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  1. I did three playthroughs as Beckoners but always multiclass, although I tested singleclass at least. The thing is, that animated weapons are more useful than the dragons and having 8 animated weapons instead of 6 is not worth losing your second class. So I would go multiclass - Herald aka Paladin/Beckoner prefered. For summons: Skeletons are a good start, but I wouldn't put points into them at character creation as you can not respec these points. Next best thing are Wurms - they are ranged, so you can use them as backrow artillery. With their upgrade they do really good damage (most of the time more than the ogres). The next summon tier gives you the ogres. They are really nice blockers and come with some self buffs and AoE attacks. But that needs a lot of micromanagement, so i usally ignore these and let them auto-attack. The final good summon are the Animated Weapons that can hit really hard. They also have special abilities like Flames of Devotion - so if you are willing to do micromanagement they can do even more damage, but auto-attacking is also fine. Summons like Phantoms, Wisps, Drakes and Spores are not worth using as the others are just better. As you need your phrases to keep your summons up there is no place for many invocations, but Hel-Hyraf (with upgrade) can be really good for harder fights. For chants Aefyllath increases the damage, but I usally run Ancient Memory + Mercy and Kindness as I also use Exalted Endurance from Paladin multiclass to keep my summons alive (they only have 25% health on Beckoner). For casting having dex is not really needed. I usually build my beckoner as tank with concentration, but taking Rapid Casting and Quick Summoning is still worth it. If you play solo then Acolyte's Frostbite is a must-have weapon as it regenerates concentration for you - in a party its not as useful. Instead of going for concentration you can also use Rekvu's Fractured Casque with an injury for interrupt immunity and completely ignore action speed. Sasha's Singing Scimitar synergizes also really good with Summons. For the pet I would go with Animancy Cat (or Prissy if you are a healer tank). I usally go for the heaviest plate armor I can find and use medium shield with the modal for it. For stats INT is the most important, as you want your summon duration match the time you need to generate the phrases for casting you next summon. As my beckoners are also healer tanks RES and MIG are also good. With enough healing you can dump CON and with an interrupt stratagy (see above) you can also dump DEX. But because I also don't need PER I usally distribute my remaining points balanced.
  2. I played turnbased for some time with a solo Beckoner/Goldpact Knight on PotD. That was the easiest solo run I ever did - summons and especially upgraded Wurms and Animated Weapons wreck everything when you have full control. Its the first time that I actually used the summons special abilties. With 6 upgraded wurms (their DoT tripples their damage in turnbased mode) you can easily kill multiple enemies per round, you just need to know how to use them. Beckoners work really good in turnbased, as you can dump DEX and take heavy armor without having problems as compared to AoE casters (who have targeting issues) you can completely ignore speed. Also Beckoner normally lacks scaling as there is no good way to increase attack speed for summons - in turnbased mode this is no longer an issue. Most fights didn't last many rounds, but they did last some time in realtime. Thats also the reason I stopped playing the build - clicking through every trashmob felt quite annoying. But I think thats a general problem with the turnbased mode.
  3. it reminded me more of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pied_Piper_of_Hamelin (luring an army of rats fits the small but many summon theme of the Beckoner)
  4. The timer for the next stage is added to your running timer. So if you have 2 days left for finishing Maje, they are not lost instead you just have more time for the next stage (in your case 27 days instead of 25 days). At least that was how it was handled in my test runs for "The Ultimate". I haven't played past Neketaka yet, but I assume getting ship upgrades like Palm Sails and Lanterns helps you with this challenge. Don't know if its worth to get also the Voyager as ship.
  5. I'm not sure about this. I recently started a Beckoner in turnbased mode with 18 INT and noticed that "Come Come Soft Winds of Death" does two ticks per "round". The first tick is on the beginning of my round and the second tick is on the beginning of the enemies round.
  6. In boarding battles party members get randomly selected to fight on deck. If they receive to many wounds they die and you can get their equipment in the loot window. This way you can get Xotis sickle/latern, Aloths armor, Serafens hand mortar and other stuff in a Solo game. But it doesn't work for conditional items - for example: you don't get Thaos' Headdress or Keybreaker Scepter if Aloth dies. I think you can also attack them yourself on the ship with normal attacks during a travel stop, but you need some heavy burst damage as they heal back fast. I haven't tested if Woedicas challenge can help you with this issue.
