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  1. I wish the first writer could have kept thier job and finished the lost mom quest.
  2. I got a full refund, so posting here did help. On top of that I learned a few things and got a different perspective on some of my own intolerance and bias. This was a post worth making.
  3. In case you missed it... I have stated repeatadly that nothing in the game should be changed... but that marketing could have done a better job to inform consumers. None of the gay storylines were even hinted at in any marketing material. Everyone deserves books, movies and games that speak to them, I agree with you... but that should never be done in a secretive way. It felt like.. haha, we got your 6p dollars for this game.. now that you have started playing it and cant normally return it... lets start the real show.
  4. I ended up getting the remainder of what I paid back, so I did end up with a full refund. I hope others have a better experiance than I did and enjoy this game with a bit more awareness than I had before I purchased it.
  5. I misread that, my bad. I dont normally find pixels all that attractive to begin with so I generally go with whatever romance option adds the most in game advantage to my charcter.
  6. Yes, I in fact do have gay friends as well as two gay siblings... and I cant list how many times I have heard ewww gross during straight kissing scenes in movies. No, I never play as a female avatar. The one game I tried with only a female option was Horizon Zero Dawn... and I couldnt get past playing as a girl in order to play the game.
  7. If... at any point when marketing the game, they had showcased the lgbt inclusive questlines... I would not have purchased the game... and would have gotten some jellies elsewhere... You make it seem like I knowingly bought something with a complete awareness of an agenda beforehand just to complain about it... I dont know about you, but I dont have 60 dollars to throw away just to make a point.
  8. Feeling mildly disgusted... as I am fairly sure an lgbt person is whenever they are forced to be part of a straight love story in one form or another.. isnt the same thing as being afraid of, threatened or intimidated by... It just isnt my thing. For me its about an equal level of revulsion of thinking about the fact your parents have a sex life and thats why you exist... there are some things you would just rather not have a mental image or awareness of. I do have a bit more empathy with the gay community after having to deal with my own mild revulsion with the mild re
  9. Most of the time... you have a heads up on the bias or agenda being pushed. Not once in all the marketing material were gay themes brought up or showcased. Like I said, they shouldnt change a thing... other than to give a bit of a heads up so consumers can make an informed purchase.
  10. I just want to say, how much I appreciate how everyone is being so polite and eloquent on a topic very personal to so many. Thank you all for being such adults.
  11. Im not sure if answering that would be considered a spoiler... its part of her questline too though.
  12. I was actually semi ok with Pavartis orientation and storyline.. until Ellie doubled up on the lgbt stuff... then when you get told by the company guy that he had a special relationship with the original Capt that you replaced... it was basically three strikes and I was out. The company guy even had every stereotype going, even the lisp.
  13. You know.... this is actually a really good point. I hadnt thought of it that way. If Pavartis was the only gay storyline... I dont think I would have read so much into all the other references. I was a ****ty friend to Pavarti.
  14. As to not finishing the quest line for pavarti... you are left feeling like you were being a bad guy making a cruel choice... it wasnt even an indifferent option.
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