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  1. Well, at least nobody has to be forced. If I don't like it, I don't have to buy it. I'm not even trying to be salty, I just won't spend money on a game I have no interest in. I love Eora but that love is deeply connected to 'my' watcher, her story, her decisions and her connections to her companions. And to the darn cliffhanger that will apparently never be solved.
  2. The watching and metaphysic-ing was always the most fun part for me. I really have no desire for a dumb action "RPG".
  3. Feeling really really torn on this. I'd prefer me my Eora to stay isometric and with a party At least the franchise isn't dead though...
  4. Maybe try to view this less as a crpg oldtimer and more like a general gamer. I started with Megadrive games that had no voice acting. Then look at younger generations of gamers who grew up with every line being voiced, games generally getting more cinematic, yadda yadda. Just compare the quality of game VO 20 years ago to now. It's worlds apart. I doubt that making crpgs just for us old farts would be very economical. You have to pick the youngsters up somewhere. Also citing random people who disliked the narrator from the forum is as anecdotal as you accuse me of being.
  5. Yes, you totally can't say VO is expected because it's not like games have been becoming more and more fully voice acted since the mid 2000s... Party based RPGs included. Hello there, D:OS EE! And don't give me "but Pathfinder did it". This was the first game by a tiny studio with a tiny budget. Games in the A-AAA range are a different caliber.
  6. Try Sawyer's postmortem. He talks about this at length. Hell, I still see posts about PoE how the non-full VO is considered unprofessional for some. Excuse me? I'm not the only one saying this on here. Try this exact thread here for a start.
  7. Most customers expect it though, nowadays. Will nobody think of the Twitch Streamers?? XD
  8. This one is most sad that you are so underappreciative of the ja'khajiit. Ah, it is a sadness. I regularly play Bethesda games, it needs more than some bugs to scare me off.
  9. I saw that too. Would speak for the marketing and maybe time of release just being kind of bad.
  10. I don't know how many gay men you know but you're seriously underestimating their "gaydar". There exists scientific research into this. Tekehu just thinks he's god's gift to kith kind and he's like this to everyone. Just take him along through Neketaka, the smith lady hit him with a hammer when he got too grabby and the owner of the Mare was pissed at his advances as well.
  11. Then enlighten me. Who would be a perfect charismatic strong man™? Who from PoE would be one? Eder? I'm early thirties, can't be that ruined by modern media then, can I? And believe me, I'm one of the people who silently facepalms when someone wants to be referred to as "they".
  12. But technically, Castol is more competent than his replacement. I don't see what makes Atsura and Furrante so wimpy. What would you have preferred to manly men? Proper men? Machos? Paragons of masculinity?
  13. So out of curiosity, which of the men are wimps and which are the manly men?
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