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  1. Well, good ideas or not, looks it's only the two of us here. Anyway, I really do hope that PoE2 will improve the feeling of the world, how it plays, how it develops. And since PoE has done very good, I see no reason not to invest in and develop even further almost all the aspects of the game. One more thing: Basically, the crafted worlds in videogames have all improved. Even in action games there is a desire (I'd call it a necessity, though) to create believable worlds. Meaning that any environement that the player finds himself in, must adhere to a series of rules that enhance th
  2. You know, I like this game. I really do. But, there is something missing in it for me. And I can't seem to get over it, no matter how hard I try. Please note and remember the most relevant words: for me. Now, please, don't treat this thread as a critique towards those that feel the contrary, or as a rant aimed at developers. It's just a subjective preference and I would like to state it here, in hopes that one day, maybe, in/for Pillars Of Eternity 2 (perhaps?), this will be considered. I don't like static worlds. Most of the times (if not always!) I appreciate and enjoy a game throug
  3. Hoping and wishing for export/import possibilities in a patch soon. Was gutted to see that this wasn`t in the original game. My most beloved feature from the Baldurs Gate series. I remember replaying Baldurs Gate 10 times just to get attribute-books and better equipment each time. Yes, having reached the level-cap and on the 10th playthough having 20 in all stats made you overpowered, but thats what I liked. To benefit from previous playthrough, even getting gains after you played through the game several times with the different attribute-books, and being overpowered and watching enemies
  4. Didn't choose the "Moon" path, as I tried a bit more "challenging" and experimental approach. Guess my stats speak clear about it: 20 . 5 . 6 . 16 . 15 . 16 We'll see what will come of this.
  5. Hello! I posted this in the Steam forums also. Since I have not gotten any input, I moved here also. I just leveled up my paladin to level 3. He gained only 12 endurance points instead of 14, as he should get according to the wiki here: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Class I also have Aloth along. He also advanced to level 3 and he gained the correct amount of endurance points: 10. I might miss something, I guess... or it's a bug? Thx.
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