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  1. Tangentially related, but Xoti is better in the turn based mode because Mortification of the Soul is a free action and essentially negate the penalty of her sub class.
  2. Mortification of the Soul is a free action in turn based, which kind of makes the easy wind generation of Nalpazca less worth it. I definitely think Helwalker is the best sub for turn based.
  3. You're definitely going to want a single class monk; their higher tier abilities are insane. Nalpazca for RTWP or Helwalker for turn based.
  4. It depends on the character, but I felt comfortable setting Dex to 8 - 10 for Druids and Priests and 3 for everyone else. I still look more at the special abilities (and style ), but for the most part, yes, the heavier the better. I would max PER, MIG, and INT, and then equalize DEX, CON, and RES. I feel safe setting Wizards' DEX to 3 in turn based because you cast Fleet Feet as a free action to get more DEX and you can use Escape as a free action for getting around the battlefield. You may also want to consider Beguiler/Debonaire, Skald/Debonaire, and/or Tactician/Debonaire. I ran Tactician/Priest of Magran for most of my PotD run, and I could basically nuke every turn. Blood Mage or Blood Mage/Berserker would also be good options. I'm generally not a huge fan of the specialist mages because I don't like being locked out of useful spells. Dump it, homie. I generally want to go after the enemies, because I want them to gather around my tank so I can more efficiently AOE the crap out of them .
  5. You're going to want to max Perception, Intelligence, and Might. I still dump dex on my wizards in turn based since they can cast Fleet Feet as a free action and you'll most likely Be wearing the Firethrower's Gloves for 2 more dex. Constitution is important for a Blood Mage, but less important for any of the other wizards.
  6. Do we know if Fury's shapeshifted weapons count as arcane archer weapons? And if they cause the imbues to bounce to a second target like Watershaper's Focus?
  7. I can often get it on turn one if the enemies are really grouped up. The Cipher's Phantom Foes AoE is really big and my scout Maia can blinding strike any stragglers.
  8. To me, the best tank in turn-based is a Black Jacket/Skald. Skald lets you AoE Paralyze/Stun every other turn, which is very important in turn-based (particularly now with the nerf to Relentless Storm). With Black Jacket, you can swap to a high damage setup when you attack and then immediately swap to you shield setup before you end your turn.
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