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  1. If you like the Druid of Neverwinter Nights @Jayd then maybe my Shifter Mod could be of interest for you. More forms, tons of new spells and crazy combo potential. If you think its OP then use the "Ultimate Evolution" to double the fun (and/or pain). As i moved on to other games there wont be any updates in the near future... Anyway: Have fun with the Shifter!
  2. Just tested it ingame @brasilgringo: Yes, the Food Bonus stacks with the Good Food, better friends Bonus. Awesome!
  3. Yeah, you might be right @asnjas but we are not Obsidian and we dont have to reach specific sale numbers. As part of a huge modding community we are free to evolve a character - in this case the Shifter - into something we want him to be. But why should a Bear or even a Dragon form not be a powerful melee combatant? I agree that the Mod pushes the limits very far making the Shifter a powerful fighter and a potent spell caster - thats why we started to tone him down in the last time while also offering several optional files so every player can decide on his own how big his powerlevel will be. There will always be people complaining about something but - hey - you dont have to play the mod. If the reworked Shifter does not suit your style: Pick something else and have fun with it. We on the other hand had tons of fun playing with the Ultimate Evolution (and Deadly Deadfire) as nearly every group fight was a walk on the knifes edge. However: Happy hunting!
  4. After a lot of tweaking we finally released the "Ultimate Evolution" for all those crazy solo players who think that the new Shifter is far too powerful (yeah, he is to some degree). If you like to suffer +100% damage while only dealing 50% to all enemies this will be your new dream setting (or maybe a neverending nightmare)! But isnt this a complete overkill you say? Nope it isnt! We have tested the Mod until lategame and nearly all fights (except Megabosses) will be doable and - even better - should be really challenging. So expect to suffer "a bit" until exploring all those crazy combos that only the Shifter can pull of. Combat will be thrilling and will require some good planning but - hey - playing without getting sweat just isnt fun - no? If you prefer to slay all opposition by just looking at them: Dont touch this!
  5. If things are too easy you have lots of options: 1. Add Magrans Challenges 2. Use Deadly Deadfire Hardcore Mod 3. Dont use any items (Poverty is fun) 4. Do not level up (say hello Noober) 5. Or as others said: Use Trial of Iron If thats still not enough i can create you a mod where you take double damage but only deal half. Its up to you!
  6. Reworking the XP tables should be no big deal so all we need are some concrete XP numbers for each level. Go, go, go! Beside XP reduction we are also experimenting with increased enemy damage and lower player damage which so far is a lot of fun too!
  7. @Kaylon: Things like Spell Resistance will cause a "AAA resisted BBB" line in combat log but not a "miss" - at least thats my observation playing around with resistances.
  8. The modded Shifter Druid can solo everything. Maybe except for some Megabosses like the big Ooze. But who cares about Megabosses?
  9. Single Class Shifter is my personal fave in this game. Well. To bemore precise: Its big fun playing it but - cough - its even more fun modding it into the exact spot i want the Shifter to be. It has been nearly five months since i started this journey and - well, well - there are still a lot of ideas that are waiting for manifestation.
  10. Yeah, now the ability descriptions are working again after adding "OverrideDescriptionStringTactical": -1. Thanks a lot @BMac!
  11. @BMac: Do you have any idea why our modded abilities are completly broken in turn-based-mode so there is "shaken" everywhere in the decriptions? Would be really cool if we could fix this!
  12. @Armakoir: Do you know whats the reason why in turn-based-mode many abilitiy descriptions are completly wrong and "shaken" is everywhere? Got the same problem with the Shifter Mod - any easy way to fix this?
  13. If there isnt some bug involved the gamedata files state that the Baby Boar has a 5.0 % chance to interrupt. Thats not even close to insane...
  14. Shifter/Trickster also is an option! Its defense might be worse than Goldpact/Trickster but the set of offensive spells/abilities will blast away most opposition!
  15. I finally reworked the base damage of all animal forms to make them a little bit more unique: - The Bear Claws now deal 15-21 crush/slash damage - The Cat Claws now deal 11-17 slash/pierce damage - The Boar Tusks now deal 13-19 slash/pierce damage - The Stag Claws now deal 15-17 pierce/crush damage - The Wolf Claws now deal 11-21 slash/pierce damage - Reduced the Dragon Claw damage from 16-26 to 16-22 crush/pierce I also implemented a new feature so the size of all animal forms will scale with Power Level. This means: All "Elder Forms" grow for +10% while the "Dire Forms" grow +20% bigger. This fits well with our theme that the high tier forms not only get more powerful abilities but will now also look more badass. Not to forget: The size of the "Forest Lurker" now also increases by +30% while its spellcasting ability will be disabled. Poor Lurker! Good hunting!
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