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  1. The issue is definitely caused by development. It saddens me that no one tries to fix this problem. It would be hard to fix though.
  2. He was just being kind. Cohh rarely talks bad about any game except Fall Out 76. I have watched all of the 135 videos of this series, and I also watch him on Twitch every day. I know his reaction when he utmost enjoys the game for real or if he is just okay with it, and Pillars 2 is of the latter group. If you want an evidence, keep watching his play until he reached ship combat. At that point, he would start complaining. Or else, you can watch his summary thought video as posted below. He always creates a thought video after he has finished a game. https://youtu.be/br0-0T8lo9Q?t=331 He even said in his thought video that he would play DLC as soon as it was released. However, in fact, he had only tried 1 hour of it, and never touched POE 2 again since then. If you think I am wrong about this. You can compare the reaction of his thought video on other games. I recommend you try his thought on Yakuza 0, which is the example of the game that he really had enjoyed, and you will see the difference. https://youtu.be/Gxh9EVV6J1s
  3. I stand by my logic. When you are talking about sales number, it must be always referred with time. A great game has tendency to be sold well as time passes by and the market learns about its presence. The example for this is the Witcher series, as I mentioned earlier. Some good games, which have never been sold well no matter how long time goes by, are just not good enough for the market. I do not expect everyone to love this kind of game CRPG, but even within its own domain of RPG players, POE 2 sales number is disappointing. So, when I mention the word "market", I mean the market of the specific game genre, not everyone. Moreover, as I have said before, you do not need to buy the game first to evaluate the game quality. We have YouTube and Twitch nowadays. I personally had watched Cohh Carnage play POE 1 before I realized its quality and then later bought it myself. I do the same with POE 2. I have watched Cohh's playthrough before buying it, and this time I knew from his reaction during game play that he did not like this game as much as POE 1. Thus, I bought the game anyway, because I was impressed a lot with POE 1. If you have doubt about how Cohh Carnage loves CRPG or not, I should tell you this first. He likes Obsidian so much that he had backed more than $10,000 on POE 2. He made a deal with Obsidian so that he is the first streamer to be able to stream the game on Twitch, and on the first day of his stream, some developers and even Josh Sawyer himself had dropped by his chat to see if he had any bug trouble or not. So, yes, I strongly believe that his opinion matters. Last month, I publicly asked him on his stream whether he will give POE 2 another try or not. His answer is "No". He said that the game only barely met his expectation. On the contrary, he said he would play Arcanum, DOS:2, KOTOR 1 and 2 instead. This means that, to him, POE 2 is less interesting than these games. In conclusion, these days, people will always know if the game quality is good or not before buying it. Everyone can watch a playthrough video series on YouTube or Twitch, read reviews from trustworthy source, listen to mouth to mouth reviews, or look at metacritic score, to see what the game is like. If that is not enough, you can always refund your game after trying it yourself on Steam. So, please stop bringing this argument about no one will knows how good the game is if he/she does not buy it.
  4. I am not quite sure whether the game soundtrack affects the sale number directly or not. However, as I mentioned in my previous posts, I strongly believe that if the game is good, people will buy it. A very good example to my statement is the Witcher series. In the beginning, when they had wanted to make the Witcher 1, they were so poor that they had to use a free engine to develop the game. Later, they had improved the game quite a lot in the Witcher 2, and the market respected that. Lastly, they have had put so much effort on the Witcher 3, and that made the game sells so well until now. I strongly believe that if the game was as polished as now when it was released. The sale number would be different. First impression always matters.
  5. One thing to add, I think the sound of Pillars 1 is better. It makes the players feel excited when fighting and fit the theme of world overall.
  6. I hope some of Obsidian staffs do read critics and comments in the forum from time to time. There are so many insightful and valuable thoughts in here. I strongly believe that, in order to get better, you have to understand and learn from your mistakes.
  7. For others who think that in-game criticism does not involve in sale drop, I disagree. We live in the era of internet. Almost everything in our life is reviewed in video format, including video games. I personally have watched Cohh Carnage's playthrough of PoE1 on YouTube, before buying the game myself. I had heard both the good and the bad about this game before I made my decision. There is no such thing as you have to buy it first before knowing it. People read reviews or listen to others' opinions all the time. The point is when something is bad, it always shows eventually. That is why I criticize most in-game things. I believe that sale is directly related to the quality of the product.
