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  1. I soloed the game with a Wizard. Hardest fights by far were Alpine Dragon and Radiant Spore. Honorable mentions are Adra Dragon, Concelhaut, Undead Raedric, and Kraken. If I had to pick one I would probably go with Alpine Dragon. I totally melted Llengrath. The Eyeless mobs in WM2 were really tough. Had more trouble on them than some bosses.
  2. You have to have completed White March pt.1 first, including the Crägholdt part. Then for me it was simply starting White March pt. 2, then doing the Iron Flail fort and returning to Stalwart. Then there should be a scene near the west entrance that starts the quest sending you to Mowrghek Ien. I've gone from the main game pre Twin Elms to Stalwart ... completed the White Forge quest ... then went directly to TWM2. Again in Stalwart, I immediately followed the main quest and skipped all the side-quests. I've never had an option to travel to Mowrghek len. After completing the main quest
  3. As fair as I know the story goes like this... one of the first stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaing was that the player will get a PLAYER HOUSE if the Obsids raise $2 million. Some time later it was clear that people can't stop throwing their moneys at them, so another stretch goal was added, a STRONGHOLD at the level of $3 million. Because this whole stronghold thing replaces some of the player house aspects, they just had to merge these two. So you have a stronghold of Caed Nua but Brighthollow is your player house inside the holds' walls. Two birds with one stone. Was it a good ide
  4. I think a Wizard and a Warrior would be super effective. Tank holds aggro and Wiz blasts into oblivion. I guess this can technically be accomplished by any Tank/DPS combo.
  5. Very interesting! Thank you for that! I'm well aware that video games are saturated with historical inaccuracies. These inaccuracies, however, are usually a reference to something that is historically accurate as fiction is no excuse for a lack of realism. In my understanding there are multiple types of fortresses and noble dwellings. The 'donjen" you described seems more like a fortress than anything else, so it would go without saying that it would only contain the quarters of some kind of military commander. Caed Nua however is an entire noble's estate with a fortress-like wall surround
  6. That's news to me. I've never seen it done in any fantasy setting. Furthermore, it would be an inefficient waste of resources to not have the master's quarters inside of the main keep. I mean, why build and staff 2 structures when you can simply just build and staff 1? In many cases we would see something like the barracks or the prison in a separate structure, but I've rarely seen the master's actual room being a total separate structure. Meh, maybe I'm missing something. I'm sure there's a good reason for it that I'm not thinking about. Thanks for the reply anyhow
  7. haha I damn well better be!!!! Especially after dealing with that rodent on the bottom floor.
  8. Hey all! Just something I was thinking about. Is Brighthollow supposed to be an inn on our property that we just happen to sleep in? Perhaps just a mansion that we live in on the estate? I guess my main question is why is it separated from the main castle? Is this supposed to reflect any historical culture? Doesn't seem to be common whereby a lord's quarters is separated from the main keep. Anyone got anything on this? Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading! A quick intro. I’m a huge Infinity Engine enthusiast. Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA+ToB is pretty much my favorite game of all time (read best game of all time). Playing as a mage and blasting through everything like Irenicus on speed is probably the greatest feeling I can get from dancing pixels on a screen and I wanted to re-create that feeling in Pillars of Eternity. There have been plenty of posts on soloing the game, but the information is not standardized and consolidated. Also, there isn’t much for mages in the way of target gear and tips for
  10. I think this should be a 2 man with Neeber from Trademeet!!!! Or even a party of all the ridiculous characters from the series! Noober, Neeber, Habib (scimtar chucker), Kalla the circus gnome, Gaelan Bayle, and Jan Jansen! Hilariously great idea, I might actually be tempted.
  11. @KDubya LOL! yeah I hear ya. XD Those boots look awesome. Free passive HoT, that's clutch for a solo. Thanks a bunch for the tip. @Boeroer Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I chose Crucible Knights so I definitely have access to those. A melee spell for when I run out of ranged is a great idea! I'll definitely throw one in. I read Citzel's Lance is pretty kick arse too. I'm gonna try that as well. Thanks a bunch guys! If you think of anything else please post. After I clear the game I want to make a little "casual player's guide to soloing on normal for the Mage", any strats
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