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  1. Well they seem to be picking games that are getting a lot of buzz from the gaming communities. A lot of these deals are obviously very last minute as a few of these games were already announced as being on Steam before they became EIC exclusives. They want to attract dedicated gamers to their service, people who don't just play fortnite. As for being the service without all the trash, isn't gog already that service?
  2. I really liked the start menu, the concept art in the loading screens, the environment and character designs in fact everything looked great. That city seems a bit empy, plus mostly only static npcs, I feel like that ruins it a bit. The quest looked interesting, the combat looked good but that character was very OP (i imagine that was just for the demo). Those companions seem ok but there isn't a lot to go on. It didn't feel that immersive to me like I didn't feel that interested in what was going on, maybe just because it doesn't have VO yet. So mostly good but they really didn't show a lot.
  3. As many have already pointed out every time a comment like this comes up, obsidian probably didn't have a say in this. From the adverting it seems they were under the impression it would be on Steam and not be an epic exclusive.
  4. Well that doesn't describe me at all but isn't forcing those gamers to use a platform they don't want to where they can't do all those things a bad thing? It's an entire year before this game comes to other platforms, that's pretty terrible for anyone who is invested in steam or gog or whatever else. That's why people are saying this is "anti consumer" because this isn't a move to attract more people to epic, it's a move to force more people to use epic or miss out.
  5. Isn't this kind of thing just going to lead to more exclusives? This probably means less competitive pricing, no need to sell the product cheaper than the other store if your store is the only place the product can be baught. I'm really not a big fan of steam at all. Gog just seems to work better on my pc than steam ever did and steam is full of absolute trash which makes finding good games that are not already well known pretty hard. Maybe stronger competition will force steam to do better I guess? Somehow I doubt it.
  6. Changed my mind, I may not bother with this one now.
  7. It's interesting that we have the opposite opinion on this. I do think the ship was lacklustre and a lot of the features were not very good. As for the endless paths that was a crowd funding bonus thing. Deadfire had Fulvano's voyage as it's bonus (Dunnage, The Drowned Barrows, Ori O Koiki, Crookspur and splintered reef) A lot of good content there though then again without that content the game would feel a tad empty and the same can't be said for the endless paths. As I and others have said I found the micromanaging of the keep to be incredibly annoying where as the ship it's only slightly annoying. I do think you have a good point about resting bonuses and there could have been more ship upgrades available that did stuff like that. The ship does have things like merchants, visitors, other ship encounters ect they just are dotted around the map because it's a ship. I do think that a lot of them are not that interesting but they are nowhere near as awful as the repetitive and pointless stuff that happened at the keep. It's a shame the sea monsters goal was never reached though, it really feels like there should be more sea monsters in deadfire.
  8. I'm not buying this on epic either. I just don't want to use it, I put up with origin for disappointing bioware games and I'm sick of that, not gonna do the same with epic. So it's ms store or waiting for me too. It's a shame I was hoping this would be on gog.
  9. POE1 has a better main quest IMO, Deadfire's is short, Eothas and the gods are too vague and irritating as major players, the hunt for Theos was at least a compelling mystery. I think the feel of the POE1 is just better, Deadfire kind of feels like a pretty dark game that's trying to be more campy and joyful but fails. POE1 is a dark game with the occasional light-hearted or comedic moment. The companions are better in the first game because there isn't the terrible relationship system which basically just results in companions getting upset over anything you say that doesn't support their worldview. Pallegina and Maia are too faction focused and feel less like a unique person and more like cheerleaders for their faction, I think this is just because the game is so focused on factions but its a shame because Pallegina didn't feel like that in the first game. The companions in general are just meh in deadfire and a lot of the more interesting ones are just sidekicks eg Ydwin, Rekke, Vatnir, even Mirke and Fassina are better then Aloth and Xoti in deadfire. Aloth and Pallegina were both more interesting and less annoying in the first game and Eder is more or less the same but with a less interesting quest. I do think Tekehu is a great character though. Deadfire looks better (like really the art style in this game is amazing), The combat is more fun now it's been patched, it has portraits and VO for most characters which helps make a lot of the minor characters more memorable. I do like the factions on the whole, I had some problems with how they were handled but each have interesting characters and interesting quests. This is a lot better than any of the factions in the first game but then that game didn't focus the majority of it's content on factions. Deadfire has subclasses and multiclassing and this just makes character creation a lot more fun. Though it's a shame for casters (other than wizards) that you now can only pick two or three spells per power level. Neketaka is amazing as a main city where as POE1 has Defiance Bay which is ok but generic and Twin Elms which is an interesting setting but felt underdone. POE1 had better dungeon crawling but I kind of prefer the island exploration to having a mega dungeon and a few other large dungeons. The ship micromanaging > Caed Nua micromanaging though neither is the best thing ever the ship's feels a lot more rewarding if you bother with it. Loot is better in deadfire too, there's a lot more of it and upgrading it is better as well. I think I on the whole enjoyed the side quests in deadfire more but it's close, The DLC in deadfire is more varied but I would have preferred larger DLCs so I think it kind of matches the first game. Deadfire is just a more interesting setting, with more varied cultures and more memorable characters. Both games have different strengths but I'd say I prefer Deadfire considering everything.
  10. Yeah and one of the dialogue options was a wizard specific one I think but that also goes nowhere. I'll probably just kill the dragon again I was just interested to see how the other options played out.
  11. I'd read that there were a few alternative routes to just killing neriscyrlas. One is to convince her to attack Rymrgand, I'd heard there's one about her helping you with eothas and I also that you can convince her to allow you to take the relic and try to free her. I've managed to convince her to attack Rymrgand before but there are no dialogue options about eothas other than an intimidation check that just results in her attacking. Making a deal with her doesn't work either, there's an arcana check about the relic being a phylactery and a diplomacy check after that but she still just refuses and attacks even if you pass both checks. All the dialogue options end in a fight if I try to make a deal with her. Am I missing these other options, do you need to do more than having the appropriate skills to pass these skill checks?
  12. I don't often find reviews that useful and especially now it's all focused on review scores and aggregates. A lot of great games end up in the 80 range because usually they are going to have issues and that bumps them down. Then you get a lot of not so good games that also end up in the 80 range or close to it because a 7/10 means average to a lot of people these days and anything lower is considered bad. Critics also have their biases of course and you can get trends of hating on a certian thing or praising it more than it deserves, critics are not immune to these at all. Read reviews from reviewers you trust, look at what the consensus is on social media. Try to avoid politically motivated criticism (unless you agree with the political motivation I guess but even then I'd be wary), watch let's plays if they aren't too spoily, ask friends. Then you'll have a small chance of not wasting your money.
  13. I'd love a collector's edition but idk if I'll be able to afford one so we will see. I'll be preordering or buying week one for sure though. Hopefully this one isn't broken.
  14. There was that issue with the Witcher 3 on console but they eventually patched it to be bigger.
  15. This is exactly it, in a novel it's better to not be too descriptive but you still have to be descriptive. In a video game with voice acting and illustrations as well it's gonna feel like a lot more than reading a novel or even listening to an audiobook. I don't want to seem like I am making a big deal out of this, I still enjoy the narration and if I get tired of it I can skip it. I just think it would have been better and saved them money on VO to edit down those lines. Like I don't need to hear about how a character is holding a sword if I can see that on screen.
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