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  1. Oh, actually just put a similar post in the spoiler discussion section. I've found them pretty useless too. Best one I could find was the mind control gun, but even that had issues. Like it had to be fired continuously to keep control of an enemy so you'd usually end up killing them before they could fight their allies or their allies would be free to attack you while you held it on one particular enemy.
  2. Seems like every single one is much weaker than most other weapons. Even with the damage perks giving it 120% extra damage. The effects weren't particularly amazing either. Probably the best one in my opinion was the mind control gun. Except you had to continuously fire it at an enemy to keep them mind controlled. More often than not this meant that you'd usually kill the enemy before they could begin fighting their allies or that their allies would just run past them and maul you while you were defenceless. Most weren't even that special. Like the gloop gun was just an elemental grenade
  3. I took most of the flaws on my first run, which was also on supernova. Honestly, they make very little difference to the actual combat and you basically get free skill points. I skipped one or two of the more horrible ones like permanent crippling, where you have your movement speed reduced by 30% or something and can't dodge any more. The phobia ones and the resistance ones are a sure bet though. 25% extra damage from some sources isn't particularly noticeable. Especially when in supernova your best tactic is to kill the enemies before they can shoot at you. The phobias are even less no
  4. I think there's also a door that leads outside on the second floor. It might need you to lockpick it though. Remember to use your TTD to inflict things like cripples and knockdowns so that you can retreat and heal without them following you too quickly, or to get some free damage. You can blind them so they miss more often too. I would suggest using a rapid fire gun when you do it though because they take less of your meter per shot, so you can inflict more statuses to more enemies that way. You can also load up your inhaler with all sorts of buffs, eat food, drink drinks and then
  5. I was more thinking long term. I mean, the guy's done official broadcasts as the representative of the board. When news gets out that he messed up so badly that the entire colony is likely doomed and that his solution was to freeze everyone but the higher ups so that he can enjoy the rest of his life before humanity is doomed... There's no chance of him surviving. Either he gets hunted down by a keen vigilante, swarmed by a mob or escapes to the wilderness where, lets be honest, he's not going to stand a chance. Plus, just in principle, being punished for passing a skill check should nev
  6. Honestly pretty angry about this. Hands down my best crew mate since my build is all about minimal casualties. So stealth, persuasion and lockpicking are perfect for talking my way out of situations or unlocking alternate routes to bypass guards. EXCEPT, during the final mission he just decided to leave my squad because I wanted to change Phineas's rebel status so that he could work more freely and better help Halcyon. That skill check was absolute bull****. 100 for both determination and inspiration? Determination is such a **** skill too! If you're going to have a double barrelled chec
  7. Not that I've found. I started another thread with the specific issue I had and asked for a console command. If it's anything like the fallout games it seems to be like then it should be possible to set a quest back to a specific objective with the right command. I'm not great at doing code stuff though so I'm hoping someone else that knows how to do that sort of thing figures it out and then I can copy them, haha.
  8. Playing on Supernova difficulty. Glitch occurred some few hours ago when I went to Groundbreaker with Nyoka in the party. She spawned downed, repeatedly. Revived her with the inhaler perk, played 5 more hours then realised her quest was botched because it thought she was dead (it says that she's currently occupying her own grave). Suggestions: Fix the spawning bug on Groundbreaker Fix the quest being flagged as botched for her going down, rather than her actual death. Have a quest notification to let you know when quests are botched. Additional request: Console command to
  9. Had a similar thing on Star Crossed Troopers, Nyoka's quest. I think it can happen to certain companions if they go down, even if you revive them afterward. Maybe only on Supernova difficulty.
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