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  1. maybe its me and I am blind and excuse me if I am. But I thought the game releases tomorow. Where do I find my steam key, if I backed it through fig.
  2. Need help with the final white forge battle. Getting ass kicked. Can protect against, confusion or paralysis but not both at the same time. Any tactics or level reconomendations for this.
  3. Do events in white march of poe carry over of just the ending of the first game? Is it at all significant?
  4. Can you import a character from POE and if so whats the new level cap? I might be blind just couldnt find a faq
  5. then I am assuming if I finish this current one even after it ends I can still fart around the world so i can finish part 2.
  6. Is White March part 2 going to be an expansion to the over all game or just to white march. Right now I see white march as Tales of the Sword Coast expansion for BG, meaning it doesnt really add much to the story just there for fun. So is white march 2 just going to add the equivalent of durlags tower to the game or continue where it leaves off at the end.
  7. does anyone know if were getting an expansion or a sequel? I do know for an expansion, I would just love a revamped stronghold able to be turned into more of a class specific stronghold and with a lot more interaction and importance.
  8. Do we know anything about the expansion, I looked for info for it but cant seem to find any, also dont see anywhere in the kick starter rewards of them stating there was one. Of course I am blind.
  9. Is this quest bugged? I get the quest go back to the keep and fampyr says he will escort me to raedric, I say **** that and kill it. But Now I cant find raedrick anywhere.
  10. Nah I think a DLC for a big Stronghold over haul would be cool, and a nice solid expansion. I would love to see more actions for the prison. Don't mind how the land is givin, as you basiclay take it anway.
  11. have same issue with a cleric, can no longer cast pillars of faith
  12. I wrote a reply but the thread got locked before I had time to post it. Fortunately I saved it: Those are pretty good questions actually. I'm not all that interested in endgames. I see culture as more of a process and find it more interesting and productive to identify things wrong with it and then attempt to change them, and also make constant course corrections in case of unintended consequences or more pressing concerns coming up. I would like to live in a kinder world: one where it matters less where you were born and who your parents were, which provides more second chances when
  13. So the cleric spell pillars of faith always says its activated now? I cant cast it anymore. ANyone else have this issue
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