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  1. @ObsidianPeople: Thank you for this amazing game!!! We had to wait 18 years to get a spiritual successor of Baldur's Gate 2, but the wait was well worth it!! Best rpg since 2000.
  2. I am not so sure about this. Can you show me actual data that indicates that turn-based is more popular? Personally as a Baldur's Gate crpg-fan I don't really see that many games to choose from these days. What games are you referring to?
  3. Since Microsoft obtained Obsidian, does it mean they will only make console games from now on? Although Microsoft builds operating systems and software for pc; when it comes to games they ironically only care about Xbox. Guess 2019 will be a bad year for pc games. There are hardly any RPG coming out. We got a couple of shooters (Metro Exodus, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, Far Cry New Dawn ...) who all have worse A.I. and combat than the 2005 hit F.E.A.R. (my benchmark). It also looks these games more target kids than adults. They all look cheesy. I do have some hope for Control (from Remedy Entertainment). Max Payne was a masterpiece. Alan Wake was a disappointment though. (Went from an open world pc game to an xbox exclusive linear shooter)
  4. Although I am Belgian myself, I couldn't get into either DOS or DOS 2. The major turn-off is the turn-based mode. I don't mind the turn-based nature of tabletop games with friends but I just can't stomach it in a pc game. It is really boring and static and it reminds me of colonial duals where each opponent takes a shot at each turn. I very much appreciate PoE 2 Deadfire having so well designed RTWP combat. Thank you so much Obsidian !!!
  5. I played the original Pillars of Eternity last year (spring 2018) and I enjoyed it very much. It is a good game but to be honest I expected a little bit more. I was intrigued by the story but it could have been better. For me PoE felt very similar to BG1. Played it once but no intention to replay it again. Pillars 2 on the other hand, I do see myself playing that game multiple times. I only played up to the point where you reach Neketaka before the new academic year started. I very much enjoy the rtwp gameplay and love that all characters are voiced this time. (Also unlike many I dont have any problems whatsoever with the character of Xoti. She is a lovely addition to the game.) When I have some spare time, I will def take my time going through the game with Beast of Winter installed.
  6. I only dabbled into the starting island but I do seem to like the combat.
  7. I found out the command to lock the zoom to a certain resolution. The command is SetZoomRange x y (where x and y are both floats and the min and max zoom range) and then press Enter But to my dismay, if you lock it at a high resolution, it doesnot keep that resolution in small indoor areas. Can this be fixed ?????????????????????????? I'll upload a picture. http://i68.tinypic.com/3451rnt.png
  8. It is not a major issue but it does take me out of the experience. I want the full BG experience without auto zooming all over the place. If the dev team could put an extra option in the options menu to not have automatic camera zooming but instead have a fixed fully zoomed out view, I'll buy all the DLC. The small house in Neketaka keeps you fully zoomed in without the option to zoom out. There is automatic zooming during certain events like the Pallid Knight talking to you in the intro.
  9. I haven't touched the game myself since I am waiting for the first patch to hit GOG. So it seems the dungeons itself are very small. But are the dungeon areas a bit varied?
  10. Tuesday was mentioned a couple of times but no clear set date was announced. Will this patch be readily available on GOG? Thanks in advance.
  11. Yeah I can enter the spiked room without a problem. I already figured out a solution to my problem. There seems to be a key in one of the lantern posts (which I first missed) that opens up a locked lantern post which holds another key. The latter key opens up all the doors on that level.
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