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  1. So I tried if the abilities are working now in Patch 1.05, and everything looks fine so far. I hope it stays that way
  2. Hi, I'm not sure that this caused the issue in my case (but I really can't say for sure), but I guess it happened for my while activating this ability and dying with the char, at almost the same time. But I don't have a savegame before the issue occurred.
  3. So today we've got a new hotfix. But this issue is still not fixed, I'm slowly getting pissed
  4. *bump* I really want to hear anything from the devs regarding this issue
  5. I wish too, that some dev could response to this issue. a hotfix would be much appreciated.
  6. The Ability of my Ranger "Marked Prey" is still shown as Already Activated. So I can't use it anymore. I dismissed the Ranger and took her again into my Party but it didn't help. Even after another encounter the skill didn't unlock again. I hope this will be fixed soon. Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/3FHrncH.jpg
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