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  1. Literally *just* downloaded Stick of Truth since it's on a steep discount, so I'm probably going to start that here in a bit. Currently have DA:O, DA:I, and Borderlands 2 all on the back burner.
  2. Yeah the sequels were definitely noticeably worse. It's like the focused more and more on the least enjoyable aspects.
  3. Eh, Fable was fun. It's shallow as hell, didn't follow through on it's promises, and doesn't have a whole lot of replay value to me, but I enjoyed playing it and that's really what's important.
  4. I mean, if there was a police report filed and a judge issued a restraining order, then yeah it should be pretty easy to verify.
  5. Just came to note that I'm really, really happy that it keeps me logged in now. Super glad.
  6. Am replaying Dragon Age: Origins as a female city elf rogue. Forgot how freaking *brutal* the female city elf origin is.
  7. I'm very, very excited by this. Particularly the fact that the guy who is writing Bloodlines 2 is the same guy who was designer and lead writing on the original; that gives me some hope that we might get the same quality of storyline, atmosphere, and characters which, let's be honest, were and are the main draws to the original Bloodlines; the combat was *crap* lmao
  8. True, but what I'm saying is you can RP in both positive and negative spaces. The players RP is no excuse for ****ty writing, but you can adapt your RP based on what does *or doesn't* happen with your character.
  9. Yes but remember the whole point of Romance in RPG is to actually succeed in the Romance, this may sound obvious but it has nuance If the Romance could fail, and they can fail, then you cant RP or imagine that aspect of the RPG journey. So for example lets say you wanted to join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim and you go on these quests that possibly allow you to do this but then you are denied actually joining the DB your character is simply not part of the DB so on the rest of the journey in the Skyrim world you cannot RP this development Romance is a small part of the character and party interaction in almost all RPG but it still should exist so we can explore this avenue of immersive party and or follower interaction But you could RP somebody who failed to join the DB and now has a vendetta against them for not recognizing your greatness. Or any of a million other things related to failing to join the DB. In a romance, you could roleplay unrequited love, or that you hate them because of rejection, or a million other things. RP isn't limited by failure to achieve a goal.
  10. I have *so* man hours in Pillars 2. And the romances are not nearly as bad as all that. Xoti is awesome and I will romance her every damn time. That's because you secretly enjoy a zealot with 0 intelligence. We're not all like that my friend Pfft. She's naive, not stupid. She has four more points of int than Eder.
  11. I have *so* man hours in Pillars 2. And the romances are not nearly as bad as all that. Xoti is awesome and I will romance her every damn time.
  12. might also be a generational thing 'cause Gromnir, and most o' our contemporaries, were not needing a push out the door. never even discussed with family as we just assumed that w/i a year o' graduating high school, we would be independent. actual happened sooner as we went away to University and then had summer jobs in california as 'posed to returning back home. woulda' left regardless... join military or go back to working ranches in the dakotas or perhaps do wet work in se asia. we listen to millennials complain 'bout their terrible families, then find out they is 25 and still living at home? HA! Good Fun! That is very much a financial thing. A lot of us Millennial's hit "just after highschool" or "just after college" right in the middle of the big financial collapse in 2008. Add on to that the rent crisis hitting major US urban cities, the cost of tuition, the stagnation of wages, the increased costs of tuition and medical costs, it creates a very different financial environment for people of that age today as compared to thirty years ago. It's not just "leaving home" that's been impacted by this. Millennial's have children later, get married later, buy cars later, buy houses later, etc. All of this can be traced to Millennial's have less money and less secure finances at the same stages of life than prior generations. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2017/01/13/millennials-falling-behind-boomer-parents/96530338/ (Wrong thread for this discussion, but . . .) Calling BS on this. Grew up a ward of the state, graduated '06, had $150 to my name, immediately moved out of home, and never had to move back in. Congratulations, you bucked the trend. As I made clear in an earlier post, demographic statistics do not apply to *individuals*, but are broad statements about large groups of particular cohorts. Just because it happens to a large percentage of people in a particular cohort, and there are statistics that indicate why, does not mean it will happen to *you*. Conversely, your story doesn't change the broad trends or the reasons for them.
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