  8. @algroth I appreciate your arguments. I have read them all and I see your points. Some are different than mine, but I still respect them. Anyway, I still stand by my prior opinions. Here's why. First of all, I must say that English is not my native language. I live in Thailand, a country which some of you may not even know of. So, sometimes, I may not be able to find the right adjective or adverb to use in my sentences, which may lead to misunderstanding. 1. About the writing My previous adjectives may not be correct, especially "depth". Here I cannot find the right word to explain my feeling toward the writing. So, I would just summarize that I prefer the writing in PoE1 to PoE2. I like them more. I find them more attractive, even being too wordy sometimes like you said. The style of PoE1 is like those written in a book, while that of PoE2 is like a direct normal conversation that people talks everyday in their daily life. This might be subjective though. It is about preference. For the record, I have read every book, every back story of irrelevant NPC in PoE1. I have done the same with PoE2 too. 3. About side quests I agree with you that side quests in PoE2 allows players to choose more freely, while those in PoE1 are more restrictive and straightforward. Nonetheless, it is not the freedom of how the quests are done that I talked about. I care more about the story behind them. I feel most of side quests in PoE1 are more impactful. They leaves something memorable, which is a good thing for me. For examples, the quest at Arkemyr's manor is less impactful to me than the first quest to find a potion for a pregnant woman in Gilded Vale. I find the latter more realistic and has some depth in thinking. When you returns to the woman, you have to think whether you tell her the truth or not. On the other hand, the tablet stealing quest feels unrealistic to me. Two women from two powerful factions in the city cannot get the tablet from a wizard citizen. They are so desperate that they have to ask a stranger to intrude the manor and steal it for them. I find this illogical a bit. Even an arch mage should at least listen to a queen's request over an ancient fable tablet. It should be easy for the Huana representative to acquire it. 7. About bugs As I have graduated in Computer Engineering, I am compelled that all "known" bugs must be fixed. It is the developers' responsibility. I do not ask for an eternal support for the rest of their lives, but they should take care of their product (PoE2) for at least 2 years, like the general standard from any development company. [The game was initially released on May 8, 2018] I personally have reported 3 minor text story-related bug, which, in my opinion, should be easily fixed. Yet I have had no response. This makes the game less immersive for me.
  9. In addition, even Cohh Carnage, who likes PoE1 a lot, likes Obsidian a lot, gave approximately $10,000 to back PoE2, still does not come back and play any PoE2's DLC. The funny thing is that on this month's schedule he chooses to play Arcanum over another run of PoE2. I see your point but I disagree. People can read reviews or watch streamers play the game before they decide to buy it. Through that medium, flaws are shown.
  10. Recently, Josh Sawyer posted his thought about the low sale volume of Pillars of Eternity 2 : Deadfire. I believe most of veterans and fanboys in this forum have already read it. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/188915786456/will-there-be-a-pillars-3-that-is-not-something I myself really like Pillars of Eternity series a lot. I love the story. It is so interesting that it should even be made into series on Netflix or something. However, I kinda agree that PoE2 lacks something, which makes it less interesting than PoE1. The combat mechanics have been improved. It is definitely more systematic and logical than that of PoE1. The graphic is much nicer. Other than these two, I think PoE1 is better in any other aspects. The writing in PoE1 has more depth and is more stylish. The main story of PoE1 is slightly better. Each story arc is woven together in a very smooth and interesting way. Side quests are more interesting. Some is dramatic. Some is political. In PoE2, most side quests are all about politics. Companions' quests in PoE1 is much much better than those in PoE2. Even Eder's quest leaves some questions to the player's heart, though many players have complained about its abrupt end. Companions' quests in PoE2 feel like they are unfinished. The difficulty is not consistent. Thugs on Gorecci Street are more hard to deal with than any dragon in PoE2. The groups of animals on the first Adra dig site is more challenging than any dragon. This is not translated well in terms of role playing. Especially, when the game is firstly released, it is super easy even on PoTD. The only way to make this game harder is to play solo, not recruiting companions, but that is not what most people want. They want the game to be challenging on the hardest difficulty while enjoying the journey with companions. Class balance on PoE2 is better than PoE1, but it is still not there. Some single classes are considered substantially weaker than others. For examples, single class rogue is by far weaker than single class wizard or monk. Even Obsidian does not love this game that much. They left so many story-related bugs up until now. I have reported some of them recently and none of the staffs responds. When you are selling RPG game, the most important thing is story, not game play. I really like this game. Do not get me wrong. It saddens me to see that the sale volume is less than the inferior (IMO) game like Pathfinder. I am really sad reading Josh's post. I strongly wish my critics help someone somehow.
