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  1. Not graphic, topless with the Witcher and both sorceresses, more than once. Not at the same time.
  2. I think we just have to agree to disagree. The sexual content in this game is extremely minor and has no impact on game play and can be entirely ignored. For you it is a major thing and affects your entire game play. You are hung up on semantics and the fact you cannot just say NO bothers you. The total sexual part is less than five minutes in a long game and just answering the question with as close to no as possible does not seem to be an option for you. Tell Tekehu you are dating Xoti and the conversation is over. Xoti will not know you said that. Xoti you can push toward Eder. I really do
  3. You have played the game 500 hours and never play to the end, you keep restarting for some reason. According to Steam I have played the game 719 hours and I have finished six times. Since you don't finish you don't get Berath's Blessings which are nice bonuses. The dialog you are so incensed about is maybe 1-2% of all that is said. Be glad you are not playing Witcher 3, there is a lot of sexy dialog and nude cut scenes. Here it is just mild flirting. You are right, I do not understand your issue with such a very minor part of the game. But everyone is different so you have your world and I hav
  4. Personally I believe, in spite of your denials, you are a troll. Fabricating trouble where there isn't any.
  5. So, lets ask you a question. A pretty girl walking toward you on a sidewalk decides that she would like to flirt with you because she thinks you are cute. You would rather that she stop you and ask if you like girls or boys first? You are overthinking this.
  6. I played this game through six times and I did not have ingame sexual play. There are no sexual scenes, just questions to have that as a background element in the end game story. I answered those questions in the most generic way possible (though one time I tried having Xoti as a girl friend to see what would happen, nothing in the game changed, except the end game narrative). Sexual interest is part of real life so the devs included that in the game and it is a very, very minor part of the game. I ignored that entirely. I think you are making the proverbial mountain out of a mole hill.
  7. How about Fallout, Fallout 4, Fallout New Vegas (skip Fallout 76), Skyrim and Oblivion to start. All are good games but not new.
  8. I completed that quest several times with no trouble. The difference is that I didn't sneak past the boss, I killed it.
  9. Least favorite, for me, was Port Maje and the rest of the island. This is the first dungeon of the game so In realize it should be easy but after half a dozen play throughs it was kind of boring. I haven't played for several months so I don't remember the name of the place but it was not available until late in the game and it was the island where you had many arena fights with lots of opponents. That was fun.
  10. I have less than you, Invidia 980, 16G RAM, i7 and 4T HD and that does not happen to me. However, occasionally, when reloading a scene the game kicks me out saying there was an error and I go back to the game start screen and must enter from my last save.
  11. Have you equipped your ship with all the goodies that speed it up?
  12. When upgrading anything, you cannot skip any steps. Have to do them all in sequence.
  13. Just to make sure you know, achievements are permanently disabled once you enter iroll20s. Those achievements are needed to get Berath's Blessings on the next play through. Also you should type iroll20s again when done adding cheats.
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