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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! I played Deadfire on release and plan on playing again with Turn based probably and had a couple questions related to it. The big one is how is the balance in terms of combat? The game wasn't exactly made for Turn based so were there any big changes that account for it? Are there any weapons, classes or anything that are completely useless now, or maybe super broken to avoid using maybe? Or is the overall balance changes depending on the class? If that makes a difference, I'll probably play rogue, with wizard (one of the subclasses for buffing) possibly, haven't thought too much through. Or are there other combinations better? How is the overall map balance in terms of encounter? did they tone down the amount of encounters on a map since now each combat encounter can take much longer since turn based or is it still the same? with same amount of enemies? Any good mods any would recommend that is updated for turn based? Thanks for any answers you guys might be able to answer!
  2. Hello. I need help with a game breaking bug I've encountered in the turn based mode of the game where my characters and enemy and friendly NPCs are unable to move when in combat. My main character and Eder both have 0m movement at the start of the round. I've also got 00 initiative. I have also tried loading up an old save that I know was working and I got the same bug on that save. When making the characters I had two mods active, one was Enhanced User Interferance and the other was a self-made mod that reduced the cost of all the Berath's Blessings to 1 point. I have tried removing all of my mods, the two I used and any of the ones I didn't use, and created a brand new character and I get the same bug. I have also tried to run the Steam Verify Integrity tool, and lastly I have tried to redownload the game completely. None of which have fixed my issue. Kala (8bd62989-7628-4066-91de-826da5d5c1e0) (LAX-123ABCDEFGHI) autosave_0.savegame output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. Hi all, I've looked everywhere I could think of and couldn't find any PotD solo turn based build so I've decided to ask for one here. I've already finished the game on PotD solo RTwP with a Devoted/Streetfighter and it was a lot of fun. However, this build obviously won't work on TB. I'm really interested in FINALLY trying the new turn based system but I only play solo PotD so here's that. A few points for this potential build: 1. I'm using Berath's Blessings so builds that are very weak at the beginning are still fine (I hope). 2. This build should be able to win against every boss (including expansions), including optionals such as the annoying Fampyr's Crypt. 3. I would very like for the build to be able to win against one of the Mega Bosses (I don't care which one), but I don't really expect to find one which does. :(( 4. Tested builds are preferred. Thanks in advance for anyone who tries to help.
  4. I have started a turn based game after installing PoE II with patch 5.0. My character is a chanter skald. Every time combat starts, my character all ready has 4 chants which means I can start casting invocations right away. Is this right ? In PoE I I had to do some chanting before I could cast any invocation. Being able to cast invocation at the beginning of combat make combat a lot easier.
  5. I enjoyed trying out the new beta Turned Based (TB) game mode (duh) by starting a Trial of Iron on Veteran difficulty and running an Arquebus based Scout (Ranger/Rogue) Watcher. He mostly carried the party and I was having fun. I've just finished the Digsite quest and talked with Eothis for the first time. So I'm not far, but I've experienced a decent amount of gameplay. A lot of work has been done to make the game mode balanced, which is great. It resulted in the power level of many skills/abilities has being drastically shifted, which is fine. My main issue with the game mode is how long it takes. I generally like scripting my A.I. so that I mostly don't have to intervene much at all. The simultaneous actions keeps things running along quickly. I miss a lot of details relative to TB, but the big things stick out and usually get an automatic pause, except for the fact that my other campaign is currently a Magran's Challenge (no pausing). Comparing TB in Deadfire to other TB RPGs I've played makes me feel like Deadfire isn't balanced for TB on the story to combat ratio. One of my favorite games of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT). Battles can last a while, but they're meant to meant to be more evenly matched in difficulty and there's almost always story progression after every single battle. I think this is similar in other other classic TB RPGs. Most battles feel like direct progress in the game rather than one of about 3-5 battles for story progress. In real time (RT) the smaller battle can last 15 seconds, so it doesn't matter. When that turns into a full minute long battle while rushing thru it, it get really tedious. I feel like the mode would benefit from lower HP values on both sides. It would require more thinking/planning and less cycling thru hero actions waiting for the inevitable conclusion. I'd like to conclude by thanking Obsidian for making this free game mode, especially for making it free. It's great, and I'll probably come back to it sometime after it's been patched and I'm done with the no-pause campaign.
  6. Right in the first fight I noticed that when multiple characters stand together and you give a movement order your path gets blocked off easily and your character 'tries' getting around by wobbling left and right which eats up all your movement points and you don't end up on the spot where you wanted to be when you gave the movement order.
  7. Some interface elements which should be hidden are visible when playing on a widescreen monitor (in this case Samsung 49" CHG90 Gaming Monitor 3840x1080) see attached image edit: appears the ui elements get hidden correctly after combat ends. Thanks for adding a TB mode, having that option is awesome ^^ Just started TB mode, looking forward to seeing the game play out in a new perspective Cheers!
  8. Just a minor flaw in the design. When you play the game in turn-based mode it is unnecessary to pause the game on the beginning of a fight since you already have all the time in the world to make your decissions.
  9. Pretty much the title...My gamer girl and I love experiences RPGs together even if we just takes turns playing but we discovered the greatness that is the Tales series (we've already played through Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia) and now were addicted to CO-OP RPGs and hoping more exist so I figured I ask at a few of my favorite forums. So yeah we literally JUST finished Vesperia so were looking for another one, now we really prefer a standard RPG as opposed to something like Diablo but feel free to suggest anything also We'd prefer games on NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii or Gamecube since I own all those systems but if there's an awesome enough game I might hunt down the relevant system (including PS3 since PS4s release will likely lower its price). So far I'm looking into Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Diablo 3 (Xbox360), Borderlands 2 (she might not like this one), and hopefully I can find the other tales games (would appreciate a list actually)but I'm sure theres WAY more than that so please lay your suggestions on me...vague, obscure, limited release I don't care as long as you think it would be fun. So yeah go nuts suggest away
  10. Just a call to action for any Project Eternity backers who also backed Torment. You better go checkout Torment: Tides of Numenera's Kickstarter page so that you can vote down the hordes of ToEE and Fallout fans who are trying to vote the game into being turn based instead of RTWP. I know I wouldn't have backed it if I'd thought there were the remotest chance in hell of it being a turn-based game and I suspect a lot of Infinity Engine game lovers will feel the same way. So I just thought I'd bring it up here on the off chance it helps turn out the vote a bit more. And needless to say, if you actually would want a turn-based system, DON'T VOTE. (Please?)
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