  7. As I haven't found any info on this, I thought I can revive this thread and add some info on the legendary crew you can get from Beraths Blessings: Creath = Navigator **** / Helmsman **** Tylla = Deckhand **** / Surgeon **** Doru = Canoneer **** / Cook **** All of them cost 600 Gold to hire and have an upkeep cost of 8 Gold. They are available in Port Maje. Creath can be nice as an early navigator for +40% travel speed right from the start, but I would replace him with Coreto/WorthlessIdiot as Navigator and Llendreth as Helmsman, to avoid the double upkeep cost. Tylla seems to be the only Master Surgeon in the game. So if you want one you should hire her. If you have a Junk ship, then Doru can also be useful, as there are not enough crew members in the game that can be upgraded to Master Canoneers. With him you at least can fill one slot more. If you often struggle with injured crew members, they can also be good as reserve crew members as they can perfectly fill out two roles for some emergency switching. I haven't checked yet if they are stronger in boarding battles then normal crew members.
  8. Anyone trying this turn based? I'm currently experimenting with "The Ultimate" and did a short test run through Maje with Tactician/Beckoner in turn based mode and it felt a lot less stressful
  9. I think Bronlar's Phalanx is better for this class. It gives a deflection bonus that scales with your health (up to 20 deflection, so +10 deflection when Bloodied), which helps staying in Bloodied state. The deflection bonus is compareable to Cadhu Scalth with mediocre athletics investment, only with full athletics investment Cadhu Scalth is better. And Bronlar's Phalanx also gives a long INT buff at combat start, that helps with your chanter abilities (summon/chant duration).
  10. Only a few and most of them aren't that useful or can also be obtained from fixed locations -- all from the random map treasure pinatas, the burial mounds and towers etc. Thing is I've routinely reloaded those pinatas to find various specific things (spyglass, drake pendant, etc.) and have never found this item, and I want it for an Aloth spellblade build I'm putting together. Some unique items like "Kapana Taga" or "Reckless Brigandine" are also not guaranteed drops. So don't plan with them for a build on Trial of Iron playthroughs I think that's a bug as of the latest patch. Otherwise encounter loot is very standardized. You do get less loot if you sink ships via the minigame instead of boarding, but named loot is supposed to still drop. I had this bug multiple times. For me "Kapana Taga" droped on all my playthrough only after reloading several times. Got this bug in the release version of the game, with the newest patch and several times inbetween. I also always boarded Fyrgist's ship. So this bug exists since release and was never patched.
  11. Only a few and most of them aren't that useful or can also be obtained from fixed locations -- all from the random map treasure pinatas, the burial mounds and towers etc. Thing is I've routinely reloaded those pinatas to find various specific things (spyglass, drake pendant, etc.) and have never found this item, and I want it for an Aloth spellblade build I'm putting together. Some unique items like "Kapana Taga" or "Reckless Brigandine" are also not guaranteed drops. So don't plan with them for a build on Trial of Iron playthroughs
  12. My last "Tank" playthrough as Herald (on PotD Solo Triple Crown All Challenges), had 3 Base Constitution. This was increased by various bonuses from items and rest bonuses, so that the character ended with 250-350 HP. Healing was fast enough to outheal all damage, so he could survive the whole game with only 3 Base Constitution. But having more health, would have been more comfortable throughout the game. So high constitution is not necessary on this kind of tank, but if you can afford it then just do it.
  13. Some words about summons ... I completed my first playthrough as Beckoner and my PotD Solo Triple Crown All Challenges playthrough as Troubadour - both heralds with summon focus With concentration and high defenses this is not an issue. They are actually really powerful ... but you have to upgrade as you progress. The Ancient Weapons later hit for 50+ damage per auto-attack (or even more if you are willing to micromange them as they have abilities like Flames of Devotion). This is even more devasting if you summon up to 8 of them (singleclass Beckoner), but even with only 3 of them (multiclass Troubadour) they hit really hard. Thats true ... its best to respec and put your points in something other when you upgrade to a new summon. It depends ... you could also say with summons a party is not needed. They are a powerful option for tank builds to also contribute to damage.
  14. I haven't checked pistols for some time ... but is the recovery/reload cap bug for pistols fixed in the current state of the game? see: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98617-bug-attack-frequency-on-guns-capped-at-36-sec/
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