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  1. "You never played the game" Makes it obvious you know very little about what happens in the game after the first area. I wonder why that is. Also the "CEO guy" explains what is going to happen to him, did you miss that?
  2. On the topic of writing I kind of agree with the criticisms of the writing in POE and Deadfire. I love both those games but I think both games suffer from the way they are written. The problem is people often go to far with criticising these games and start making silly and unreasonable criticisms and then you notice that everything they are saying plays into some agenda they have. So I don't disagree that a lot of the hate is because of that but I don't think all the criticisms are unwarranted.
  3. Some people complained about it being announced as a news story but that wasn't really bioware's fault that was the games media. The writers posted like character profiles for every companion and Gaider mentioned that Dorian was gay in that (because as a gay man dorian was kind of the character he always wanted to write) and the media made it a news story. Then a bunch of people acted like Bioware had done some kind of press release about the gay character or something. I've also heard people say that Dorian is too steroitypical but most of the people who say that are straight people, not gay people complaining about being steroityped. There are criticisms of his personal quest that I do actually agree with though.
  4. The prismatic Hammer's charged attack does a lot of damage if you have a lot of points in science. Shrink ray is sometimes useful though not often it weakens a single target so could be used on a beefier target to help the team take them down. The mandibular rearranger can freeze enemies, that can be useful though I think this one is probably the least useful it the science weapons. Mind control Ray can be used to take out groups of enemies by using it on the leader or biggest one. Gloop Gun is useful if you get ganged up on as it levitates enemies though I really only use it if I have to fight a whole load of mechanicals. They aren't the most powerful weapons but they all do something other weapons don't do that can be useful in specific situations.
  5. Um I think the idea that queer people would naturally be disgusted by straight relationships is not the same thing as some gay people you know finding some kissing gross. No queer people are not disgusted by straight relationships, and romance between straight people (other than as a joke). That's just silly. As for kissing sure sometimes people eating each others faces off in front of you is a bit off-putting but like that doesn't really have anything to do with what orientation they are as far as I'm concerned.
  6. I'll just say that I got gay vibes from some of Hawthorn's private messages with a friend of his but I didn't know if I was reading too much into it or not and have not spoken to anyone who had any kind of relationship with him yet. As for Ellie, she does make a flirtatious comment towards that woman who sells weapon mods on groundbreaker but it came off like a joke to me. I haven't done her quest yet though.
  7. Well you know, it is kind of cruel to not be supportive towards a friend's love life because you don't accept their sexuality. Are you against the game being realistic in that regard?
  8. Bioware released character profiles for the companions in Dragon age Inquisition before release, one of them mentioned that one of the companions was gay. There was a big straight people backlash over that but the game was still apparently their best launch or something and by all accounts did very well. Despite the gays and despite having many flaws. Having lgbt+ characters in a game is not inherently "pushing an agenda". Even when it is there's nothing wrong with that, representation helps straight people get over their hangups. I don't think Obsidian were pushing an agenda and I don't think they didn't mention Parvati's orientation because they were worried about losing sales. I think they just thought the story they wrote would be cute.
  9. Joking aside your discomfort towards this is a thing you can get over. I'm not going to tell you what to do but RPGs tend to contain some lgbt+ representation these days. It's a good genre for exploring stuff like sexuality and gender. I feel like you'd be happier if you just got over it rather than not participating in anything that has too much gay in it.
  10. Personally I think in their next game they should make all the companions lgbt+, the ship should double up as a gay bar and every character of the same sex as your character should aggressively hit on you. Make it happen Obsidian.
  11. I don't agree that this is about steam taking too big of a cut. Maybe they do, maybe they don't I have no idea how all that works. Epic are perfectly happy to risk making losses on these deals in order to grow their platform which in the long run will benefit them. They for example have been offering deals that gaurentee a certain amount of revenue that if the game doesn't make on their store they will pay out themselves. This isn't an offer that is easily refused. They also did that sale, again they footed the bill for that one which isn't usually how sales work. Amazon has done a lot of that kind of stuff in the past with music and other things and it worked well for them.
  12. I honestly roll my eyes every time a straight person praises Arcade now. It just means I'm about to hear about how gay characters in other Games are "too much", "steroitypical" or "forced down my throat". Also who is this third companion? Felix? There's an interaction he has with a character on Monarch which implied to me that he is not gay. I haven't finished the game yet though.
  13. I had a glitch where a load of the sound effects and some people's voices stopped working on groundbreaker but I reloaded and it didn't happen again. A companion also did a weird one legged run at one point. Other than that nothing other than texture pop ins but even they aren't as bad later in the game.
  14. But the other two scientists you have alternative ways of ending the quest. One of them you can say the data was stolen and the other you can use science skill to make twice as much of the stuff he was making and only give him half. It's just odd to me cos most quests have multiple ways of completing them but that one doesn't seem to.
  15. I dunno about that to be honest. I think the main cast were really well written, they obviously put a lot into companions and there are some really strong arcs there. The overall plot and main quest line tho was......messy. Plus you had to buy a dlc to get a proper ending with closure and a proper explaination as to what was going on.
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