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  1. How about Fallout, Fallout 4, Fallout New Vegas (skip Fallout 76), Skyrim and Oblivion to start. All are good games but not new.
  2. I completed that quest several times with no trouble. The difference is that I didn't sneak past the boss, I killed it.
  3. Least favorite, for me, was Port Maje and the rest of the island. This is the first dungeon of the game so In realize it should be easy but after half a dozen play throughs it was kind of boring. I haven't played for several months so I don't remember the name of the place but it was not available until late in the game and it was the island where you had many arena fights with lots of opponents. That was fun.
  4. I have less than you, Invidia 980, 16G RAM, i7 and 4T HD and that does not happen to me. However, occasionally, when reloading a scene the game kicks me out saying there was an error and I go back to the game start screen and must enter from my last save.
  5. Have you equipped your ship with all the goodies that speed it up?
  6. When upgrading anything, you cannot skip any steps. Have to do them all in sequence.
  7. Just to make sure you know, achievements are permanently disabled once you enter iroll20s. Those achievements are needed to get Berath's Blessings on the next play through. Also you should type iroll20s again when done adding cheats.
  8. I recommend the legendary soul bounds mod over at Deadfire Nexus. It changes their fair/exceptional/superb/legendary progression so that most end as superb/legendary rather than exceptional/superb when fully unlocked. Always bothered me that soul bound weapons require so much extra time/work to reach their potential and many of them are easily outclassed by normal enchanted uniques. Thanks, I will check them out. Mine are not equipped because, as you know, they are outclassed by almost everything once you get to the end of the game. Especially once you can get mythic stuff.
  9. I have played this game several times and it has been different every time. I have defined the Watcher many ways along with the companions. Port Maje does drag a little but once I leave there the world is wide open. My troop is level 18 and I am finally going to chat with the Queen. I have read the posts about the best weapon and armor and I have found there is not one real best weapon and armor. All enchanted stuff works better than the items that must be soul bound. This will be the second time I have gotten to the third DLC and I have read that I missed a few things.
  10. Haven't used that weapon, will have to give it a try. If I haven't sold it yet.
  11. I haven't noticed that but I haven't been following the battle text much, I will do so now. One thing I have noticed is that Aloth does not attack with spells unless I tell him to continuously, his first choice is melee or ranged depending on how he is equipped.
  12. Now I have a question because I haven't included Rekke as a companion. I could never understand what he said after rescuing him, does that change later or did I need to do something specific to understand him?
  13. I convinced her to come with me and be free. Fought Rymrgand and beat him but only because he let me. Did get a nice cloak. Will I see the dragon again later in the game? Or is that arc finished?
  14. I like Xoti, but everyone is different. I like her because she reminds me of a friend of mine. She is a junior in college studying Physics (straight A's) but she is a naive, irrepressible flirt.
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