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  1. I have just watched the analysis of Avowed on YouTube from Lyle Shnub channel, and I think he made a good point. The background of this game might be set up on the War of Black Trees event, or based on it as history. The first scene is depicted as forest on fire. "War, it forged our empire" Galawain is worshiped by Glanfathan. "Now our oaths are lost ..." Underground ruins look like Engwith's. "Is an oath worth the weight of a crown ?" Especially the last quote, it can be related to the incident in Pillars of Eternity 2 : Deadfire that the main character party comes to rescue Oswald from Steel Garrotes.
  2. I am now curious about this new game Avowed. Perhaps, it is a new PoE disguised in a new name ?
  3. I really like this game and it saddens me that the current sale total is less than expected. Thus, I wonder if there is any way for Obsidian to increase the game's sale count as of now in year 2020. For me, I would propose : Fix bugs, maybe not all of them but at least all major ones. Persuade streamers to play this game on their channel with the minimum cost required.
  4. I think the location would be something least relevant to Pillars of Eternity 2 factions, in order to mitigate the effect of ending choice as much as possible. Otherwise, it would require immense effort to set up the environment based on PoE2 endings. The location should be Ixamitl, Living Lands where the story can be created anew.
  5. I have not finished the game yet, but as far as I know, Eora does not need the Wheel to thrive. Beast of Winter DLC reveals that Huana was once strong and prosperous, and Engwith was once very intelligent. Dragons have even existed before the Wheel. All these evidences point out that kiths and creatures have lived normally for generations without the Wheel. If reincarnation has even existed, it does its job perfectly fine. Or else, Engwith would not be so smart as they were. So, logically destroying it now should not affect Eora that much. Anyway, since I have not yet finished the game, I might misunderstand something.
  6. I agree with OP. Obsidian ditched Pillars of Eternity 2 : Deadfire too soon. By the time they walked away from this game, it was about only 1 and a half year after initial release. I do not expect game developers to forever patch their games, but you cannot justify this reason by leaving the game behind so soon too. It is called responsibility. Someone might stand for them with the reason that they do not have any resource to patch Pillars of Eternity 2 : Deadfire anymore. To some extent, I agree and disagree. I do not believe that currently Obsidian workers and developers do not have any spare time at all (I mean 0 minute / week spare time) for patching the game. There is time but they just do not want to spend it on fixing bugs. If Obsidian has resource issue, I think they should look at Stardew Valley. There is only 1 person creating that game and I see that he keeps working on the game until now. The new patches have been released for free which including bug fixes. Again, I want to emphasize my point, the game was released on May 8, 2018. Today is June 25, 2020. Latest patch 5.0.xx was released on ?
  7. While searching for the best path (most rewarding) for the Crucible quest on SSS DLC, I stumble upon this thread. As expected from Boeroer, he did not even use consumables.
  8. I have thought about this for a while and I think I disagree with your point. Dual wielding is still superior to 2-handed weapon because of on hit / crit effects. These effects not only are of weapons but also are of many more gears such as Heaven's Cacophony or Boltcatcher. When you combines all on hit / crit effects from all gears, the 2nd chance from 2nd hit matters. In some dire situations, it might help turning the table by killing the crucial enemies like casters or healers. Moreoever, 2-handed weapons do not always have more penetration than single-handed ones. A great sword has only 7 penetration, which is equal to that of a sabre. In my opinion, to balance this, full attack mechanic has to be reworked, buffing 2-handed and 1-handed a little more.
  9. I am sorry I did not write my question clear enough. I mean the bonuses the wearer / wielder gets during fight. To activate those gears' bonuses, most of them require that the wearer / wielder must be afflicted. For examples, the Guarding Plate provides +5 to all defenses while you are afflicted.
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