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  1. So I wanted to update / ask a few questions regarding my Mortar Monk. First of all I think it's an awesome build and really fun and easy to play. The drawback I think I made was making him a Nalpazca. Thinking it was a safer option over the helwaker. Now I whilst i do feel it might be a bit safer, ship battles (currently level 12) are still impossible for me as I'm barraged by everyone and die before I can even pop a drug. Is there a way to be under the influence before you enter a ship battle? I've got the necklace that gives you the whiteleaf influence after rest but haven't tested it yet. I have restart disease and was thinking of going back to the helwaker mortar build I made but with the low resolve I'd imagine I'd get peppered still the same (but at least I could get healed) I was also thinking of a devoted mortar monk (no class) or just a single class monk
  2. Having moved on from the Ranger build concept I have decided on the Shifter/Nalpasca. I was wondering how you would set it up abilities and attributes wise. I really like the concept of shifting and using monk abilities. I feel like alongside the mortar monk I'll get to experience the tanky (maybe?) powerhouse shifter monk
  3. Ok so I've really been enjoying my Mortar Monk build so thanks to Boeroer. I wanted to make another build around the frostseeker / red hand. So basically ranged. I like the idea of a pet although I've read mixed reviews (mostly positive from you Boeroer) I was hoping I could get a similar recommendation for this type of playthrough. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you so much. I'm gonna get building now! I tested out the build and its very squishy early on. Is it possible to get away with leaving con at 10 and resolve at 3? Or even choosing no sub class?
  5. This is amazing thank you. What would you suggest as starting attributes? Low con? High might? I'm going with the SC monk you suggested with dual blunderbusses
  6. Yeah ive read this one. Does seem a bit outdated though. That was made before all the updates and console release
  7. I made a post about a dual gun user. I think you may of answered it in this thread. But as I'm a newbie I'm still confused how to build it. Could you advise your recommended setup
  8. I'm new to Pillars of Eternity but the two things that got my attention was the monk and the fact that guns are in this rpg. So I've looked around and saw old dual wield pistol builds and ranger builds. I would like some help making a strong dual wielding pistol build with starting attributes, race recommendations, job and background. I would also like if this build could use other guns as an option when needed or available Thanks in advance
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