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Found 2 results

  1. Having played Deadfire like a maniac now, and already feeling the fear of abstinence, I reckon Obsidian sits on a diamond in the rough. Here are my quick and dirty suggestions: -Deadfire's interfaces and systems are for the most part spot on and great - reuse them in PoE3 -Naval combat can be dropped -Either add a new map, like 33% bigger, with half of it being a coastline with an archipelago, and the other half being a huge overland continental thingie -Start from level 1 again, with all new characters -Pick some other climate and a few new cultures -Add new music and monsters, plus a few new spells and abilities -Just do minor class adjustments, no other system changed, really And add a tighter story, more urgent and involving, perhaps personal. Then stir and enjoy a fabulous PoE3! Let's say, Autumn 2019, shall we? What are your ideas for PoE3? All I know that I want to see a PoE3 as soon as possible!
  2. So: what do you want to see in the next big Infinity-Engine style game from Obsidian? Be it the sequel or one of the two expansions? (Probably the sequel: from what Obsidian has said, the expansions are likely to be -very- small in scope). - I'm pretty damned happy with Pillars of Eternity, so my wishlist really doesn't include all that much--and I'm fairly confident everything I do want will be delivered. So, er, anyway, here's my list. - More party banter/dialog. Along that line: maybe have a "relationship" style quest w/ lots of dialog--not necessarily romantic in nature. More terrain diversity (IE deserts, tundra, steppes, etc.). More awesome fantasy weather like Biawics(sp?). More party diversity (with so many awesome races to choose from, PoE has too many white male party members). A respec option. More and more powerful magic spells! - ...So what do you want to see added to the next game?
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