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  1. Tekehu was the stand out for me. He in many ways out Eder'd Eder. On the surface he's nothing but a self obsessed hedonist, but whenever anything of significance is going on he gives away who he really is: a genuinely caring person with a big heart. From his outrage at the conditions of the Roparu and willingness to suggest whatever means necessary to alleviate their suffering, to his honest and well meaning efforts to understand Pallegina's childhood trauma, Tekehu is just a straight up good person. Maia is the sort of inverse of Tekehu. On the surface she's easily to like, quick to crac
  2. I don't know how to tell you this man but developers are not Mass Effect omnigel slathered on random objects interchangeably. The people generating art assets for DLC areas are not the people handling bug fixes. That DLC would be happening post-release was determined back in the kickstarter ages ago. This is neither odd nor unnerving.
  3. Every ending except "**** this I'm out" and "side with the Huana" will make you lose a minimum of one companion. I think it's just the Principi ending where Pallegina gets sent to her death.
  4. For most of Kana's endings, I can't imagine he would mind you siding against the Royal Deadfire Company. In his progressive/eccentric endings he'd probably prefer you did side against them.
  5. I don't mind choices. I do mind where everyone is pretty rotten. One doesn't have to play "Mega Jesus" to want that. Consider situations like this a good opportunity to ask yourself what you really believe in and where your actual values lie.
  6. You say that like it's a good thing. --- One of things I liked about PoE I is that there were a couple of factions that, while they had warts, could be seen 'good', especially if one prodded them in the right direction. Hell, even the bastard faction had one fairly decent option. If all the factions are more warts than not (to put it mildly), that really doesn't appeal to me personally. After all, I want to deal with Real Life, I'll stick my head outside the door. Basically I want a faction that I can actually want to see succeed, not where I swallow my bile and look the other wa
  7. The D&D Wizards you're thinking of are grossly overpowered. They felt good because they were grossly overpowered. The reason PoE Wizard does not feel as good to you is because it is not God King Of All Creation, it's simply a very effective class at it's particular niche, which is mostly crowd control.
  8. The one saving grace is that the members of their lowest caste are guaranteed to be reborn into a higher caste in the next life. If you think about it long-term (in which souls are cycling from caste to caste and every soul gets to inhabit all statuses multiple times), it actually makes a weird kind of sense. Every culture in POE has its downtrodden, but only the Huana guarantee that theirs is reborn into a better station. How (or if) they're able to actually manipulate the wheel in that way, I have no idea. sounds like traditional "opiate of the masses" sales pitch for oppressive cul
  9. Your companions could not possibly know in advance some of the **** the factions ask you to do. It's only natural they'd object when their personal values feel stretched to their limit, not necessarily before.
  10. The factions are quite well done in this game. None of them are perfect or even close to it, none of them possess anachronistic secular humanist 21st century values or beliefs to make the player feel better, they are very much behaving like the early modern era proto-nation states that they (mostly) are. None of them correlate 1:1 to any specific real world culture, but they all clearly show evidence that the writers have done some historical research and know how human beings of the period behaved. The Huana are the natives, it's their home, but their caste system is legitimately monstro
  11. Like I'm fond of Pallegina as a character, I said "dang" when I found out she wasn't romanceable because I think she's a cool person but I think that's kinda the extent of my feelings on the subject. She's a lady with a lot of work to do, and a LOT of baggage. It's not entirely a surprise.
  12. PoE1 is fairly dry, and lacks the bombast that people have come to expect in RPGs from Bioware RPGs. It has a **** load of text, in no small part due to Avellone's characters being brick walls of absurdly dense prose (that is not a compliment). It's not hard to see why people would be put off, even as a fan.
  13. This thread has made me wonder if I should regret defending fans of romances in RPGs as not-necessarily-crazy-people.
  14. Sometimes you're just not their type and that's okay. Sorry, but that argument doesn't fly in a game where your watcher can literally have any personality. Personality is not enough, despite what our fondest wishest might tell us. Sometimes "not being someone's type" can involve intrinsic characteristics you can't change. Like being a wandering murderhobo who attracts natural disasters, speaks with ghosts, and could conceivably go barking mad at any moment.
  15. Sometimes you're just not their type and that's okay. omg, what type? watcher type? cos the watcher can be literally any type Remember how in KOTOR 2 Mira says "you're weird, old enough to be my dad, and not my type"? I think it's fair that not everyone is into wandering murderhobos who see dead people.
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