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  1. Currently the camera zooms in/out (almost at random) when transitioning areas which makes me believe that the initial camera height upon entering an area for each playable map is different. Where are those values stored?
  2. Dear forum users, I'd like to play POE like classical Baldur's Gate. What I mean with this, is a fixed camera height above your characters while transitioning from one area to the other. I am aware of a console command ToggleIgnoreZoomRange which resets all baked min and max values of the zoom option in every area. This means this is set by a global parameter. The only question is which file(s) need to be modified to get the desired result. Much thanks for anyone who can aid me!
  3. Would love such loading times; makes the user experience that much better! Fingers crossed!
  4. At least this will be a huge improvement for me. It can take up to a minute to start up the game and I can experience loading times around 40 seconds for loading ingame areas with my hdd. After some more research, I will opt for the 960 GB SATA SSD as the other one does not improve loading times that much. The advantage is writing files to the drive but 500 MB/seconds with SATA is more than enough.
  5. I am not building the computer myself. The 3060 card is part of a pc setup that is sold by a dutch computer shop. The setup has a pretty nice discount in price and is customizable to a certain degree.
  6. @Helz Thanks for the feedback!!! My old computer dates from 2013 and indeed has a HDD. If you yourself are featuring a SSD setup, can you tell me what loading times are on average for Deadfire in the beginning and near the end of the game? Because this is what caused me to stop playing it in 2018. I helped kickstarting it but never finished the game and I hope with the new system I can finally enjoy this RPG!
  7. I will be purchasing a new game computer in the near future. On my old pc, deadfire loading times were horrible. How much will loading times improve under: -> 960 GB SATA SSD -> 512 GB SSD M2.0 / NVMe (additional 90 euro costprice) Other specs of new pc will be: -> Motherboard: ASRock A520M Phantom Gaming 4 -> Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3800 (8 cores @ 3.9-4.5 GHz) -> Memory: 16 GB RAM (2666 MHz) -> Video Card: Geforce RTX 3060 12 GB
  8. Are we going to get a POE 3? I damn hope so! I don't like a single bit of what I am seeing from BG 3. Turn based combat and idiotic camera controls.
  9. I have honestly no clue why this game sold so badly. I absolutely loved BG 2 (which I prefer over BG 1 and both classic Fallouts). It was only in 2018 that I managed to get a time slot to play POE 1. Also for TC: Might and Magic 6 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Might and Magic 7
  10. Although I claimed otherwise, I actually still need to finish this game. But it is high on my priority list. Trust me. The truth shall set you free.
  11. Such a shame that such a great game was not appreciated that much in the end. The only negative for me was the ship combat but in the end it was serviceable. It is painful to watch Sawyer desperately trying to find reasons why the sales flopped. It is def not because OBsidian made a bad game. Sawyer is way too much focused on Divinity Original Sin. (I hope he isn't too harsh on himself). Guess most people didn't like the setting. And also keep in mind that there is a huge majority of players just playing 'rpgs' for the story. Gameplay can be **** and all; they don't seem to care. If the story doesn't engage them, they are out.
  12. Since when is BG3 going to be turn-based? I hope you are kidding right?
  13. Wow that would be amazing news! Hope we will get a really cool oldschool collector's edition this time with all bells and whistles.
  14. @ObsidianPeople: Thank you for this amazing game!!! We had to wait 18 years to get a spiritual successor of Baldur's Gate 2, but the wait was well worth it!! Best rpg since 2000.
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