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  1. Shouldn't that be the opposite for stealth and backstab? The bigger the healthpools the less does a single high damage strike do. Right now I can at least (almost) single-shot someone with my arquebus opening. I have to say though that I am playing on Path of the Damned. So likely already more HP than "usual". Regarding the knockdown: Isn't it in RTwP mode that you are not "swinging" or on CD when you are on the floor? If I remember correctly on RTwP the knockdown can at least stop the enemy from attacking for a bit, postponing the next hit. Ofc it has other advantages, but it feels like
  2. So I played a bit but it still seems kind of rough...and I am not sure if this is all related to TB mode... In the very first cavern I basically aggroed a horde of undead through the wall. In the Gorecci Street where you need to negotiate with one of the looters, I immediately got attacked by all looters. (I reloaded and then sneaked by). In the Enwithan Digsite the Enemies piled up before the stairs and had big problems coming up, having some pathfinding issues. Eders (Fighters) knockdown attack feels kind of useless. The knocked down enemy tends to just stand up again and attac
  3. Hey there! As soon as I heared that the game got the TB it jumped up in my "interesting games"-list again. And due to the cheap price on non-us amazon I also bought it now. However I am wondering if it's already a good time to play it. I know that the TB mode is now out of beta, but is it working properly? Are there still necessary changes to make it enjoyable? Like is the interface and rebalancing (as combats could feel grindy now) completed and well done or does it still need work? I only play games once, so I rather wait, than having a sub-optimal experience. If it's mor
  4. Yes. Was fixed in the first or second patch after release, so within the first couple of weeks.
  5. There is no retro fix and you cannot go through the questline again. For those who already got the bug it is and will be broken unless they start a new game. However it is completely possible to complete the game without having this dialogue and without that ability.
  6. I already sent them savegames more than a month ago. I finished the game already without the ability though. While it is unfortunate I guess we just have to live with it. Also be aware that they already fixed that this bug does not occur anymore on new games.
  7. I never had a knocked out pet though. However I summoned monsters to help me quite often (which of course died a lot) I also do not have any other companions which are not in the party (if that is even possible) as I don't even have the achivement that I created my own followers. In addition I made sure not to use second chance stuff, as I thought this would mask the knocked down characters. The whole playthrough can also be found on video (last part #174 will be available in a couple of hours): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNU8jxMn6ejqtJQc26xdIOIbsl4PQAXM5
  8. Just finished the game and experienced the same bug. Quite disappointing as it was quite a challenge, especially on PotD I uploaded my savegame here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-yJGZFF5lmOHZYemRGTXN5RUU/view?usp=sharing
  9. That was one of the two weapons I used the Dragon Eyes on...bummer. The System should also "find" the sabre if it is equipped. Now it needs to be in the inventory.
  10. It's not one of the four God-Quests. You get it upon entering Twin Elms I think. Not sure though where exactly I got it.
  11. Got same question. Told him he can go to my stronghold, but unlike the big dude (to avoid spoilers) I cant find him in the Hireling list.
  12. It will. It happened to me not for a day and then appeared again at the next. Today it also happened the first time I started the game. I also realized that this is also always coupled with a longer loading time. If you let the splash screens including the kickstarter screen fade through and the music is still playing it works. When it pauses in the kickstarter screen so long that the music is over when it reaches the main screen, it mostly means that it will not work.
  13. I am pretty sure that this was just an accident and in some hours you will be back when the problem occured again. ^^
  14. They are local and cloud. Every time you made a save and close the game the local saves are uploaded to the cloud via steam. I guess the game is creating an index when you open it. Weird thing however is that it takes like 20 seconds anyways from clicking on save or load until you get into the menu as it has to load everything in there anyways. But that one might be a unity problem as it took ages in MMX as well.
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