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  1. I hadn't thought of it that way. Two Weapon Style relies on the "Two_Weapon_Style_SE_DualWieldAttackSpeed" status effect, so I'm not sure if that complicates things. I'm pretty sure I know how to make an ability invisible, but how would I make sure it gets added to every character, including enemies? Thanks for your advice so far, I really appreciate it.
  2. So there are two entries in global.gamedatabundle ("DualWeaponRecoveryMultiplier" and "DualWeaponFullAttackDamageMultiplier"). There are also status effect entries for both dual-wielding (the automatic recovery bonus) and two weapon style (the passive ability and added recovery bonus). Unfortunately Visual Code isn't letting me format the latter for some reason so pasting it here would look like gibberish. In either case, I think your solution - an unseen passive effect based on the boolean values for weapon slots - would be the most versatile option. Just two questions: 1. How would
  3. I'm trying to apply an accuracy penalty to dual-wielding, but I want it to take effect independent of whether or not two weapon style is active. There must be a status effect for having one weapon in each hand (unrelated to any ability) because doing so impacts recovery time even without two weapon style, I just cant find where/what it is. Could someone please point me in the right direction or give me a brief rundown for how to apply an accuracy penalty whenever a character has a weapon in each hand? Thanks in advance!
  4. Community Patch, Enhanced UI, Deadly Deadfire Lite (25% XP gain reduction only), and Soulbound Upgrades, in that order
  5. In case others haven't mentioned it, patch 5.0 adds dialogue (including an ongoing narrative with Woedica that unfolds alongside the main questline) which, among other things, explains what life was like before the wheel. Might be worth a second playthrough now that PoE2 is content complete
  6. Strange that it's not showing up correctly for me. I only have a few other mods and I make sure to place the community patch last in my load order. I'll look into it and see if I can find any conflicts.
  7. The right-click description of the modal is correct, it's just the tooltip from the action bar/whatever that still uses the old text - at least in my experience. I agree with you about the modal change. Most of my sabre-focused characters are low-deflection anyway, so a -10 penalty doesn't really feel like it balances out the much more valuable penetration increase. In my current community patch playthrough, it feels insignificant enough that I just leave the modal on and forget it. Maybe changing the penalty from +50% recovery time to +20% would feel like a more appropriate malus.
  8. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I spotted a small text-related bug/oversight in the current patch: the sabre modal Windmill Slash tooltip still says "gain penetration at the cost of recovery time" rather than "at the cost of deflection." Thanks as always for your continued work on this
  9. Assassin/Evoker is supposedly very good. You'll get the assassinate benefits when casting from stealth (pretty sure the reduced recovery applies as well) and evokers have a chance to double-cast.
  10. If I could suggest one other possible nerf that I haven't seen yet, it would be the rogue's Persistent Distraction. It makes sense that it removes the requirement to set up sneak attacks against engaged enemies, but - because it applies two afflictions - it removes the requirement to set up deathblows as well. IMO Persistent Distraction should only apply 1 affliction (probably flanked) so that rogues still have to source another affliction to make deathblows trigger. As it stands, once melee players hit PL 4 they don't really have to think about conditions for sneak attacks or deathblows e
  11. No, but I have tested an arquebus assassin and an arquebus holy slayer seperately with the 200% bonus (which the holy slayer won't have access to in the community patch release due to PL) in high level encounters - keep in mind that I wouldn't expect +200% at low-mid level, only at PL 10. It takes about 3-4 shots from stealth to kill most enemies (you can actually abuse red hand's two shots by hitting smoke veil right after the first), but of course there are some enemies with low armor that you can score harder hits on. Even so, +200% isn't that much better on an arquebus than +150%, and sinc
  12. I'd love to see this end at 200% at PL 10, personally. I've modded this and tested a few builds - it doesn't feel OP given the time/resources it takes to proc invisibility and position backstabs, and vanishing strike isn't as much of a balance problem because faster/low-base-damage weapons don't benefit as much as they would with the lash. Just recently tried a single class assassin with dual sabres focusing on Gambit and Vanishing Strike. The 200% backstabs are powerful, but it doesn't unbalance the class against other single-target DPS builds. Just my 2ยข.
  13. I know you've already contributed to the upcoming community patch, but if you ever wanted to release a custom "Boeroer's Cut" rebalance I'd be extremely stoked to play it
  14. So I ran the eyedropper tool over shared pixels and some of the whites are indeed whiter in the originals - from the examples you picked, you can see it most clearly on deep wounds, accurate carnage, and what looks like rapid casting (the star and hourglass). It might just be that the gradient range is slightly different here than in vanilla, that the emboss effect has something to do with it, or that the devs used two gradients with the white icon as the middle layer. You could try duplicating the gradient layer and setting one to 80% opacity and the other to 20%, then stacking the layers so
  15. It looks like you're using a vertical gradient for the backgrounds but it's rendering on top of the white icons, which might reduce clarity. Maybe set the icon layer on top of the gradient layer so that it doesn't get darkened? Just a thought
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