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  1. You know Raithe, having blocked facebook, I don't see any of your images.
  2. I liked both PoE2 (better even than PoE) and tyranny. Combat wise, I prefer Tyranny, but I think the world of PoE has more potential.
  3. I managed to beat the game in 3 days, though that was with me playing till deep into the night. I completed every quest and task. I too, thought it was too short. I did like how the open world was staggered so as not to be overwhelming (thank you Zero Punctuation) But Byzantine was a disappointment after the content rich monarch. the inclusion of a Big Bad to defeat near the end, and a twist that came out of nowhere felt tacked on. I wouldn't mind it if I there wasn't some overarching story to drive to a conclusion either. That's a Obsidian Staple and the strength of obsid
  4. Obsidian joined Microsoft for security. The idea that that conglomerate gives a **** about job security is a joke. They'll shut you down as soon as you go against the grain or have more than one disappointing result. The video states that Microsoft was on board with not changing the culture at obsidian, that too, will be an empty promise that nothing in the contract will enforce. I've long felt about Feargus that he's drunk at the wheel and doesn't know what he is doing, and selling himself into bondage fits with what I expected from him. I think this will be the end of Obsidian as the
  5. So, Norway in the late 90's? Sign me up.
  6. anything is possible in Easter Europe Easter Europe, the most religious part of Europe.
  7. "When they go low we kick them". This is what you get for inciting violence. except when you look up the full video, you understand that FOX news cut it off right there and ignored the nuance that completely changes the message.
  8. most democratic governments aren't limited to two parties. which may be why 40% of US citizens never vote, they're eager for option C or D but it doesn't really exists. That way, 'correction' wouldn't have to be so drastic every time.
  9. So I've been reading in Nicholas Jubber's Timbuktu school for Nomads. I loved his previous books and this one is no different. If you like adventure stories, travel writing and history, this is the author for you. His first book, The Prester Quest follows his backpacking journey from Italy overland to Egypt and ultimately Ethiopia, while he retraces the steps of a letter from the pope to the mythical Christian king Prester John who supposedly reigned over a powerful kingdom below Egypt, with the ultimate goal of delivering the letter he found in Jerusalem. The book alternates from recount
  10. Your national debt has grown by 1.6 trillion MORE than expected since Trump took office.
  11. I definitely think we're in the darkest time-line, with right-extremist strong-man politicians such as Trump, Putin, Joko Widodo, Rodrigo Duterte, Shinzo Abe, Jair Bolsonaro, Reccep Erdogan, Benjamin Netanyahu, Viktor Orban and Andrzej Duda, amongst many more longtime hyper-conservatives such as the king of Morocco and the King of Saudi Arabia, I think it might be historically the worst time to be an immigrant anywhere on planet earth today. And you are right to have fear if you are a woman or part of a minority. I see someone in this thread remarking on how because he's been unfairly accu
  12. I read welcome to nightvale, ironically because patrick rothfuss recommended it on his blog. I thought it was OK, but I feel I missed out on some in-jokes because I don't follow the podcast.
  13. Me too. Protagonist proceeds to rape the first person he finds in a new world, then a few pages later, horrible Vogon poetry.
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