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  1. It's not just "normal" or "supernova". There's "hard" difficulty inbetween the two. If you want a game that's more challenging than "Normal" but doesn't have the save game limitations or survival requirements of Supernova...play it on Hard.
  2. Yeah that's a problem. The game makes it clear that going into and out of cryo all the time is non-viable, too--it has to be a long-term thing, so it's not like he could have went into cry intermittently or anything.
  3. " Every NPC is waiting in a locked position for me to do something in the whole colony." Not *entirely* true. For example, the guards in Edgewater will occasionally shoot at the sprats that are running around. They do feel more static than perhaps people today are used to, but they are not completely so.
  4. "The three times I've tried to create and play a vastly different character, it all ends up feeling and acting the same. Conversational skill checks are insanely easy as are lock picks and hacking." Um...no? I've ran into multiple hacking, lockpicking, and conversational checks that were 70+. A few that were 100.
  5. There *is*. There absolutely is. There's a quest that involves finding the dead bodies of on your companions friends, who abandoned her sister to a hard scratch life on Monarch only to find out she'd been lied to and ended up getting murdered and *eaten* by Marauders. There's so many more. There absolutely *is* real drama in TOW. And you can have long conversations with people about what they want out of life, how they're happy in the position their in, how they don't need you to come and "save" them from the corporations. There's all these things and more. Playing four hours of a 30-40 ho
  6. The writing in PoE 2 is significantly better than the systems in PoE 2. Some of the mechanics in that game are just *trash*. Penetration is a *terrible* mechanic that horribly biases all combat--it's the god stat basically.
  7. It's writing is superior to NWN 2 by *far* and significantly better than PoE 1. Also better than Alpha Protocol; KOTOR 2 is unique because the first half of the game is pretty bad but then it becomes absolutely *amazing*. KOTOR 2 also had the benefit of being a more-or-less direct critique and commentary on an already established franchise; it's basically a very long diatribe about what's wrong with the Star Wars good/evil hard dichotomy. I'd say the writing in TOW about as good as PoE 2 and only slightly worse than Tyranny, which itself had the benefit of being in a unique position--there
  8. 1) Okay. Nobody cares. 2) You can also buy it from Microsoft, or get it from Xbox Game Pass after signing up for like one dollar.
  9. I'm not sure that this actually means anything, but NIA is also a rather obscure internet slang for "Noobs In Action". It is sometimes--thought not at *all* commonly--used as an insult in online gaming, for when somebody is screwing up.
  10. Here's my suggestion for you: You understood what his meaning is, and that is the primary goal of language. If you don't like the specific slang version that he used, you are free to keep scrolling.
  11. Right, but the OP say's he has " 100% positive reputation and revered status with Spacer's Choice" and yet " still can't buy restricted items such as mag-picks from Spacer's Choice vending machines". So it's not that they don't understand the reputation-restricted nature of items; it's that they have the rep and still can't buy the items.
  12. There's a major character who is asexual. And it actually comes up in their plot as something that's important, that they discuss how it makes them feel, how their worried about it's impact on their relationships, etc. Like holy ****, do you know how ****ing rare asexual representation is in games? And to actually be well written and important to the characters arc? I'm way beyond impressed.
  13. You're entitled to your opinion, but I *strongly* disagree. 1) Obsidian isn't known for mediocre games. They are a very successful RPG studio that has made some of the best games out there, and are widely acknowledged as such. 2) There's a *LOT* of companion interaction. No, there's no "romance", but so what? There's a cubic ****ton of interaction and comradeship. 3) You cannot do all the same stuff between those two games. You can't throw grenades in TOW, but you can't shrink people in Fallout 4. You can't enslave people in TOW, but you don't have any "dig through rat ****" quests in
  14. Pretty sure the launch-day patch is incorporated into the initial download.
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