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Found 5 results

  1. I experience a permanent reduced endurance for one of my characters. I could not figure out where the panelty comes from so I guess it's a bug. Please compare screenshot and savegame.
  2. Hello! I posted this in the Steam forums also. Since I have not gotten any input, I moved here also. I just leveled up my paladin to level 3. He gained only 12 endurance points instead of 14, as he should get according to the wiki here: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Class I also have Aloth along. He also advanced to level 3 and he gained the correct amount of endurance points: 10. I might miss something, I guess... or it's a bug? Thx.
  3. Hi. I was wondering how to compare and rank our options with regard to stamina regeneration. More specifically, how do the following compare? Priest: Holy Radiance Fighter: Constant Recovery/Rapid Recovery Chanter: Ancient Memory/Beloved Spirits Are there any I missed? And are these fairly effective or are they pretty negligible, especially compared to just using potions/scrolls? How do they rank in effectiveness? In particular, I'm really interested in how well the fighter innate recovery compares with the AE effects.
  4. I'm playing a priest and I've noticed that sometimes there is a bar on my endurance that does not go away until I've rested. It gets lower and lower and my endurance will only regenerate up to that bar. I believe this only happens when my character's health is low. Can anyone explain exactly why this happens? I've tried searching the forums and the game for answers but I can't find anything.
  5. Now, now, hear me out. When I see my character's portrait fill up with red, that says health to me. Having played the IE games as well as the backer beta, I can say without a doubt that anyone coming from those games is going to be disoriented. "Endurance? WTF is that?" Well, they'll have to learn, as far as combat is concerned, it's really your health. When it reaches zero, you're out of it. That secondary bar? That's your actual health. Do you see the potential for confusion? In RPGs, health is the resource that keeps you in the fight. There is simply no reason to change this for the sake of having a two-tiered system. Any secondary system should be just that, secondary. In the current build, what's called "health" is really a secondary "wounds" system (I want to call it "endurance" because it depends on resting), while what is called "endurance" is, for all intents and purposes, your health. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a deal breaker. I had never picked up D&D before Baldur's Gate 2, and I had to learn about this "THAC0" thing; without really understanding it, I just had to know that lower armor numbers were better. Fine. Some game systems are quirky. But while BG and friends had to be true to Dungeons and Dragons--replete with oddities--Obsidian gets to do whatever they want. There is no reason this can't be both intuitive and tactical. I'm not asking for complexity to be removed, so take your "you're not hardcore" flames elsewhere. I'm asking them to refactor some terminology. It doesn't make sense that healing spells affect endurance, but to restore your health, you rest, an activity associated with restoring fatigue. How can priest spells make you feel peppy but are powerless against rended limbs? There's magical sleep for that. I get that gameplay trumps simulation--when the gameplay makes sense. Switch the strings "Health" and "Endurance" in all UI text and suddenly the systems click. Mostly. The remaining issue is of character "death". Not the falling-down "knocked out" when your portrait turns red, but the "true death" as Vampire Bill would say. "Endurance" doesn't quite fit this. So, what to do? Let the portrait represent "Health". Your actual health. When it runs out, you're maimed or dead depending on whether you have "Death" enabled. Increase health accordingly, so that it's no easier to die now than it was before this change. Restore health using the same spells/abilities/potions we already have for Endurance, or by resting. And--this last bit is optional--let resting restore a limited amount of health. I liked how in the IE games, if your character was hurt badly, they'd need to visit a temple, quaff a potion or get some clerical attention--unless you want to rest a few times. This part is debatable; the terminology change is the key point. Let the secondary, little green bar next to your portrait represent "Endurance" or "Fatigue". It depletes over time as you travel and exert yourself (use abilities etc), not when you take damage. It is a limit on the "adventuring day", basically a more granular stamina system. When the green bar depletes, your characters become tired and start accumulating penalties. Restore fatigue by resting. With these changes: Health works as it always has in RPGs throughout the ages, and portraits reflect health like they did in the IE games. Everything makes intuitive sense. Endurance (Fatigue) determines when you (should) rest. It's a natural delimiter on the adventuring day, only loosely tied to how much you've fought.
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