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  1. Does that fix crew's money "eating" bug? The one where money randomly disappears?
  2. So that's what causes it? An item? Weird. An yea, I'm having this bug as well.
  3. Yes, I'm having this bug as well and it's super annoying trying to catch that exit icon. Only helps by reloading the game.
  4. Lol, I'm having the same bug here - the Guardian talks but is invisible and doesn't start a fight.
  5. Yep, the Guardian is invisible and the fight does not occur. It's funny though, cuz you can just walk past him to the next area.
  6. I've started having this problem as well after BoW release on my high end pc. It's great that somebody made a hotfix for this, but devs should fix it within the game officially.
  7. Was this ever claimed to have been fixed? I just finished the game and it claimed I slept with and then dumped Xoti which is not the case. I didn't see this thread until now after doing my own searching for fixes. My thread is here but it sounds very much like it is described here. Was this ever fixed for you or anyone else in this thread? Is there any hacky solution? I am not above editing a text file haha. No, it's still not fixed. Just as some other ending slides as well. For example, the one about Maia's personal quest - Port Maje's governor Clario is killed no matter whether you help the killer spy woman or put her in danger and she flees. What's more after the BoW release I started a new game now I can't trigger some companions dialogue at all, Maia and Xoti, for example. Been travelling between areas in Neketaka and Dunnage for a while, but they seem to have bugged out somewhere along the way.
  8. I think that goes for the majority of the companions, not only in this game but in other rpgs too. It's sort of a staple for the player character to solve all the game's problems from mundane to world changing, while npcs just sit around waiting for the hero to involve himself. But still, it's true that Aloth is still rather unsure of himself and needs guidance in life. Good for him though, because if the Watcher doesn't help him he only does something stupid and gets himself killed. Here's hoping that there will be a sequel with Aloth in it, so he can be given another chance to finally grow some balls and find his place in the world.
  9. Actually, with new reputation tracking system it is now pretty easy to get him to rep 2, just gotta avoid choosing dialogue choices he doesn't like. My watcher is mostly a world-weary joker who only gets serious when it matters and I still can steadily get him to 2 in the first third of the game now. He certainly is a late bloomer, but nothing too hard. For anti-Leaden Key Aloth just keep an eye on dutiful responses, be kind, support autonomy and independent thinking in npcs (and leave sea monsters in scripted interactions alone) and don't indulge in any of Tekehu's and Serafen's boastful shenanigans.
  10. It's one of my edits ready to use from over here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96828-portraits-ii/?p=1995715
  11. Tricone hats are still buggy with various hair - still show a bald stripe of hair where the hat connects to the hair.
  12. It's just an animation to hold an arquebus, nothing to see here. Though it's weird that statues remained but weapons got disintegrated.
  13. This is the kind of stuff I thought the beta was for. A glaring bug with a new feature could be addressed before release. I'm surprised the patch released with it. Guess they were hard on schedule with the patch. But'd be pissed off if the next one doesn't address these or all the other recent bug reports. Well about recent..... Some of the companion bugs they didn't fix were found on next day after release Yea, I'm not defending devs here, but I recall them mentioning that companions bugs likely won't be fixed in this patch, only dispositions (even though Aloth's are still not fixed properly).
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