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  1. Not sure if someone posted this yet but from the Fextralife channel I got an amazing build that I wanna share from them. Devoted/Hellwalker dual blunderbuss. With Swift flurry each shot has multiple pellets and each pellet can crit so it activates Swift Flurry almost always. Start your attacks with a Charge and you'll see how insanely powerful this build is. I mean game breakingly powerful.
  2. The modals of all weapons also should be looked at. Currently the cons vastly outweigh the pros.
  3. Any list on where to acquire them all? I'll add them to the wiki if people can post the locations/quests.
  4. Looks like there's at least one pistol meant to be used in one hand along with a melee weapon: I wonder if you can use this to stack it as much as possible and then switch to a different weapon set that has a two handed sword or something and still benefit from the buff.
  5. I made a similar post asking the same and the consensus was that riposte is just not good enough because it's only a 20% chance to activate on a miss. If you're gonna do it then maybe a fighter/trickster multiclass with the cleaving stance so you have the riposte as an extra little bonus for tanking. But still better to use blade turning on monks for 100% damage reflection. I hope they'll buff riposte though.
  6. For those who still don't know, just disable the steam overlay for the game by right clicking on it in the steam library and go to properties. This issue is most likely due to the latest Steam patch because the problem started right after it updated it.
  7. Just started happening to me as well and I think it's because of the Steam update from last night.
  8. Aight thanks. So it's a progression kind a thing. I thought I was missing out on something. Thanks again.
  9. How about a Moon Godlike Kind wayfarer+Devoted multiclass dual wielding? All the healing from fighter combined with the moon godlike passive healing when in trouble then the healing from flames of devotion and again more healing from lay on hands, then there are still several gear items that give more passive healing lol I don't think you can die with such a class
  10. Thanks for posting this information. Too bad we don't have more options like bringing some of your gear from the previous playthrough to a new game.
  11. I've seen some single items costing over 40K and ships and all their options costing so much money. I'm stil not that far in the game and got around 14K so far. So I was wondering how do you make the big bucks this time around? Is it just plundering ships or are there other ways?
  12. I'm using a bleakwalker/assassin and found that it's a very good multiclass for a rogue. Opening up with a black flames of devotion from sneak that also puts status effects so you can immediately capitalize with any rogue skill for more status effects for Deathblows. The only passive I don't quite understand yet is the Deep Wounds skill, can someone explain what the purpose of that skill is and why you should pick it?
  13. I just made a bleakwalker/Assassin moon godlike and am worrying that I made a mistake. Can someone tell me something that might make this build stronger than I think it is? I chose moon godlike for the healing but wondering if that was maybe a bad idea since I can't use helmets anymore. The extra healing when I reach certain thresholds doesn't seem that much, I figured the healing might help with the squishyness of the multiclass. Any insight is welcome since I'm still in the beginning of the game so I can restart if necessary.
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