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Found 6 results

  1. i have 2 rangers (Maia is a multi-class wizard) and they both have bonded grief and i cant get rid of it. my main char got it in a boat battle. It happened when i was fighting Malnaj my stag was charmed and my party killed it. Maia's happened when i was fighting Fampry at the splintered reef. Though this may have something to do with the fact that my party members had no injuries but were dieing anyway (though i believe thats just part of the fog). Ive tried knocking them both out and resting but to no avail. dropbox save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/az4rvieol7qowsg/namelesfear%20%28ThePickledEel%29%20%282382561b-30e8-4223-805d-376dc3e0fe51%29%20%28776076517%29.zip?dl=0 output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. Zealous Focus aura is stuck permanently on my main character and on Edér, I think it happened when i respeced Pallegina but I'm not entirely sure as I didn't notice it at once. Also the buffs from weapon Rännig's Wrath is stuck on my main character even if it's equipped on Pallegina. If I reequip the weapon on my main he loses the buffs but noone can ever get the buffs again. I think it happened when I enchanted "Insistence" onto Rännigs Wrath, but again I'm not sure as I didn't notice it until later. This savegame also has a main character that lost all watcher skills, but I see that it has been posted before so that might not be relevant. Included in zip-file linked from dropbox: Screenshots where you can see the buffs on the character portraits and weapon equipped on Pallegina. Savegame where buffs are stuck on Edér and main character. Output log after I cleared Rännigs Wrath buff from main character by reequipping it, but it seems to be mostly filled with NullReferenceException's https://www.dropbox.com/s/07jojyjb10teglk/poe%202.zip?dl=0
  3. I experience a permanent reduced endurance for one of my characters. I could not figure out where the panelty comes from so I guess it's a bug. Please compare screenshot and savegame.
  4. during the fight to save vianna, I had kana cast a phantom. at the end of the fight... the phantom stayed. it is now persistent. whereever I go, it tags along. also, the quest did not update after i killed all the enemies and talked to her. I assume it should update to say something like: take notes back to clyven. edit: hmm, interesting... I replayed the scenario, only changing that I put my pet (white wurm) away and had no pet out. quest finished normally. probably coincidence.
  5. My Stronghold was attacked by Drakes and some Xaurips, including a Priest. I'm not entirely sure what happened during the chaotic fight but afterwards, my hirelings were hostile to me, possibly because I hit them with a spell by accident or because something converted them. The problem is that now all hirelings are hostile forever, no matter what I do, except one who shouldn't even exist (I killed him during the fight, yet there he is inside the main hall). Dismissing and reaquiring hirelings doesn't help and some of them don't dissapear anyway: Any new people I hire are instantly and permanently hostile, attacking me on sight in my own stronghold. Saving and reloading doesn't help, resting doesn't help and changing location doesn't help (eg. to the nearby woods and back), so it appears this permanently breaks hirelings in my game. Thankfully, I'm the paranoid type in these games, so I have a save just before the fight where everything should be working and a save where all of them are hostile. Save before the fight: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c4cgud8ntjqcroi/d568948bddf24835b65e37d10c27b33c%2017644051%20Brighthollow.savegame?dl=0 Save after the fight: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5y1f6zk8myphvf/d568948bddf24835b65e37d10c27b33c%2017808932%20CaedNua.savegame?dl=0 I suspect that hirelings are either counted as a faction you cannot otherwise interact with or a single unit, so attacking one will permanently aggro all of them, even ones you haven't hired. System specs shouldn't really matter on this one, I wonder if someone out there is willing to attempt to replicate it (eg. fireball a hireling or something)?
  6. Yo! So, this is an idea I've been thinking about and have posted in several of the "Healing" and "Injuries" threads that has come and gone. I think it is a fairly basic idea that could be simple to execute. If you know my sort of thread of thought, you should know I enjoy a good challenge, which this idea caters fully too. There are several methods I have in mind, so let me get on with it. The first 2 examples are an "easy" injury to implement. Scenario 1: The "Chaotic" Version (Based on Luck) 1. You are in a fight, the enemy scores that Critical Hit (that one which you learn to "hate") 2. Your character loses an eye, and is penalized with -1 Accuracy for the rest of the game. Scenario 2: The "Treatable" Version (Still based on Luck but can be treated) 1. You are in a fight, the enemy scores that Critical Hit 2. Your character is on the verge of losing and eye unless treated. 3. You have a potion, bandages or whatnot, close to a Camp Site, and can rest and your character does not lose an eye (thus no penalty) How would this be presented? Would the character model change? No, not at all. The simplest method I can think of would be a text line in the "Records" tab: See "Free Action" and "Haste"? Replace that with "Injury: Eye-loss" or something. The more difficult version I can think of... it would be "Arm-loss". Because that would affect the Inventory screen as well. Take this picture below, it would nullify one arm (let's say the "Right" arm). I haven't photoshoped the picture but I think you get the picture I am conveying, basically putting an "X" or greying out the Arm if affected by a Permanent Injury. Again, the character model (paperdoll) wouldn't need to change (the character model and paperdoll would still have 2 arms but can only equip items to one), because I believe we, the majority of gamers/humans, fill in the blanks with our imagination. Thoughts?
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