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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I always read the descriptions first and if it is too prohibitive (like losing the ability to have SAM as a companion) then it will be denied.. but, any hit to stats, I will take. Don't know how many there are and in what variety's but am going to have fun finding out haha
  2. I have been offered 2 flaws so far that I have denied , those were in the early days of not knowing what to expect and the hit seemed to much for one perk choice. I got to level 11 (playing on hard, not having my mates permadeath on me) and there was no real threat anymore so I have taken every flaw I have been offered so I can make the game more challenging. I have accepted two so far, plasma damage hit of 25% and fall damage (which I cannot remember the hit for.. perception I think) and am now taking damage from everything (not dying though, running away before I take to much damage) so i get offered more flaws! I say, take all flaws and make it interesting! anyone else doing this? and don't forget, it's not your choice, it's spacer's choice. Looking forward to a difficulty spike in end game times to test my gaming though!
  3. ah, I get it now! You can't take their weapons/armour because it is a shared inventory between player and companions. Any weapon/armour not being used by the player will used by your companions, you can obviously choose what they wield/wear . It occurred to me when the (companion) was using the gun that I was trying to equip. When you want to repair/tinker/modify their equipment, be sure to deselect it from their load out. I'm sure it was obvious to some people from the start but, if you end up here seeking the knowledge above, I'm glad it helped someone else. and don't forget, it's not your choice, it's spacers' choice
  4. haha, yes i have as well which has led me to be a supersaver! (saving constantly so as to be able to reload if i shoot someone accidentally whilst having a nice chat!)
  5. I also agree as, i know that one time soon, a bit sleep deprived or whatever, i will start a conversation and the gun will come out and i will accidentally shoot them in the face!
  6. Thanks again for your further reply. As regards to your remark about whether the fallout games having anything to do with the outer worlds, the outer worlds is made by most of the people who made the good fallout games (all of them up to the abysmal fallout 76 or whatever its called) and the similarities and mechanics are near identical and the way they regard weight restrictions for the player and companions are different in the outer worlds but extensive knowledge of the fallout games means the differences are mitigated by previous knowledge. My post wasn’t about the weight mechanics, just on how to move items from me to them and thanks to your reply it seems as though clicking and dragging from my tab to the companions’ tab (and vice versa) might be the winner. Will check tonight and if that’s the winner I owe you a beer. Thanks in advance for the (hopefully) correct answer.
  7. Thanks for the reply's guys, I am a veteran of the fallout games so I am well acquainted with how it all works but, you cannot actually remove anything from them or give them anything can you? if I wanted to give them a certain weapon, or take one from them, you cannot (at least, I cannot), the only thing you can do is just change what weapon/armour they are using from the selection that they themselves are holding. If I wanted to take a pistol from them that I don't want them using so I can break it down, how can I do that?
  8. When you first get companions, it says they can help by transferring your stuff to them when you are over encumbered. I have spent an age trying to but cannot, I have also scoured the net but to no avail. If anyone knows how you can transfer items to your companions, give them new weapons and armour, or take weapons/armour off them, please enlighten me! If, for some illogical reason none of the above is possible please also enlighten me. Many thanks
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