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  1. First of all, thanks for the detailed description and video. Super cool. So great to finally see some new interesting builds. I remember a lot of testing with FF when it came out, and the self-healing was pretty underwhelming, so this looks like a potential nice change. Am I wrong, or is the build largely based around auto-attacks with some minor usage of Sworn Rival? That is, a lot of the active offensive attack Monk abilities (Stunning Surge, etc.) and Paladin abilities (Flames of Devotion, Beacon) aren't being used? Maybe that was just the AI in the video? Doing a whole solo PoTD run auto-attacking things to death seems like it might get boring after a while. Have you tested this on PoTD in the cave with the Lich? I actually think it's slightly harder than the Fampyr Cave, as is Splintered Reef entrance. What about late-game stuff like the Overseers or Vithrak Lair in last DLC? Or SSS? Or any megabosses? Again, cool stuff and thanks for posting.
  2. Great effort, folks! Is there a unified final list of all items that the Community patch changes (and how it changes them)?
  3. I vaguely remember their being a monk/fighter build a while back (in the builds list) that relied on Chromoprismatic and DoC and Helm of the Falcon.....
  4. So my two cents adjusted for the topic. One of the cool things that my Deathless Thaumaturge build really liked doing was wading into groups of enemies and just casting SoHF and PoHF right on top of himself/them (since he couldn't die, largely). With +PL items they both hit really hard, and the not-dying part was what made it fun. It felt like priests in some cases get more mileage out of the fire spells, whereas with MC Wizard you can use the Ninagauth's teachings book and rely on ice-related AOEs etc.
  5. I beleive you can reliably resist it with around 190 will which you can get to from gear and buffs. That still won't let you resist Arcane Cleanse, sadly (its largely unresistable). However interrupts work on mobs trying to cast Damper, and frankly Slicken is the bees knees for this (incluing all the mobs at Concelhaut, Fampyrs too). Or you can try to watch individual mobs for the cast icon and interrupt it with Thrust of Tattered Veils or other single target interrupts.
  6. I agree with Boerer and thelee. Moreso if you are doing a solo run, where Tactician/Bloodmage or Priest/Bloodmage is a lot more powerful. In a party, I *might* go Evoker just for missle fun.
  7. I just want to say that I think it's awesome to have a 7 page thread about how to make Deadfire more "Polish" or to continue "Polishing" the game - but to be fair, we shouldn't ignore the other Eastern European countries like Bulgaria and Hungary I kid because I love.
  8. One thing you can bear in mind - you can use it to self-damage yourself at the start of combat to trigger Llengarth's Safeguard as well as potentially to get your health low enough to use Potion of Final Stand, both of which you can then extend (along with all other buffs) with Wall of Draining. The trouble with Blood Sacrifice is that if you have cast a few spells from different levels, it's pretty random on which ones it will give back, and you can easily kill yourself spamming it too much unless you have a no-death effect (like Potion of Final Stand).
  9. I think Slicken comes in the Ninagauth's Teachings grimoire, which I found myself constantly using on all my mage variations. That's an argument for starting with Chill Fog, since you can't (afaik) respec your character-creation spell choices later.
  10. You'll still die if you're relying on Potion of the Final Stand and you get Dampened/Cleansed and can't heal thru it, tho, right? Same problems as a BDD build.... It's an interesting idea, though, an Ascendant/Bloodmage ... do you think it would be more powerful than a BDD-based Thaumaturge?
  11. Yah, I have no idea on this and haven't seen it written up anywhere at all. I assume they do *something* but no idea.
  12. Some other high level mobs do cast cleanse, including mobs if you attack the shop Deck of Many Things, FYI
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