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  1. It's not so much that Deadfire's system is wrong as that the original action speed doesn't translate well into it. If the system had been designed from the start to only allow every character one action per turn, it wouldn't be an issue. But there's a lot of mechanics in Deadfire that modify how often you can act, and that just doesn't have the same impact when you have the same number of actions and it just decides how early you can take them.
  2. I'm not sure if I can upgrade them to Legendary or even Superb, since I'm always missing some components. I had no idea about Ring of the Marksman, though. And by now the guy who has is probably gone. Still, respecializing to Draining Whip is in order either way. It's something I've considered for my Witch Serafen in another playthrough. He's using axes there for now.
  3. I think that this encounter being inexplicable and confusing is the whole point, yes. No one knows who or what she is or how she does what she does.
  4. I'm afraid I did pick Biting Whip, so I guess that's part of the issue. I've tried to have him use his hand mortars, but it felt like he's not actually doing any kind of damage with them. No Pen, and even if they manage to penetrate they dealt scratch damage.
  5. I'm just finishing The Forgotten Sanctum and thus the whole game, but I still find myself dissatisfied with Serafen's performance. I gave him a pair of pistols, but it just feels like he doesn't do much damage or build up focus very well with those. To say nothing of the ubiquity of pierce-resistant enemies. So I have him a pair of scepters instead... which attack quicker but deal piddly damage. Maybe I could respecialize him to let him use the modal and find a better scepter than a genetic Exceptional one for his off-hand. But I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if that's just how it is.
  6. If Deadfire's sales were indeed less than Obsidian wanted or hoped for, they've got actual marketing and PR professionals figuring out why. There's not much we can come up with that'd be remotely useful.
  7. I would be fine with traps that are actual environmental hazards. Traps that are just red patches of the floor that mess you up if you didn't pay the mechanics tax to disarm them... nope. They bring nothing to the game except annoyance.
  8. Traps are the absolute worst, I agree. Deadfire makes them worse than in Pillars, because in Pillars you could at least just eat some damage and keep on going. Injuries are potentially worse. And the solution to traps is to chuck them into the scrap heap along with Thac0, daily spells and random hit points on level-up.
  9. I guess I could equip the hood and a pet that gives +1 to perception to detect those damn things. It just feels pretty ridiculous.
  10. Just how much Perception do I need to detect those traps? 16 isn't enough, and 17 doesn't seem to work either, after I put on an item with a +1. Traps are an incredibly annoying element at the best of times and this makes them even worse.
  11. Just as the title says. I've acquired the Floating Hangman, went to talk to Aeldys... and nothing. Her dialogue doesn't change. She did give me Engoliero do Espirs after some poking around, so maybe I should have done that line of conversation before getting the ship? But the quest progressed normally in the journal.
  12. I certainly do blame them, but presumably someone on the design team knew there was only one unique crossbow in the whole game and could maybe rise the point of not locking it away behind a very optional quest.
  13. In my current playthrough, I've just finished the Principi questline by having Furrante hang. And while I've known that for a while, I still find it pretty absurd that the only unique crossbow pre-DLC is available if you help him sell slaves. Which is, honestly, not something most players will do unless they're purposefully RPing a callous character. Or they might not do those quests at all. The imbalance between unique weapons is bad enough as it is without gating them behind quests like this.
  14. Right, I forgot Barbaric Retaliation is only available on level 19. So this build won't work yet, because Konstanten is 2,5 levels behind me. Without BR he's just a very slow dual-wielder. Maybe I'll just put him in lighter armor until he's level 19. Like Bloody Links.
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