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  1. Hi. I'm just curious, what do others think of this community balance mod? I'm thinking about giving it a shot, because I hate the fact that there are so many subclasses and abilities in the game that are underwhelming to varying degrees, but having read into it, it seems to me that mostly everything got a buff, and some things got a pretty crazy buff in my opinion. I'm just wondering if this causes too much of a power creep that would make my PotD super easy. Thanks for the input in advance.
  2. I normally would go multi, but the AL8-9 actives and passives look pretty good to me. Cipher was my favorite class in PoE1, they seem to have changed a lot in Deadfire. Do you play with any mods btw? Do you think the game needs some sort of community patch, or is it good as it is? I know some subclasses are pretty bad.
  3. I really hate fighting undead with arquebuses. Any alternative for them I can switch to? Party. Which chanter subclass?
  4. Hello, it's been a while. It's time I returned to this game, and I've decided to do a potd playthrough with an Ascendant MC. So, the title holds the first concern. Can I (or should I) build a single class Ascendant? The level 8-9 abilities, both passive and active, look pretty enticing to me. But I also can't ignore the fact that going multi would have some great benefits. Either way, I'd like some advice on gear and play style. For weapon choice I was thinking maybe go for the Essence Interrupter, as I can get it early on, is fast, and it can be quite powerful when fully upgraded. Looking forward to reading your opinions.
  5. So the lack of this thing that made PoE sort of a cakewalk is very much there in arsenal of literally (literally?) every single Wizard among the enemy ranks, and boy does it suck. I usually send the main tank ahead with a single buff to trigger it, then I try to Pull of Eora the Wizards together for a quick follow up nuking, but that isn't always an option. And there are encounters that have multiple Wizards literally spamming it on my party. Forget about getting a lucky Will save on PoTD lol. I actually haven't tried Arcane Reflection yet for some reason. That might help. How do you guys deal with it?
  6. I just did a full playthrough on PotD with him as pure Chanter. While it was viable, I'd not recommend it. Pure Druid or multiclass are much better. I liked the idea of Stormspeaker, but unfortunately it's not worth it imo. The only subclass invocation I ever used was the tornado one in the last power tier. But most of the invocations (would've been summons...if he had any) were the healing, paralyze, frighten, -2 AR and +3 pen ones.
  7. Driving Flight can be pretty nice with Tranquilizer (interrupt and -30 sec buff duration on 2 targets), especially with the warbow Veilpiercer. I made a SS/Devoted. It's nothing fancy or OP, but it's pretty straightforward and works fine in most situations. Very high acc and hit to crit with decent pen. Other than the really weak companions, they seem ok. What if there was an option for a ranged companion?
  8. I think the only unredeemable faction is the pirate one. I mean, all they want is either to sow chaos or to enslave. Nothing productive or good can come out of it. The other three factions could all be okay with some reforms, changes here and there. I personally think Rautai is the least evil of them all. Naturally, they are far from perfect, they are highly imperialistic, but they bring order, security and trade. The Vailians also improve on order, security and economy, but their main goal seems to be exploiting the Huana lands. The Huana have backwards traditions that halts any kind of meaningful progress, and the ruling tribe (Kahanga) seems really oppressive towards their own lower caste, not to mention a caste system is extremely backwards on its own. So for me, in a best-to-worst order, right now: 1. RDC 2. Kahanga 3. VTC 4. Pirates
  9. Wow this was back in June (took them 1 month to answer) and this bug is still alive and well. I keep encountering it myself. Super duper annoying to reload a save after a very difficult boss fight just to remove it, and console disables achievements.
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