  11. I have the same problem too on patch 5.0. Regarding the Crookspur slavers, there are 4 groups involved. 1. Firstly, I received the quest from Vailain Trading Company director, saying that I should help Furrante. 2. I visited Furrante and he wanted me to help Slavers at Crookspur. 3. I talked to Atsura. He wanted me to purge Crookspur too. He also told me to talk to the Wahaki tribe before hand. 4. Aeldys sent me a missive informing that I should visit here before going to Crookspur. 5. I tried all these and cleared out all slavers at Crookspur. I helped everyone including the Wahaki. When I returned to them, they just did not like me calling me traitor or something. None of any given options pleased them. At this point, I was confused. 6. I talked to Onekaza and suddenly she wants me to talk to the Wahaki tribe. I got the quest Fruitful Alliance. 7. I have no way to convince the Wahaki to help Kahanga. The only thing I can do is telling Onekaza that the Wahaki will not help. I wonder why ? 8. What did I do wrong ??? How could I know that there will be a quest like Fruitful Alliance. How could I know that I need to talk to Onekaza before clearing Crookspur. What is wrong with this quest ? Who designed this quest ? I helped the Wahaki tribe and why would they not want to help me and Kahanga ? Is this even reasonable at all ? From my experience in gaming, I strongly believe that this is a bug. The developers do not cover all possibly related quests together. Are we supposed to play your game by looking at wiki before hand, so that we do not mess up with uncovered consequence ??? This question had been asked since March 24, even before patch 5.0 was released, and yet still today there is no developer answering this question. Is this intended by design ? I do not see this logical at all.
  12. Bug : Minor When the main character ask this question to Fleet Master Okaya at Sayuka, her answers are looped and not arrange properly. The question is "Why are you here in particular?"
  13. Go to Fort Dunnage. Enter the King's Coffin and talk with NPC Elias Zelen. He will tell you about his story. The options provided for a player is 1) respond something and 2) [Listen]. If you just choose [Listen], you will notice that his story jumps here and there. Some of dialogue that should be there is skipped. This kind of work is sloppy. If you just do not want a player to click on "unfinished" option, please just make sure that only one option available. There is no need to put more option if you do not work on it properly.
  14. Category : Minor, should be easily fixed After recruiting Serafen, the main character travels to Fort Deadlight without talking to Serafen at all, and reachs for the Forge before going to the Court. Serafen will suddenly talks about Syri out of nowhere. I believe such dialogue should be brought up by Serafen at the Court only, not any other place else, because Syri is at the Court. The right sequence should be : 1. Recruit Serafen 2. *** Talk to Serafen about how to infiltrate the Fort Deadlight. This step should be mandatory for the smooth story run, but currently it is not. *** 3. Infiltrate the Fort Deadlight. 4. Going to any place in Fort Deadlight should not trigger Serafen to talk about Syri. 5. When the main character visit the Court -- where Syri stays, Serafen gives a warning about Syri to the Watcher. I wish that I do not need to attach the save file. I have rerolled new character like more than 10 times and this happens every time. Testers should not find it hard to reproduce this bug.
  15. I have the same bug with NPC Clerk. From my observation, I think the bug could be reproduced by visiting the Vailian Trading Company in Neketaka in the evening, when the NPC from Duape is scripted to leave but NPC Clerk is not. At that moment, your main character tries speaking to this NPC Clerk. He will not respond anything and get stuck since that incident. I believe that the bug is caused by inaccurate time script settings on the NPC from Duape and NPC Clerk, or perhaps the NPC Clerk is not made to be clicked on by the player's mouse at all. I suggest testers to evaluate the problem from that.
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