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  1. So, I just noticed that I have 58 whatever units of money left. I had more than 40000 before and I certainly didn't spend it all. I reloaded a save game from just before that and I have more than 1000, and if I go further back it's 30000. I really doubt it all went into my crew salary, I just spend 69 per day and the 30000+ savegame isn't that far in time! This is extremely annoying. I don't know what are the steps to reproduce this issue since it's not happening at a certain time, and it seems to exist in several of my savegames so not sure if attaching the latest one here is useful...?
  2. Hello! The Deadfire wiki says that there are several crew members recruitable in Tikawara (such as Pig-Sticker Rukowa) but I just cannot find where they are recruitable (not with the person that lets you recruit adventurers, or the guy who sells supplies). The only exception is the story-tied crew member. It's driving me crazy! Did someone manage to find them?
  3. Ah, Black Geyser looks interesting! It's still time to pledge on their backer portal apparently so i'll take a deeper look, thanks for the link. Speaking of indie isometric RPGs (but not really the same style), if anyone's interested there's a KS going on for the sequel of Winter Voices (it's a psychological RPG). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/claralehenaff/child-of-the-pyre I'm in the dev team though, not sure if I'm allowed to link it here? Couldn't find anything about it, but I must admit that I didn't read all 17 pages of this topic. :D
  4. That makes more sense! I still don't get what it's supposed to mean in the context (I understand the literal meaning just fine, but what is it an expression for ?) though :D
  5. Yup, we all secretly want to romance Josh. And the kraken but that's not a secret, why have all this tentacles otherwise?
  6. Were your cookies okay? The problem that Sonntam had took away a bit of my motivation to try the recipe :/
  7. Messier and I would love to be able to give that much money for sure, that would mean we're richer than we currently are :D
  8. Be happy, because after posting yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought the ingredients. I couldn't find black cocoa powder (it's really not easy to get by in France) but regular cocoa will do, I think. I'll post a picture of my Dark-ish Rauatai Cookies when I'm done baking them. Not today (I have to bake other stuff before that), but in a few days for sure!
  9. Remind me to never play any game with you ever. I liked the "equality is disgusting" part, too. Okay I'm exaggerating, that's not exactly what he said...
  10. I think the first poster CAN make the conversions but just find it really annoying to have to do it every time. So do I, honestly. I'm still gonna do it though, because I hadn't realized until I read this thread that those were PoE recipes (I thought it was just Tim's personal recipes). So, can I make Darkest Rauatai coo... OHMYGOD YES I CAN LET'S LIGHT THIS OVEN RIGHT NOW
  11. It's in the FAQ : https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire#faq The last paragraph says that the coupon is "redeemable on Paradox's website for a Steam key". Can't be any clearer. I'm sorry but if you don't even read FAQs I don't know how they could have given that information to you, that's what FAQs are for. The prices in Western Europe (and probably Canada) are pretty much the same as in the US, so it's not only interesting for American people.
  12. Wow. Okay, I'll stop complaining then... (Still can't afford that t-shirt though )
  13. Apart from the VAT issue, what prevented me from taking any physical goodies was the shipping price. I wanted a T-shirt but the shipping would double the price (I'm in Europe too). If they ship from the EU, I don't really get why that would cost 25 dollars. (And that seems a lot even from the US, I'm about to receive my Torment t-shirt for which shipping cost 10 dollars so I don't understand why there's such a difference.)
  14. Wow, really? I'm jealous now, I missed the Kickstarter campaign (I have the pre-order items though.)
  15. At least you got to back the first game. I heard of the campaign several months after it ended, and it didn't occur to me that there could still be a way to back it afterwards. I regret it SO much now Your pledge is probably one of those that haven't been transferred yet. There's a reason the email hasn't been sent
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