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  1. "Holy radiance is spell so that kind of threw me off..." Is it a spell? Oh sorry. For some reason when I read up I got the impression it was a persistent AE effect. In any case then it looks like Beloved Spirits gives Chanters +2 endurance every 3 seconds. I am guessing the that Rapid Recovery gives Fighters another +2? So then between they two that's perhaps 4 every 3 seconds? Is that gonna make much of a dent? Are typical fights likely to last long enough for it to add up? And any idea how much the Godlike Silver Tide heals for? Obviously I'm trying to estimate how much
  2. I didn't mean to include healing spells in this. I was only interested in whether the persistent effects (fighter, chanter, priest) are significant and how they compare with each other.
  3. Hi. I was wondering how to compare and rank our options with regard to stamina regeneration. More specifically, how do the following compare? Priest: Holy Radiance Fighter: Constant Recovery/Rapid Recovery Chanter: Ancient Memory/Beloved Spirits Are there any I missed? And are these fairly effective or are they pretty negligible, especially compared to just using potions/scrolls? How do they rank in effectiveness? In particular, I'm really interested in how well the fighter innate recovery compares with the AE effects.
  4. An idea I saw recently, and tried out, is a chanter-tank. So max out PER and RES, tertiary INT and don't tank CON. Works pretty good (the Moon-Godlike heal has good synergy) because the chants go well with front lining. The spell-effects won't be maxed out since you're not focusing on MIG and INT but if you focus on CC, buff/debuff and summons, you can get good spell results as well as a good tank. Chanters are well-known amongst Beta Backers to make excellent tanks. Sounds weird, but they're great. That is really surprising. Can you elaborate on how their mechanics work fo
  5. I am also interested in your thoughts about what attributes are good for Chanters in particular. I assume that INT is most important attribute to increase the duration of chants. And obviously Might would improve any damaging Invocations. But what about any less obvious benefits? Most particularly: 1. Will Might increase the chant healing effect? 2. Will any attributes improve our summons?
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