscape with some sort of gaia incarnate really seemed to appeal to the modern displaced dysphoric godless urbanites. It even had an in-universe way to realize an escape into such an existence. However, I'm ot sure that dream will sell for another 4 movies though. I just want to see how Cameron does when returning for all those alleged under-water sequences that he has apparently concocted for Avatar 2 & 3.
  4. I take astroturfing seriously. Get it off my lawn!
  5. Murcof - Martes is one of the finest albums I've heard. I wish it got more love. @algroth
  6. Already well aware, Elaenia is a masterpiece simple as that.
  7. Any more it's about interception and patrol of controlled air space, which is why non-stealthy "sky cops" are typically the more preferred plans. They maintain control of various resource conduits and trade routes. So over-engineered shoddy expensive stealth fighters don't really fight, they are just super expensive light bombers for missions into enemy airspace.
  8. That's not how this works.
  9. Is this what happens when you're an astroturfer and you don't get your check?
  10. I have never played warframe, but of all the games as a service, it's probably the only one I view in a positive light and see the devs as the good guys. Does this perception still hold, or are they chase the expected ends with the expected means?
  11. I hate that animation style.
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