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  1. So I just came across this thread, and it's a concern since I'm currently theory crafting a build that uses this interaction. Is this still the case at this point?
  2. Oh right, my bad. Also fair point on the second part. That said, I'm trying to craft a Ydwin build, with a focus on "independently good" instead of needing another party member to make it work. Besides, I can always go for both by giving, say, Eder/Mirke/Vatnir the Toxic Strike.
  3. True, I know that. But the catch here is this; how many DoTs can I stack during the Weakened phase, to have their durations doubled when it ticks to the Enfeebled phase? Of course, I'll have to test this some more to see if it works as well as I hope. And also whether it doubling the duration of all the DoTs can more than make up for the escalating damage of Toxic Strike.
  4. @Boeroer Nice, a lot of options to consider in the future. I'm asking mostly because I'm theory crafting a build for Ydwin that turns her into something of a sadistic slasher villain type. It involves using the Seeker's Fang rapier to inflict the weapon-specific DoT and Perishing Strikes (for the Enfeeble and extension of DoTs) at the same time. Then she'd pile more DoTs as she goes - Gouging Strike, Dripping Fangs from Spider Silk Robe, Disintegrate - and finish it with a Static Shell. Her target basically gets slowly cooked alive in her witch's cauldron, entirely helpless and beyond any hope of salvation. Been racking my head for a while trying to figure how to further optimise this concept, and I'm pretty sure I've hit my limit there. If anyone can come up with an idea to make it even better, it'll be you.
  5. I've been meaning to ask; are there any particular synergies with active DoTs that isn't so apparent? I know Predator's Sense from Ranger Companion is one, but I don't know if there's any others.
  6. Just for a reminder, Battle Axes are the one class of weapons in Deadfire that actually has 2H variants i.e. Amra and Oathbreaker's End. Both are solid choices for Barbarians too.
  7. On the other hand, sticking with Nonconductive and Suppression sets you up against another megaboss, specifically Sigilmaster Auranic.
  8. Wait. Boeroer recommends Barb builds that aren't the Brute Force Morning Star type?
  9. @Boeroer Okay, so I fired the game up again, and I have to clarify; the 150 Health healing was a figure I somehow pulled out of my ass for I dunno what reason. The Twin Eels' AoE heal with max Religion is actually somewhere around 50-60 Health per kill... which, when applied to every party member in range, is still fairly substantial burst healing.
  10. Oh, it's 3 wounds? For some reason I thought it was 4, maybe something's changed in the patches since I left off at BoW... Yes, Twin Eels because of the AoE heal on kill; with maxxed Religion it's a massive burst of health, about more than 150 for her and every other party member nearby. My Xoti build is not really DPS; she's more of a melee support and killstealer for fun and profit. I set her AI so that she always beelines for the Near Death enemy with the lowest Health.
  11. As a Contemplative. I don't have to make her a pure Monk, because using Twin Eels means she's not using monk fists anyway... oh right, I gave her St Omaku's Mercy as her second weapon too, for the Sacred Sacrifice enchant. The other core piece of my build for Xoti is Furrante's Breastplate, with the Take The Hit enchant. That's the piece that helps her make the rest of the party that much more survivable, at the cost of self-damage... which fuels her Wound generation. Win-win all around.
  12. Now, I don't know how you guys are using Xoti, but personally I always run her with The Twin Eels greatsword, and set her AI to behave like a killstealer. Every time she killsteals, she gains 4 wounds plus heals a tonne of health plus gets 4 rolls at proccing Rooting Pain, all at once. What's not to like? Everything else about my personal build for her is designed to make her better at killstealing, and to make her party tougher just by existing. She can be such a valuable party member if you know how to build her, guys.
  13. I actually have a particular build with Xoti that optimised her subclasses' traits to the fullest, and has worked pretty well for me all things considering. Never really got around to writing it out, but since I recently picked this game back up to complete the DLCs I haven't gotten around to previously... give me a week or so, and I'll have a build thread up.
  14. In my case, "completed" to me means "all side quests, all DLCs, critical path achieved". So yeah, it's going to take a while for me to mark this one as tested. Anyway, I have to take this build through a full playthrough in any case, since it's a Watcher-only build by virtue of its reliance on Neriscyrlas' Hope/Tooth of Toamowhai. I'll update when I'm done in a month or so; maybe I'll start a whole new thread?
  15. Ack. I actually haven't touched Deadfire for about a week, now. I've been... distracted. I guess I really should get started on the playthrough for this build soon. On the other hand, I already have an idea of what the Purifier's gear loadout is going to look like... or I did, before the SSS DLC came out. No idea what new gear came with that DLC, or if any of it would work better with the Purifer than what I already have in mind. Guess I'll have to see how it goes. BTW, what's the general threshold for "tested" status anyway? I've been assuming it's "completed playthrough".
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