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  1. You're definitely going to want a single class monk; their higher tier abilities are insane. Nalpazca for RTWP or Helwalker for turn based.
  2. It depends on the character, but I felt comfortable setting Dex to 8 - 10 for Druids and Priests and 3 for everyone else. I still look more at the special abilities (and style ), but for the most part, yes, the heavier the better. I would max PER, MIG, and INT, and then equalize DEX, CON, and RES. I feel safe setting Wizards' DEX to 3 in turn based because you cast Fleet Feet as a free action to get more DEX and you can use Escape as a free action for getting around the battlefield. You may also want to consider Beguiler/Debonaire, Skald/Debonaire, and/or Tactician/Debonaire. I ran Tactician/Priest of Magran for most of my PotD run, and I could basically nuke every turn. Blood Mage or Blood Mage/Berserker would also be good options. I'm generally not a huge fan of the specialist mages because I don't like being locked out of useful spells. Dump it, homie. I generally want to go after the enemies, because I want them to gather around my tank so I can more efficiently AOE the crap out of them .
  3. You're going to want to max Perception, Intelligence, and Might. I still dump dex on my wizards in turn based since they can cast Fleet Feet as a free action and you'll most likely Be wearing the Firethrower's Gloves for 2 more dex. Constitution is important for a Blood Mage, but less important for any of the other wizards.
  4. Do we know if Fury's shapeshifted weapons count as arcane archer weapons? And if they cause the imbues to bounce to a second target like Watershaper's Focus?
  5. I can often get it on turn one if the enemies are really grouped up. The Cipher's Phantom Foes AoE is really big and my scout Maia can blinding strike any stragglers.
  6. To me, the best tank in turn-based is a Black Jacket/Skald. Skald lets you AoE Paralyze/Stun every other turn, which is very important in turn-based (particularly now with the nerf to Relentless Storm). With Black Jacket, you can swap to a high damage setup when you attack and then immediately swap to you shield setup before you end your turn.
  7. Are you playing real time with pause or turn based? What difficulty? Just some general tips: Eder - Swashbuckler - Persistent Distraction is just too useful not to have Maia - I would probably go either pure Ranger or Geomancer since your main character is a Scout already Xoti - Contemplative is probably your best bet since she can also serve as your healer which would open up your last slot for anything You can just use the last slot to swap in party members for their side quests.
  8. I'm currently using a Priest of Magran/Tactician. Have them use a crossbow or arbalest to get some free discipline from interrupts. Disciplined Barrage and Conqueror's Stance help you hit/crit with your spells (along with the fire accuracy ring). I would actually prefer a Druid/Tactician since AoE damage is stronger in turn-based and Druids have more AoE damage options, but I like having the Salvation of Time / Ancestor's Memory combo in my party. Priest of Magran is good enough It was working in the turn based beta; I haven't tried it yet in 5.0 but they didn't mention anything about changing it in the patch notes.
  9. You can have both if you are a Black Jacket. My MC is a Warcaller in my turn-based game, and the ability to switch to a damage setup while attacking and then to a defensive setup before you end your turn is hilariously strong. Unbroken doeesn't really give you anything; you'll have plenty of engagement slots already with defender's stance and a shield, and you won't be forcing many disengagement attacks since you'll be AoE Paralyzing/Stunning every other turn with your Skald abilities. My 4 weapon sets are these: Dagger/Shield - This is what I swap to before I end my turn. Switch to hatchet once you start getting deflection buffs since the dagger modal doesn't stack with those. Warbow - Ranged weapon versatility and adds a slashing weapon. Also sometimes use Whispers of the Endless Path and/or Wahai Poraga since you'll have many bad guys surrounding you Club/Flail - Modals debuff Reflex and Will Morning Star - Modal debuffs Fortitude He's super versatile and is by far my most useful character
  10. Not really; their damage is ok early game but doesn't scale at all (other than how Tuotilo's Palm scales with monk fists). Pretty solid. Skald is super strong in turn based because you get aoe stun/paralyze every other turn. Still good. I generally like running ranged Beguiler's the most; the soul blade shred discount is only 5 and it's much easier for a Beguiler to gain focus. Mental binding is super strong in turn based and will often pay for itself. I would probably swap your two front liners: - Unbroken/Trickster is really strong in turn based because Terrify causes disengagement attacks. I generally think Black Jacket is the better tank fighter class in turn based since you can swap to a good damage setup while attacking and then switch back to your dagger/hatchet and shield setup before ending your turn. - Kind wayfarer/Stalker is fun because your pet is most likely going to be nearby and will benefit from the heals. Also, being able to Sworn Enemy + Marked Prey before your first attack is pretty fun. The rest are solid, although working in a Skald in there somewhere is definitely going to make things easier. I use Black Jacket/Skald as my main tank and he's amazing. I do kinda like multi-classing my priests with Tactician, especially in parties where a Cipher can Phantom Foes or a Wizard can Chill Fog. I think priests are much better when you can spam their abilities.
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