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  1. Hello folks, I'm interested in your best and/or most fun party composition(s). Maybe even just one multiclass you had massive fun with. Just write down your comp/class and why it was so good/fun to play for you. Maybe someone is willing to share his/her experiences ? Greetings Dyxx
  2. +10 Might from Helwalker, lightning lash , firelash from turning wheel and myth fyr lash for the whole team. Should be enough dmg. It lacks a bit of AoE dmg but it still got the Invications and I have a Wizard for that. Your thoughts on that ? I'll get your point on the Beguiler. The synergy sounds nice but in the end attacking as a Beguiler is not needed. So do you think it's worth playing as a sc Beguiler and focus on debuffing/cc ? Or is it better to go sc Ascendant and start spamming dmg spells after the debuffing ? Fact is I want a Cipher in my team. And Soulblade is not what I'm after... Priest/Pala sounds interesting and would give the team an aura, nice.
  3. Good morning guys, like the title mentions it, I'm looking for a PotD Party for a full playthrough including all megabosses. I have something in my mind, but I'm look for something more special. Atm my party consist of: Trickster/Unbroken: This is the tank of the team, good survivability and I guess even capable of doing some dmg. Debuffing via "persistent distraction". Feels on paper more useful than a Herald. Priest of Magran/Lifegiver: The teams good soul, buffing/healing (if needed), burning enemies and stuff like that. Feels pretty boring on paper... maybe someone got a good idea for a heal/supp ? Tactician/Beguiler: Wields the Willbreaker and is for CC/debuffing and single target lockdown via mulekick. Should deal good dmg to single targets. Wizard: Dmg, CC, etc. Nothing more to say. Helwalker/Troubadour or Trickster/Troubadour: This guy would be the main DD and will support the whole team via chants. Can even offer good cc options or summons. The more I think about the whole setup, the more I find it boring... Maybe someone of you can get some freshness in or open my eyes for some other options ? Maybe something like a priest/rogue or anything special. No cheese pls. Thank you guys and good sunday
  4. While I can't play the game I have a lot of spare time. The Ultimate challenge sounds really tough and I'm excited who's gonna make it. But I got an idea, maybe it's any good for you guys. So with all challenges enabled you can't see the remaining time from the eothas challenges and while iron man is enabled you only have one try to do the whole. So wouldn't it be possible to start two exact same playthroughs (same class, same stats, same choices etc) but one with ultimate and one without ironmsn and the ??number challenge (forgot the name) ? So you guys could try out on different fights like the megabosses and see how much time is left on eothas. So you play let's say 15 minutes on no iron man and then do the same on ultimate. It's just an idea that came to my mind. I hope everyone get's my idea
  5. I hope we know more in the next 11 - 12 hours. Let's hope you're wrong, 'cause I don't wanna wait much longer. I'm bored of theorycrafting...
  6. That's for sure ! I believe in a release date 4 to 6 weeks after the next patch, if everything works as intended.
  7. Slowly but surely ! Can't wait for the console release. Do they "only" adjust TB mode and fix bugs or are they adjusting classes and so for RTWP as well ?
  8. I guess "Elemental Bolts" is more reliable, 'cause of the +%dmg. "Arcane Bolts" only has a 15% chance. so you need to attack often to get it popped frequently and like you said it's only a backup weapon
  9. I'm hoping for a releasedate for ps4 this week ! Pls Obsidian show me the light at the end of the tunnel !
  10. Hello guys I got a short question. I didn't have the chance yet to test it myself cause i'm waiting for the ps4 release. On a stream I saw a bossfight with a boss which was immune to flank. Does brilliant tactician proc for the tactician anyway ? I hope my english is correct, it's mit my native tongue.
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